View Full Version : Bill and Inelia in Minneapolis, MN: are there 26 to 44 people interested?

Dennis Leahy
26th April 2011, 20:23
Bill and Inelia are willing to do some traveling and offer a presentation, if there are enough people in a geographic area to make it work. Minneapolis is my closest big city. Are there more people within driving distance of Minneapolis that are interested?

This is only preliminary!

I don't know what the cost would be, I don't know when it would happen!

But, I do know that if no one steps forward, Bill and Inelia will not know that there is enough interest to make it happen, and these gatherings will not take place.

I was kidding about the numbers 26 and 44. I'm not sure how many souls it will take. Please post your (non-binding) declaration of interest here.



26th April 2011, 21:16
Thanks, Mr. Leahy. I would love to come.

26th April 2011, 21:22
I am curious too. I live 40 miles from Minneapolis/St. Paul. Art Miller

26th April 2011, 21:59
Yes, I think I would be interested.

Dennis Leahy
27th April 2011, 03:40
Great, that makes 4 of us, so far!