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29th April 2011, 06:22
hi all,
i have just read kerry cassidys blog of 28th april.
this extract was a good confirmation as kerry says, of a lot of info doing the rounds about the next few years.

i thought it was very interesting, and worthy of reproducing here.

my apologies, if it has already been shown ... kev

PS i was unable to insert in full, hope the click on here works. (can MODS help?)

April 28, 2011

NEW! John Doe whistleblower testimony... a Project Camelot Productions Exclusive

Testimony regarding coming Earth changes, Underground Bases, Planet X or the Dark Star and the Nordics working with the secret government...

click here for the transcript (http://projectcamelotproductions.com/interviews/john_doe%20whistleblower/john_doe.html)

29th April 2011, 06:58
same song different instrument.

29th April 2011, 19:21
what i find fascinating is that more 'instruments' are coming out and playing. thanks for the thread kevlor.
regards, corson

29th April 2011, 19:52

The following is an overview of information given to me a few days ago by a source I have named John Doe.

Most, if not all, of this information covers previously released info however, this can be seen as up-to-date verification of much of that testimony gathered from various other whistleblowers and researchers. John Doe was recruited into the CIA at a young age and has been involved in many operations including Iran Contra.

He first described being taken to one of the underground bases in Colorado - dumb (deep underground military base). Says it allows for 100,000 people, has high ceilings massive rooms, something like a Mall. He said these bases are built for cataclysmic events coming anytime up to 6 years in the future. He said that people like him are told "you are going to have ticket" ... not true. Most of them are being misled to believe that. He said the problem they are having now is that they realize that many facilities they have built won't survive.. so they are hard at work retrofitting them and trying to bring them up to speed. He says he has been in 4 ..there are dozens.

While down in one of the bases he was introduced to a human looking ET -- (the description best fits those known as Nordics- my label - Kerry). He says these human-looking visitors are all over the Pentagon and CIA... He describes them as being very handsome, around 6'3" with very striking eyes. His impression is that they are not overly friendly with no obvious sense of humor. The one he met looked to be in his 30s.

This individual said that they are using and sharing technology with us that has been around for thousands of years. There's life everywhere in the universe. However, the earth is one of a only a handful of planets that has everything... an extremely interesting and desirable planet. He said the diversity here is rare but not unique.

He said that real intel comes from the mid-level guys.... And this is where 'information flows'. Interestingly, he said that the mid-level guys are not convinced these guys (the Nordics) are only here to help...He said they are in essence, intergalactic capitalists. They have been here for thousands of years... And that they never give without taking something.

The secret government is on a crash program to finish the facilities and to get the them up to snuff before the Earth changes. He said they had to escalate their work and correspondingly the influx of cash... To that end they have been using the drug trade to fund their endeavors and when they run out there they had to steal money off the people in order to complete the work in time.

He stressed there is a lot of mistrust on the mid-level who are not as convinced as those on the higher levels of management that the Nordics can be trusted... and also that their supervisors are telling them the truth... about anything.

John Doe talked about the technology we have received from the ETs and said, what people don't realize is that along with what we have received, you also have to use terrestrial materials to make it work. And that there's a lot of problems with converting the technology to get it to work here in this dimension and on Earth. You need to do a great deal of R&D to convert the technologies to get them to work here. When things don't work, this adds to the mistrust.

In regard to the military/secret government, he said, that these guys have worked for 50 years in order to be prepared and to save a semblance of civilization.

Cataclysmic changes could happen anytime but not on a specific date like December 21, 2012... He said there will be an escalating of severity and will take from now up to the next 6 years. This, he said, is fairly agreed upon among the ranks.

There is a known object entering our solar system that is on an orbit coming through, that and the line-up of planets next year will cause massive disruptions and eventually, a polar shift. It's in essence the Apocalypse like Bible speaks of... This incoming planet or actually star (dark star) is also stimulating the high activity of the sun. Things are ratcheting up every year and he can can only guess on the exact time frame.

In general, he talked about the recent revolutions and uprisings in the Middle East and said specifically that Tunesia was not spontaneous event.. He points to the placards in English as evidence of prior planning.

Referring to the Earth changes he said "this is going to be a bloodbath" with approximately a 25-30% survival rate worldwide. The changes will be a process that builds.

He said, while, given access to seeing and hearing about the secret projects they are involved in, that from his point of view they were aimed at destructive technologies and they seemed to have no compunction or conscience over the ultimate aim of the projects. Such as what human in their right mind would want to mess with the upper atmosphere and create destructive weapons... he said he can't understand it.

He said he is sure that Obama has lost his ticket (to the underground bases) and that he is uninformed or doesn't get it. He said Clinton however, has his ticket because most of the drug traffic went right through his state... and that he has
ingratiated himself with the CIA from the beginning. He said Pamela Harriman helped get him into office....

Reason for Coming Forward

Paraphrasing... he said, "I would love to get on top of my house and scream it but everybody's going through their lives and they have got no idea. I want to protect my children and I can't. I like to believe I have a soul. I would like to get forgiveness." - John Doe

Note: this information is free to post around the net, all I ask is that you credit Project Camelot Productions. Thank you.

Personally I can't wait for all these so called 'Cataclysmic Changes' to happen, because I know we will have a better chance of survival ontop than the Crooks will have Underground!

