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10th May 2011, 10:42
I felt it was such a wonderful and refreshing thread which encouraged members to stop by as often as they wanted to and share something which they were grateful for and appreciated.

I find people so very interesting and beautiful sometimes. I don't know what happens, but I enter into some space where I see.. So much beauty in People...
Just appreciation of the human Spirit... Comes through so clear sometimes. Just as they are. Saying silly funny things. Being their amazing, natural, beautiful selves.

Today I will express my gratitude to a wonderful friend (Here on the forum) Who (Apart from many other things) Is one of the most consistent, sincere, discreet and caring people I am fortunate enough to know. This forum would not be the same if this friend did not grace these corridors and whose presence here makes everybodys experience richer in ways which are quite often not realized ... So a heartfelt ty to my friend...

10th May 2011, 11:20
I am very gracious to have found this community. And also very gracious to have found many people here that I have grown to love in ways. It's easy to get sucked into negativity. I think all or most of us here have the same agenda. Just different ways of expressing it. I'm glad you are still here Gaia.

I think connecting with like minded, positive, pure motive'd people has ways of uplifting us. I noticed a distinct change in energy upon finding this forum. I was mainly at the Icke forum before that. It drove me into the ground with all the "you're insane" and negative things projected at me.

This community has flaws, but I still think Avalon is like no other. The quality and quantity of people here is of great proportion. I almost made a thread like this after finding this community. It's important to post gratitude and let others know when you feel it. It has a way of making bad days turn into better ones.

Much <3 and thanks Gaia.

PS If anyone wants to add me to skype to chat, my handle is Omniverse101. Part of the benefits of this community for me(and many I bet) is great people to converse with on skype. So if you want to add me, you can :)

10th May 2011, 11:34
Thank you so much Ominverse, it's so true that this community is better everyday. The gratefulness, the gratitude. Being thankful for everything in your life is an important tool to use. If someone reached out to you when you needed it and you didn’t express your gratitude, it’s just as the quotation above states. You wrapped your gift but there it sits, doing no one any good. Be grateful for all the gifts that come your way whether they are a hand up out of the abyss, or a smile from a friend or a phone call when you need it. Whatever comes your way, be grateful and always express that gratitude out loud. It may sound silly when you start, but eventually it will become second nature as it has with me. Whenever something good happens in my life I always look up and say: Thank You ! Thank you !

Be Happy ! Be Well ! Be Positive ! Avalon is such a great community !


10th May 2011, 11:38
Many feel that gratitude itself has a power to it. That as we appreciate something in this way it expands.

When you are in the experience of gratitude, you are in peace. You are in the present. When you cannot rest in the now, gratitude for that moment is absent. And when gratitude is absent, then growth is absent.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
William Arthur Ward

So I give the gift of thanks to all of you here on Avalon. Intelligent, bright, inquiring minds that are not afraid to ask question and seek answers. So rare. Many of us are scattered around the world and brought together by Avalon. Thank you Avalon for the experience.
Thank you to the mods for all the hard work and thank you Bill for your patience and courage.


10th May 2011, 11:40

I am grateful for the air I breathe, for the water I drink, for the sunlight's heat and my beloved warmth. I am thankful for the earth I walk upon, the lake I swim and the mountain I climb. The birds I hear and the valley I see.

I am grateful to rest when I am tired and grateful to eat when hungry. I am very happy to be father and husband. I have a great work and great friends. There are so many small things that makes me happy, I got to answer back to Creation to express my gratitude for all these things. The human experience becomes a blessing.

Namaste, Steven

10th May 2011, 16:20
I appreciate all the people who have tried to be my enemies,
thank you for making me stronger ;)

John Parslow
10th May 2011, 16:30
Hello Gaia

Such a wonderful idea for a thread, - and many thanks for being here with us. I too feel very fortunate to have made some very good friends here whose friendship I value highly - from places all around the world whom I may have not met were it not for Bill and Avalon.

I hope all is well with you and look forward to reading more of your excellent posts …

Love and peace to you. JP :cool:

10th May 2011, 17:01
I am thankful for being a part of this existence and the opportunities to make a difference.

