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9th May 2010, 13:43
On part 4 of the last video from David Wilcock (2012 Event Horizon) he mentions that at some times of the day, when we are facing to the centre of the galaxy, we have improved ESP capabilities. I guess it is also a good time to do meditation. Here is the video, it talks about it at 10:20:

Apparently the best times are from 12 to 14.30 using local sidereal time, that is relative to the longitude. I've found a clock here:
http://www.jgiesen.de/astro/astroJS/siderealClock/ (select your location)

Does anyone have any comments about whether this works?

Since the earth is an sphere, is it possible that the latitude is relevant? If this is true, what are the latitudes directly facing to the centre of the galaxy at some point of the day? Does that also changes with the rotation around the sun (thus meaning only during some times of the year some latitudes are facing the centre of the galaxy)?


30th August 2013, 05:20
Bumping this....

At 8:10 David Wilcock talks about Dr. James Spottiswoode's study of ESP abilities. He found that at 13:30 local sidereal time, people's psychic ability increases by 400%.

This may be of use to individuals and groups working with Remote Spiritual Assistance.

Just use the link above to find your local sidereal time. Note that it does change by a few minutes each day.

For what it's worth, I have used the sidereal 13:30 hour "sweet spot" for my own work and I believe it does amplify my abilities.