View Full Version : Sri Satya Sai Baba, has died in hospital at the age of 84.

24th April 2011, 13:25

One of India's most revered spiritual leaders, Sri Satya Sai Baba, has died in hospital at the age of 84.

Doctors say the guru, who is thought to have millions of followers around the world, died following a cardiac arrest.

He had been admitted to hospital in his hometown of Puttaparthi last month, suffering from respiratory problems and kidney failure.

He enjoyed support from all areas of Indian society - including Bollywood filmstars and senior politicians.

His high-profile followers include former Indian Prime Minster Atal Behari Vajpayee and cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.

Many devotees considered him a living god, and credited him with mystical powers including the ability to conjure objects out of the air.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh described his death as an "irreparable loss".

"He was a spiritual leader who inspired millions to lead a moral and meaningful life even as they followed the religion of their choice," said Mr Singh.

25th April 2011, 07:02
Wow. That's actually pretty big news in spiritual circles....

Personally don't know what to think of the guy myself - having heard far too many people talk on both sides of the argument about him, but he meant a lot to a lot of people.....

And, if he is to do good for us here on Earth, his powers to do such will be greater up there than they ever were down here....

25th April 2011, 07:58
this is a triple incarnation

so he'll be back again in about 8 years time

in India of course

the spiritual eye and engine of our world ; )

25th April 2011, 08:03
I used to like drinking this special ash he used to market around - it used to smell nice and I'd drink it and put it around. I remember I ran out this one day and so asked him to get some to me [inner spoken, u know...]. That night I went to a friends place for a band rehearsal, I think it was, and on my way out I picked up a pile of my books and stuff and plonked them on my cars front seat. When I removed them at home I discovered that along with my books I had picked up a packet of this ash with my books, and it would have taken some pretty expert body knowledge skill for him and I to have co-ordinated that.. I remember it. I asked, we made.

Goodbye Sai baba.

25th April 2011, 08:13
I spent 6 weeks on his ashram Prashanti Nilliam ---(Abode of peace) one Christmas.

For me the miracle was that on Christmas day many thousands of people of all races, all creeds, all religion, no religion, were singing Silent Night Holy Night in honor of Christ.
Where else in the world could that happen I wonder.
One estimate was that he had 40 Million followers yet he advised that there was no need to follow his form, that God was omnipresent.
He urged people to find the truth in their own religion.
On being asked if he was God he replied "Yes but so are you--The only difference is that I know I am"


25th April 2011, 09:04
Thanks for the post Setras.

I went to Puttaparthi in September 2001 for 6 weeks. I had a number of sublime experiences there which still knock my socks off when I think about them.

As far as all the claims of sexual misconduct etc goes..........well it seems to be par for the course really.

To be honest I find the concept of Sai Baba being dead kind of ridicilous!

One of my favorite sayings used by Sai Baba was "Hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray" which simply means if you are serious about spiritual growth then roll up your slevees and walk the talk, because actions speak louder than words.

Very simple and very now.