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23rd April 2011, 16:25
I found this Charles Manson interview very interesting. He broke his 40 year silence recently with this interview.


Especially his words at the very beginning and very end.
Sorry if this was already posted but if it was I didn't see it.


23rd April 2011, 16:35
i'm not going to watch this -- i met Charles M in Haight-Ashbury in the 'Summer of Love' ]1967] -- he was scary to me, & some people died some very cruel deaths because of him --

23rd April 2011, 16:41
I found this Charles Manson interview very interesting. He broke his 40 year silence recently with this interview.


Especially his words at the very beginning and very end.
Sorry if this was already posted but if it was I didn't see it.


Nothings Changed with old Charlie-Boy,

MSM Co-Intelpro at its best!!!

Why else would they publicise his comments on National TV that conveniently falls into line with the NWO Globalist Global-Warming BS Agenda in the 1st place?

Yep - The good old voice of reasoning from a man we can all trust? :pound:


Geezus - the Globalists and the MSM are not only losing the Info-War, they are getting pretty desperate now to bring this Clown out to peddle their Lies!

23rd April 2011, 17:16
Yeah..Charlie is worried about the planet...Yeah he has planet fear..He fears for the planet. He gets put on tv to push global warming..Imagine that...Charlie worried about global warming and the ice caps man...Yeah man the ice caps...He's concerned bro...You know worried... and he has fear...I can see it now he will be the new spokesperson for global warming and he'll get segments on daytime..Yeah cause you know he sees it all coming down the pike...The fear and all.


23rd April 2011, 17:51
I like how at the end he says "We need to move to a one world now". Hmmm where have we heard that before.

Shakespeare's Foot.
23rd April 2011, 18:01
Errr...crazy enough to directly order the savage deaths of innocent people. Does that answer your question?

23rd April 2011, 18:09
Well what I meant by "how crazy is he" is that I feel he knows what he is doing. Where as I think the general public view is that he is mentally ill and doesn't know what he's talking about and just talks gibberish. I think he knows exactly what he's doing and may be helping certain people with their agendas. That is my opinion and makes the things that he does/has done even more despicable.

Shakespeare's Foot.
23rd April 2011, 18:21
Really? I think he's known for being coherent but obviously delusional and insane. Craziness doesn't always manifest itself a gibbering wreck.

23rd April 2011, 18:22
You need to pay attention of what he said.

1. CM: We are told everybody that all things are bad, bad is not good. Good is not bad. Bad and good go together. You have to accept one to understand the other.
Do you remember Illuminati saying. "evil is good, good is evil. (very clear)

1. CM: I leave in the underworld. If they don't know what to do, they don't come around me. I am A very mean person, do you understand I am mean. I am very bad men, nasty.
I understand he meant, He is an evil person, and he deals only with those evils they know what to do, because of his underworld position.

3. If we don't weak up to that, there is going to be no weather. Polar caps are melting, because we are doing very bad thins to the atmosphere.
Here he let us know that he is very aware of what is happening and who they are.

4. We have got to put everything in one, everything in one world, everything in one world now, If it does not come in one world now, there will be no planet, there will be no life on the planet.
He wants to scare the audience, because he meant to said, if you do not subdue to the NWO then we are going to destry the planet.

This is the typical way MSM propagate their master order. They deceit the common people or the audience, with subliminal ways.


23rd April 2011, 18:46
How crazy is he? Crazy like a fox! I don't think he's ever been "crazy," just a sick and twisted psychopath who enjoys any power, influence, attention, etc. he can get.

He has a long history of acting "crazy" strategically when he thinks it serves his interests, but IMO he knows exactly what he's doing.

23rd April 2011, 18:58
What is the purpose of this thread? To judge a man?
We can give many meanings to his words. He actually does, doesn't him?
But he can't be given that benefit, cause he is a bad man, isn't him? It is a NWO strategy to make us as evil as he is. He can't be right. Good and evil are absolutely opposed.
We are the good ones, the slayers. Who is next?

23rd April 2011, 19:12
He's a classic cult leader. He tells people what they want to hear to attract them to him. He did the same thing in the 60's.

23rd April 2011, 19:24
I am not promoting nor condemning the man. I have never met him, nor am I likely to. I present these questions rhetorically.


How much of that interview was censored or taken out of context?

How much of the newscast was scripted, edited, and designed to fit with a MSM agenda? Does a man in prison really care about the NWO?

Did he really order anyone to kill anyone? Did he direct the demise of individuals? We go on at length about how the government, the courts, the PTB manifacture 'truth' to serve their purpose. Is this man really guilty, or is it possible that this is something that has been made 'true'?

Subsequently, (and hypothetically) what if he is/was innocent. What then of his fate?


I disagree with many of the things that were said, in the context in which it was said. But again I don't know what he really said in entirety. When one breaks decades of silence, they usually have more than a minute or so of comments, yet that is all that is broadcast - with newscasters making suggestive comments about how chilling and disturbing his message is (see "biasing the audience")

25th April 2011, 00:29

Just not the one they are pushing.

Mike Gorman
25th April 2011, 02:36
The man had an uncanny gift for manipulation-he desperately wanted to join with the Laural canyon/L.A
music 'royalty'; when his overtures to Denis Wilson failed he got very mad and bitter-he had only a minor
musical talent-and really he should be placed in the true context of his times, an opportunistic, amoral minor-league
'leader' with delusions of grandeur-by his actions he was judged.