10th May 2011, 22:40
ahh, Gaia, what a beautiful thread. thank you so much. i know that i have never been so grateful in my life than i am right now. i have met the most amazing people and have had the most incredible experience of my life here on avalon. everyday is so full of new ideas and new motivations for all of us to relate too. i am so glad that one day a few months back, a voice in my head said "go into avalon." with that voice came my reaction to do so, and i have learned so many things and have made many friends, and i am never lonely anymore. avalon is a unique eden, full of many people from all walks of life with many different destinies. yet, we all come together here and share what we can to help our fellow members and friends and to learn from their wisdom as well. i can't imagine my life without this beautiful place or without all of you.
wishing all of you much love and wisdom.
warmest, corson

10th May 2011, 23:04
Thank you immensely for sharing your appreciation with me Corson. I feel extremely grateful and appreciative for this forum. I so admire all the members and their wisdom, and also the mods and admins who make this forum possible.

Kindest regards my friend !


10th May 2011, 23:15
I keep a photo of the most amazing gladiolus on my wall, and pass this blessing every day, may the earth of loving grace emerge from within us, thank you gracious gaia, and everyone else who shares their gratitude here.

We are all so intricately connected, when we remember this, and how much we love each other, the radiance of a warm heart simply flows....

10th May 2011, 23:52
I appreciate your initiative and wisdom to start this inspiring thread, Gaia.
On my way to work this morning the sun was shining in all its glory, despite the 3° temperature.
Frost glistened on the grass, reflecting the sunlight.
My heart warmed up upon reading the title of this thread.
So many minor miracles to be grateful for.

Thanks again.

11th May 2011, 09:16
Thanks Bill and PA team for the welcome. I must admit I find PA's rigorous application process both impressive and confronting - (although 'confronting' sounds like a stronger word than what I actually mean) - only because I have never really participated actively in a public forum before. I watched what happened to PA1, and again the events in January this year. It's all part of the journey we take; and I believe that by necessity, others need to take a different route to the TRUTH, so that they may shine their light and attract others to join the journey in that particular route.

I was then happy just to be an observer without judgment to those events; until two weeks ago: I dreamed that I was seated with you and other people around a table, and there was an envelope being shuffled under it. THE ENVELOPE WASN'T
FOR ME, but somehow it was passed onto my hands. And when you saw/knew that I got the envelope, you stopped the shuffling. Immediately after waking up, I knew that THAT was my cue to join. I interpreted the dream to mean that I will get important information from PA, and I have to be a participant to get it.

So now I have boarded the 'ship'. I look forward to the new, uncharted shores that this ship will take me.

Thanks again,

Hi Sanjosenian, and welcome !
Here is much love to find. Blessings !

11th May 2011, 09:30
Thank You for this thread Gaia, I'm so glad you decided to stay here with us, your presence is a present. I'd like to express gratitude to each and every tiny little micro universes that are the cellular building blocks of all physical matter, with which, we manifest and express our every desire into being and creation. I thank the source of All for thinking all this into existence. Thanks to Avalon, Bill and the mods for facilitating such a wonderful community, full of the brightest, loveliest minds I've had the fortune to interact with!

And my wife, two boys and puppy, with whom I'm eternally grateful to have been blessed with on this part of my journey as a being. I love you so much, for ever.......

Lord Sidious
11th May 2011, 09:59
Thank You for this thread Gaia, I'm so glad you decided to stay here with us, your presence is a present.

I second that, I too am glad she decided to not go.

12th May 2011, 08:35
I'm grateful for being here on this beautifully amazing glorious planet called Earth

I appreciate helping and being part of the mass awakening thats taking place

What an honour !!!!


12th May 2011, 08:46
I'm grateful for being here on this beautifully amazing glorious planet called Earth

I appreciate helping and being part of the mass awakening thats taking place

What an honour !!!!


Yes I will echo that today Goldmother I am grateful for the wonderful friendships I have formed here in this community...And indeed the spiritual kinship...

12th May 2011, 20:19
We must also be grateful for the ills, trials, frustrations, evils, and all manner of 'bad' things that happen to and around us. The Universal Mind creates everything and it is done at our bidding. We create the world around us, so we must stand accountable and show our appreciation to God for fulfilling our desires. The key is to align ourselves with 'good' and think only expansive thoughts. Have faith in our ability to create. The gratitude is to God for giving us whatever we ask for. It is not the fault of God that we are ignorant in our asking.

So, stand grateful for everything in your life, not just the good stuff. For this understanding I am tremendously grateful.

Oh, I am also grateful for these yummy cashews and iced tea!

30th March 2014, 02:27
Such nuggets of wisdom from the past! This is such a beautiful thread topic it calls of continuance.

I'm so grateful for beautiful weather with sunny days and a gentle breeze.

For the lessons learned in my life that taught me to open my heart and see how my judgment came back to bite me in the butt every time! :p

For falling in LOVE again with my husband.