View Full Version : Zeitgeist Movement has 'split' from The Venus Project.

iceni tribe
19th April 2011, 21:49
Where does it go from here. About 40/45mins in, an emotional Peter Joseph comes on and lays into Roxanne Medows of The Venus Project. The Zeitgeist Movement has 'split' from The Venus Project


19th April 2011, 23:06
The Ego...It has ruined many good things.

Personally, I still think both TZM and TVP have good points and ideas.
Roxanne Meadows did a very poor job with this situation. But the foundation for TVP is and always will be Jacque Fresco. And he seems like a intelligent and wonderful human being.

Just shame about the way things end up sometimes.

Thanks for the link btw :ranger:

But somehow... "divide and conquer" rings in my mind hearing this news.

19th April 2011, 23:21
where's Charles... ;)

just kidding, so much is going on everywhere right now that all important sources are being targeted for destruction...

It does show they were close enough to the truth to be on the radar of TPTB...

iceni tribe
26th April 2011, 12:48
peter josephs perspective on the split


iceni tribe
26th April 2011, 13:26
here's the rest

part 2


part 3


26th April 2011, 17:29
If Jacque sees it like that, then I fully respect his decision, he is the creator after all. The Venus project is It for now.