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10th May 2010, 15:53
The interview starts at appr. 1:12:00



11th May 2010, 18:38
Thank you. Dan Winter is quite interesting. Worth listening.

11th May 2010, 19:08
What about this?

12th May 2010, 20:31
What about this?

Thank you.....
Been searching that material for a while...

That Stan Tenen guy has fascinating stuff in his tubes.....

Red Skywalker
10th April 2011, 17:02
Dan Winter, controversial. But look further:

This guy dives deeply into the secret science which is the science of Tesla, UFO-drives and stargates, Wilhelm Reich, Nassim Haramein, David Wilcock, Richard Hoagland and so on. Also A'shayana Deane talks about this physics and we know of course Drunvalo Melchizedek. The science is also known as 'Torsionfield Physics', 'Aether Physics', 'United Field Physics' etc.

Here can be some hours of video from Dan Winter found:


It's THIS 'Aether'-science that is REALLY important, what the 'rulers of the world' you don't want to learn and educate because they have weaponized it, see:


This is the science of consciousness and free energy that should be seriously and deeply investigated, now. :loco:

The science is very old and all streams of religion are in fact remains of the old teachings of this science.
We are on the edge of a true understanding of our universe and as we accept and workout this science more, we will become startravelers in many dimensions.

You better study it, it's our saving and future. In the latest Kerry and Bill talk with Bob Dean, he gives some little inside in it. One conclusion he doesn't tell, is something too many people will never accept and that is... nope, I don't tell either, but I know ;)


Red Skywalker

(if you want a basic understanding, i can give also some explanation)

11th April 2011, 06:49
The need for spiritual development before were allowed to get our hands on the knowledge?

Red Skywalker
11th April 2011, 16:34
The need for spiritual development before were allowed to get our hands on the knowledge?

That's what many people seems to think, but how to develop your spirituality without knowledge of what spirit really is? Only by intuition?
If the (secret) science is educated the proper way, you know how to develop your spirituality. The science learns that all is One, everything is connected with each other and the scientific reason why that is the case. This means that I am you and you are me. So why should I harm you if you are me? I don't like harming myself. This is something that can be learned and understood by this science. It is the spiritual part of the science. But the science can also create mechanical devices. To operate these devices you have to have the right spiritual attitude, at least what I just mentioned, other ways the devices lead to destruction, power hunger and greed.
At the moment there is a group who has the knowledge to build these devices and has done so. But without having developed their own spirituality because they don't understand that they are working with living and conscious forces that are also part of their own spirit. That's a very dangerous situation. Of course this situation leads to their own destruction, but not without taking many innocent casualties. This group will never teach us the science and if they would, they cannot teach it the proper way because they have not understood the spiritual part.

What to do? I mentioned several people who have several levels of understanding the (secret) science. It's from them we can learn and develop the science ourself. We have to invent the wheel for the second time. This time not for greed and power, but for the planet and humanity as a whole. And that's is the only spiritual attitude needed. Then it is allowed to explore and to develop the science further with also the use of practical devices derived from this science for the common good. Only the mentioned group does not allow us to explore this science because then they lose their grip on us.
We have to do it ourself, but with the right attitude in mind. And by more understanding this science you'll deepen your spirituality.

Red Skywalker

Red Skywalker
13th April 2011, 19:15
Dan Winter, controversial.

Why is he controversial? Read this: http://www.chillingeffects.org/notice.cgi?sID=1837
Dan Winter used material from this site: http://www.meru.org/ without asking permission. That ain't nice but he also claims he is the inventer and that's what hurts the owners of the Meru Foundation. This dispute runs now for years and is the reason why not much from Dan Winter can be found; it's every time removed due to the copyrights owned by the Meru Foundation.
This is a difficult issue and I don't know all it's details so I leave it to rest.
Anyway, I found more people who are claiming they had the unique idea of using sacred geometry as a tool for science, Nassim Haramein and Drunvalo present their work as their invented, channeled or whatever ideas. As you read the pages of the Meru Foundation, much is known. Particular of the spiritual side. A lot of information on sacred geometry is already known, Leonardo DaVinci worked with it, the Freemasons are obsessed by it with (drawing)tools in their logo and alchemists studying and working also with it.

Sacred Geometry pops up every time and the persons who get their intuitive ideas think they are the first with a new discovery. That's interesting and can be explained from the sacred geometry science. (All is One, morphological Fields Of R. Sheldrake.) This science is the knowledge of the universe itself. It's like a television that shows it's user manual on it's screen. So the universe shows it's principle working to any persons who are ready and have a usable mindset. The mindset consists of symbols and ideas that are to be used for the explanation. Example: If I want you to explain what a 'car' is, you must have an idea of 'wheels', 'transport', something that can move the 'car', etc. For the explanation of the working of that 'car' you may need more 'symbols'.
So, once you start with sacred geometry, you are building up your mindset of symbols which gives the universe the opportunity to 'download' it's further information to you. But you may think you invented that additional information by yourself. Actually, it is, but you don't know where the ideas really came from. The universe talks to you through your higher self which is connected to and part of the 'being' Earth, that is connected to and part of the Sun, the Solar-system, the cluster of our local stars, the Milkyway, the 'Now'-Universe (what you see and experience Now around you), and finally the timeless multiverse of all that is, over all times. In the end you are this multiverse.

This Multiverse can be named as the Geometrical Origin Dimension. :heh:

This is the info I (and Bob Dean) cannot tell: everything and everybody IS the G.O.D. and there is nothing else. As long as you keep thinking on a far, far away superior entity, this will and cannot be accepted. To bad because YOU are that entity, seeking and experiencing itself in any possible way.

I had also the idea that I found something unique, especially when working on sacred geometry in 3d, thus with spheres instead of circles. I wanted to write a book about it, but that is delayed for the last ten years or so. I will write about it, but not claiming myself as the inventer. I have a lot 'symbols' added to my mindset and got a head full of ideas to explain the science, including the origin of the 'Geometrical Origin Dimension'. But who wants to know, the time is not right, yet.

(Any 'new' ideas in my posts, like the G.O.D. whatever it stands for, are copyrighted because I use these ideas already in the book I am trying to write. I have to say this unfortunately)

Maybe I'll start a new thread with more from the beginnings of my book.

Red Skywalker

The geometrical origin dimension in 3d: (again picture made by me and copyrighted)

13th April 2011, 19:57
If: the lie is different at each level, of security and access
Maybe: each dimension has a truth that can only be seen at that level of consciousness...
IMO the problems of the "old" science is the extrapolation of 2d thinking into the other dimensions/ waves are getting a lot of play but in 3d it is a brave newer world...

14th April 2011, 03:28

Red Skywalker
14th April 2011, 06:41
3D gives more insides, but there is more. The g.o.d is static, but you can move (=time) through it. Motion is another dimension. Likewise 'Size' is another dimension. Now what do we main by 'dimension'? These are dimensions: lenght, width, depth, SIZE and MOTION (time). Size and motion have also different colors (= vibrational frequencies). The confusion is that these colors are also named dimensions. But they are just energy-levels. These levels result in different levels of (Platonic) shapes and so to different realities and states of consciousness. Mainstream science works with formulas and cannot see what is really happening, Einstein knew of this and spend the rest of his live to get an answer of what the formulas really main. He never found it. Sacred geometry would have helped him.

The video reminds me of Victor Schauberger (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victor_Schauberger) who also worked with sacred geometry based math.

Red Skywalker

24th June 2011, 03:10
Red Skywalker thanks for your useful insights...