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28th April 2011, 19:36

Just had an email from the UK Column website:

ALERT: Charlie Veitch Arrested

Charlie Veitch has had his door kicked in and has been arrested on 'suspicion of conspiracy to cause a nuisance - tomorrow' - this is unbelievable - he is being held at Park Side Police Station. The telephone number is 0345-756-4564. Please call to enquire as to his well-being.

Many thanks,

The UK Column team.

Ridiculous if true.

28th April 2011, 20:07
You know what, I'll make a call from Quebec to the UK for what its worth. They probably want to shake his strength.

When the leaders are taken, the crowd must free them. Because the power take away Freedom is lesser than the power to give it back.

Namaste, Steven

28th April 2011, 20:14
hope Charlie is in good health. I have seen videos of him talking about the royal wedding and sharing his feelings about it. He seems very honest, but telling the plan to everybody is not the best thing to do....if you are being followed and watched 24\7 like he said he was.

28th April 2011, 20:21


28th April 2011, 21:41
this makes me angry!

Will call in my support shortly!

Edit - Number coming up invalid in skype? - +443457564564 ?

29th April 2011, 13:40
ATTENTION: Disclaimer

This Post of Charlie Veitch of the Love Police has been 'DELETED', as I can NO LONGER support anyone who turns their back on the 911 Truth Movement and favors the Official Story!

29th April 2011, 14:25
What struck me in his recent interview about the wedding was that he said to the police if they were listening, 'don't arrest me guys... do you hear me.. don't arrest me.' That's actually a suggestion TO ARREST him.