If any of you still believe in a 'Living God' whether within or some kind of righteous entity looking out for humanity?

My bet is those that have Stolen/Mamed & Killed to build their 'Underground Bases 'WILL BE THE 1st TO GO just the way GOD intended!

29th April 2011, 19:58
Thanks! I guess we shall find out pretty soon.

29th April 2011, 20:23
We are engaged in a war on credibility. Who is winning and who is losing? In who's interest is this continuing cycle of nonsense and fear? It's not rocket surgery! You tell me!

29th April 2011, 21:21
What I have a hard time understanding/accepting is, assuming what John Doe says is true, why few, if any, of these guys with a "ticket" to survive would believe for one moment that the government that has lied about so many things and has kept all this "secret" from the public for so long would believe they will truly be spared. And even if they are spared, and the vast majority of the earth's population is wiped out, that they couldn't figure out that the controlling elite are going to need a lot of slaves to rebuild everything and that they will become those slaves. I mean are all these military, CIA, FBI, NSA, political, scientific, medical, etc. people really this stupid?

If I was one of those being given a "ticket" to survive by these scum bags, I damn sure wouldn't believe a word they had to say or that they care for a moment about me or my family.

30th April 2011, 00:13
For once I wish Kerry would post something that didn't have something to do with aliens. Nothing in that is new or important. In fact the more of that I hear, the more think it is all disinformation. If that were true:

1. The aliens would know EXACTLY when the events were coming;
2. They would know if it weren't safe here, and they would go where it was safe, after all they have the 'technology' because they've shared it with 'us'
3. They would tell the idiots spending trillions of our tax dollars building these 'shelters' , 'hey that's a bad idea and it won't work';
4. Because they have so much knowledge and experience they would know exactly how to prepare;
5. If they were aliens with an agenda to own the planet, just kill however many you want to brainwash the rest and your done!

I could go on but what's the point...

Okay, now I officially think all this alien stuff is dissinfo. Rather than recognize it is just a bunch of arrogant, greedy, psychopathic egomaniacs with no morals, ethics, common sense, integrity or honor, making all these sheeple, I mean people, believe that aliens are doing all this and they are in control.

Meanwhile, the real work of understanding what is going on and doing the difficult task of waking the people and righting the ship is not being done, with time running out before it's too late. Oh well.

I feel better now, even if it gets me banned!

30th April 2011, 00:39
we are just a big game to someone, something maybe we're a small game ? but what i do feel is that we are being programed, we are being sold out ,we are being lied to, and if not in this life they will be held responsible at some point no matter what they think they can get away with it's all on this coming to an end on this level and my spirit will not let this be the end of me or you, dont buy in to the stories we hear around us stand strong and united good things are to come.

30th April 2011, 04:09
In fact the more of that I hear, the more think it is all disinformation. If that were true:

Just curious here:

1. Why should aliens know exactly when things occur in the future, or if they are even going to occur?
2. Maybe the aliens will go where it's safe. Maybe humans can't go with them, and digging in is their only option. Besides, digging into the earth for protection is not high-tech. Prairie dogs do it.
3. Maybe it will work.
4. It's hard to predict how aliens think. After all, they probably don't think like us.
5. Since the aliens haven't done that, that's probably not their agenda.

I'm just not seeing how you can be so sure this alien stuff is disinfo. That's the beauty of disinfo -- it's crafted to be very difficult to recognize.

30th April 2011, 04:46
.. He said they had to escalate their work and correspondingly the influx of cash... To that end they have been using the drug trade to fund their endeavors and when they run out there they had to steal money off the people in order to complete the work in time. ..

A supposedly almighty secret government doesnt 'run out' of money ..
nor does she 'need' to 'steal' money ..

...He said they are in essence, intergalactic capitalists. ..
.. either this black project is not the top of the pyramid
.. or the supposed secret government is running a rather peculiar money game ..
.. in which 'they are in essence, intergalactic capitalists' is the central theme

.. and in my opinion & conviction
.. the sign of barbarians
.. not to be trusted or even worked with
.. for such can only lead to nowhere
.. a waste of time
.. a waste of millennia

and I've seen this coming for quite a while now ..

.. there is neither 'aid' or 'a future' to be expected from anything extraterrestrial
.. for such is not what is expected from creation (i.c. in this time frame)

.. either you do things yourself or die trying
.. or you'll be a slave of something and anything

.. and be a complete waste of time

30th April 2011, 06:24
in my own opinion there are so many with this particular storyline, that it feels like disinfo, its almost that they want us to believe this....

30th April 2011, 06:44
In the last 2 weeks Iʻve heard or read about 6 widely differing versions of whatʻs around the corner.

They all sound like so much fun, I just canʻt decide which one to go with...

30th April 2011, 07:19
Hi everyone ! I'm posting you this vid here just to show you the message.
I really think that the futur is always in movement.
I think that we can change the futur so all that you read and ear about it is suppose to happen if we are all thinking that it is going to happen.
So simply change your ways of thinking and choose the posts you are publishing to make poeple to be more peacefull and kind and full of love.
So here is the vid, but it doe'snt matter if you belive that this girl is channeling or not. Please just listen to the message behind it okay ?
LOVE to all of YOU ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx