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25th April 2011, 07:54
(Apologies if this sounds all knowing.
It is meant to help...so maybe the apology is not necessary!)

Dear Freedom Loving Spirits,

Well, perhaps we are not quite there, yet.
First we have to be free - free of bias. That surely
must be the start of being free?
Then we can face in the same direction at
the same time, working together.

In that moment we will be most effective!

Neuro-linguistic programming has made us think
we can do and say…and eat... whatever we want,
because we are free. We are like boats without
rudders, drifting around in a make believe world.
We have been given a confusing number of choices
– but does this make us free?

We have to watch very carefully, as this dream has
been going on a long time. Breaking out will take
some subtle work.

We need a base to work from.
This means we have to simplify (Occam's razor),
to see a clear reference point. A common sense.
We need to increase our intelligence.

We all want freedom. However, the 'common purpose'
is making us run round in circles, with linguistic and
symbolic programming. We are all subject to it.
Being aware of this will bring about some sense of freedom.
With freedom, comes conduct. Conduct with respect for
others, but mainly conduct that you remain free, and not
biased by programming.

We have to self-observe our intention and motivation.
Do not fall into the trap, thinking, “Well, of course I'm
one of the good guys!” Your own programming may have
been got at! Self-defrag now and again...

Do not accept what is written here as true.
Also, do not just reject. Does it make any sense to you?
How do you feel?

The software put into a computer is not the computer itself.
If we just react with any negative emotions, like fear,
aggression, pride, indifference etc.
we can be sure there is a virus there - although this virus
can be transformed!

We need to increase our collective intelligence.
Then we can function as freedom loving spirits,
wanting the same rights for everyone.

One of our main viruses is fear. This makes us react.
We all long for a perfect world: this will never happen.
We all hope for this, but this a misunderstanding.
Perfection is only in pure consciousness.
But we could make this world more conducive for understanding,
instead of selfishness.

Our job is to let go of the viruses. We tend to cling to them as
they seem familiar and strangely comforting. Like an abusive marriage...

Every sentient being wants the same thing - well, the same two things.
One is to be happy: the other is to live forever. Wouldn't that be perfect?

Your wish is granted! Your pure consciousness is already
happy, and pure consciousness can never die. It seems 'they' don't want you to know this. It's better for them if you think that you are a just a bunch of pleasure seeking chemicals. So they keep you worried about your health and death.

If you want proof, please see other threads.

A little fear is beneficial, but when it permeates the whole system, it freezes us.

We have a massive job ahead of us. Getting distracted
by trivia does not help our intelligence. We need to rub shoulders and extend one another....nicely.


Lord Sidious
25th April 2011, 08:00
Thanks Pinealnugget, I got ya. :thumb:

25th April 2011, 08:04
Thanks Pinealnugget, I got ya. :thumb:
My Dearest Lord Sidious
That was a very nice reply, thank you.
May your buttocks always be forever firm and shiny!