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6th May 2010, 20:12
What do you all think of the concept of Duality and Binary worldviews.....I've hinted at it subtly but yea......
We live in a world full of binaries i mean even Physics and Electrical engineering has dualities in it, though it's more of an aspect of relation....I digress

I think this is one of the root aspects to the world and why it's funked up.
Divide and Conquer
Left Right
Gay Straight
Right Wrong So on to infinity

I mean it's kind of genius when you think about it. Pit the masses against each other and we can sit back and further an agenda through a giant distraction.

Now I understand that this is an obvious realization and statement, but I am constantly bombarded with obvious things and nobody does a damn thing about it.
Idea sharing is a start, and a change is an effect of the ideas.
Ideas have created the world, and can change the world.....the question is is there a way to change this binary view of the world by means of obvious ways of refuting it.

I believe the beginning of this concept started with religion. Which is probably the hardest to refute because it is based on faith.
I'm not going to go there cause I don't think it's possible to change a person's faith. I'll leave that to new ideas.

There are so many examples of how a binary world views are wrong.
Truth is experiential.....therefore we are all right an all wrong at the exact same time...i.e. the puzzle of existence, we all have a piece.
Nobody will ever completely agree with one another but there is more to it than one view versus another. It's really a question of finding a way to take away people's neurosis, egotism, and preconceived notions of what something should and should not be.

Anyways any thoughts?
Mine are these
Genetics: We are like....98% identical when it comes to DNA, you have to go way far out of the way to find race etc.
Anthropology: Third Genders being accepted in societes....i.e. Two-Spirits
Chemistry: Carbon is the building block to life...we are all created from the stars
Philosophy: If the beginning of the universe was a singularity....and we were created from the "Big Bang" then we are all the exact same thing. We are all god, because we once were a part of the singularity.

We've been put on this planet, separated, and have rejoined....now we are all fighting over the exact same crap. Has anyone watched an ant colony????? smart little buggers

I also think that if these ideas aren't reiterated in terms of what is accepted by institutions then we won't be able to change the institutions....proof to them that their theory is expanded upon. Kinda like the Catholic Church saying it's okay to believe in Aliens. It's one thing to say we were genetically engineered by the Annunaki which I'm not discounting. But why do you think they call conspiracy theorists crazy....because they are refuting an institution based on far fetched (though probably true) concepts that can't be related upon except by experience.
We all have a piece of the puzzle.
I'm rambling.......just putting this out there? Let's write an anthology that from page one just lists concepts that prove that binaries are wrong lol.