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6th May 2011, 20:50
Here is CLEAR evidence that "torsion" is in effect:

"... May 4, 2011: Einstein was right again. There is a space-time vortex
around Earth, and its shape precisely matches the predictions of Einstein's
theory of gravity. ..."

The article is a bit misleading. Nothing like a GOOD experiment to blow away
years of mainstream science nonsense!

A slightly clearer understanding is given here:

The whole key to understanding Gravity is SPIN!

"... and torsion, a mathematical term related to the intrinsic twist of
spacetime (this appears in some extensions of general relativity, but
Einstein himself set it to zero in general relativity for reasons of logical
economy). Are there connections between these manifestations of spin in the
worlds of the large and small? Do they hint at the direction in which
Einstein's theory of gravity might need to be extended in order to unify it
with the other forces of nature? ..."

The article goes on:
"... Nobel laureate C.N. Yang wrote in a letter to NASA Administrator James
M. Beggs in 1983 that general relativity, "though profoundly beautiful, is
likely to be amended ... whatever [the] new geometrical symmetry will be, it
is likely to entangle with spin and rotation, which are related to a deep
geometrical concept called torsion ... The proposed Stanford experiment
[Gravity Probe B] is especially interesting since it focuses on the spin. I
would not be surprised at all if it gives a result in disagreement with
Einstein's theory." ..."

The concept of warped or curved space-time is misleading. What is curved is
the electromagnetic medium or aether in space due to the spin of fundamental
"charged" particles. Since this medium is essentially wraping itself around
"charged" particles, it creates a tension or torsion between particles. We
call this tension "gravity."

A key concept of gravity control or anti-gravity control is controlling this
tension through spin/counter-spin techniques both mechanically and