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1st May 2011, 04:32
Dear All

This is a question I'm posting to Avalon members and welcome any feedback based on personal experience, intuition or opinion.

The past few months I have found that my body seems to be 'rejecting' heavier foods, by that i mean primarily cooked food, as I don't eat meat and live on a fairly simple traditional Asian diet of rice, vegetables, fruit and tofu. Very little processed food, a daily coffee and the odd Belgian chocolate.
I generally want to eat less and find my body is struggling to digest and assimilate what I usually eat. I'm finding a strong pull towards more steamed vegetables and raw fruits and moving from two meals a day down to one.

My 'gut' tells me it could be related to what have been called the 'truth vibrations', shift from '3rd to 4th and then to 5th density' and basically a reflection of the changing energetics of our time. It seems plausible that a change in the collective energetic density that we inhabit would result in a change in our dietary requirements?

Have any of you been having similar experiences or able to shed any light on this?



Lord Sidious
1st May 2011, 04:35
Yeah, I find I can eat less too.
I thought it was just me.

1st May 2011, 08:35
agreed. i thought at first it was as simple as a stress indicator. work, family, etc. but i'm beginning to think that there is something more involved here. in my situation, the more that time elapses, the less i'm inclined to do routine things, like eating, sleeping. it will be interesting to see where this leads...... perhaps by the time the ptw implement starvation too the masses (on a more cynical, complete level), we will have evolved enough to not be affected. just a thought.
warmest, corson

1st May 2011, 08:48
Yes, It is like that....:)
But chocolate and coffe....well, you should try to, gently ,take them out of your «diet». I say, this because black chocolate is mostly fat and coffee acelerates your heart.
Infusions are better :) Camomille etc, and don't forget vitamin supplements.