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21st April 2011, 02:37
I've had on my mind lately the topic of factions, certainly a long-standing theme in the alternative community in general, but specifically and more recently here at Avalon.

First, I'd made some notes regarding these overall factions during the Mel Fabregas interview with Bill and Kerry (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?17546-What-really-happened-to-Project-Camelot-an-interview-by-Mel-Fabregas&p=189183&viewfull=1#post189183) about the 7 groups they mentioned:

1. Illuminati/Vatican/Black Pope [Leo Zagami interview]
2. Present-time Annunaki [Jake Simpson interview]
3. Pentagon [Pete Peterson interview]
4. MJ-12 [Dan Burisch interview]
5. 3- or 4-letter agencies [Henry Deacon interviews]
6. Steven Greer
7. Church of Scientology [Dane Topps information]

Please let me qualify this as only my notes or interpretation of what was said and is quite possibly not accurate. I would also note, as I think Bill did during the interview, the overlapping nature of these groups.

Then, the other day Darla made a lot of sense when she mentioned something about the CIA in relation to Charles, here (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?18345-View-of-human-family-tree-material-given-by-charles-to-bill-back-in-2010&p=199487&viewfull=1#post199487).

Anyway, I’m curious what you all think about these factions as they may relate to any various “White Hat” movements. I had read some of the early “White Hat Reports” over in Fulfords’ comments sections a few months ago and felt they were pretty much BS…but some White Hats must exist in the system, right?

Do you think these ‘good guys’ actually have any strength to affect a better outcome for humanity or do you think they're just a myth all the way round?

Another set of factions I’ve come to recognize is the “fight the system” vs. the “let it be” groups. That’s probably a different post though. :)

- In Peace