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27th April 2011, 12:38
Firstly, I would like to say how proud I am to be part of the
heroes of Avalon. You are really open-minded, have a
wonderful cross section of views, and it is easy to discuss
things with you all. Though I love Dharma practice, some
of my Dharma friends...well, I find that they just cannot
take in the depth of lies perpetuated on this planet.

It might seem a little boring to keep reading the same word
- consciousness, consciousness, consciousness - but it's vitally
important to be reminded, or one's mind just drifts away,
to do something more interesting. I know, 'cos I do it all the time!
In fact, it seems I'm getting worse...or maybe that means
it is getting noticed!

I came to the conclusion, years ago, that everything ends up
with consciousness. It answers the questions of who you are,
and what it's all about.

We can do something collectively to prepare ourselves (and others)
for what may, or may not, happen in the future.
A collective high vibration should attract something positive!

Consciousness is not an easy subject to discuss, due to our
preconceived ideas. We all have to start somewhere,
to find our way back. Normally, if you want to find out about
something, like spirituality, you go and seek it out.
That is the best way.

However, getting into a subject can take a long time.
You try this approach, and then that approach, and fifteen
years later, you might find something that satisfies
(if you're lucky!) after you have been battered about a bit!

It's very difficult when going to these spiritual centres or
meeting spiritual people to know what questions to ask.
We all find ourselves too readily joining in, with all the
others who just join in. This can breed a subtle fear.

I'm only suggesting exploring spirituality from different angles
so that when, or if, you go to these places, you can ask them
a question without anyone lording it over you. So-called
spiritual people (like me) do tend to trot out jargon.
It drives me round the bend!

I am mindful of this, so finding the right words for the right
situation is not so easy. The ultimate, being inexpressible,
is beyond words. Words are very limited. When looking at
flower or listening to a bird or experiencing the taste of an
apple, words seem pointless. Doesn't a smile say a lot?!

Hopefully, if you feel free to question, we stretch our minds together.
I love being 'got at'. It sharpens me up...

I talk from the Tibetan point of view because it is an unbroken
oral tradition, and it suits me.
But there are of course other paths.

It is possible to become enlightened in one life time - extremely rare,
but possible. So one practises, building from one life to the next
(that's if one gets a human incarnation, or somewhere else where
it is conducive to receive teachings).

Our next incarnation could possibly be as a cow,
which might slow down the unveiling process.
As a human, at rebirth, there is choice, but for most of us,
we are driven by our unconscious tendencies (karma),
which may or may not be beneficial.

It is also possible to get a higher existence at the moment of so-called death
and the period after that, before one reincarnates. Again, this is from the
Tibetan point of view: you may see it differently. You have to follow what satisfies you.

So, how one spends one's life is of great importance.
Wishful thinking and hoping is not enough.
The word integrity seems to be in vogue at the moment, and is quite apt.
The world around us has taught us how to be distracted, as if to say,
“Don't ask deep questions, we are not supposed to know.”
I cannot tell you how many times I have heard that!

Even if you just have the feeling that you are not your thoughts and emotions,
but rather the observer of thoughts and emotions, you are free!

Then nobody can wind you up, or pull the wool over your eyes,
make you feel guilty, or control you. And you do not have to feel religious, or believe anything!

Just be a liberated, decent, healthy, human being.

All the best