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We have come to the time of ultimate change. Change is no longer in our hands or
in the hands of any greater individuated being that one can become directly
aware of. Change is in the hands of The Creator of All itself. It is coming from
the heart of The Creator and moving outwards to the very ends of creation."

Opening Remarks

I am working on several update articles all at once. Often the inflow of
information and impressions is more than can easily be organized. Previously, I
have let these things incubate into dozens of pages of material and let them
gestate for weeks or longer. Events now are more pressing and it is more
important to convey what can be sooner.

One notion has shown up repeatedly for a long time, that being, if humans were
faced with enough death and destruction and violence they would tire or sicken
of it and initiate the right changes. However, events throughout recent
millennia of history have shown that the meme and mind control processes at many
levels have ensured a type of extreme adaptability to maintain a large human
population, no matter how confused or dulled human-level consciousness may

The more one knows (or thinks one knows) about the nature of human society and
the matrix that holds the appearances of "reality", the more difficult it
becomes to remain as a human player or as observer to what is developing in the
human world. This has been amply plain in recent weeks as evidenced in
correspondence with various people and from what I am picking up on the "air
waves". And so I am including the article "The Three Options" from Karen Bishop
in this update, along with my own comments by way of a general response..

Some "sensitives" recently have been seeing something they have described in
various ways as "the end" of 3d existence. To describe things this way is too
much of an extreme and absolute a statement to not qualify it properly. But from
the human personality-self point of view, it is understandable that is how it

There should be no question however, that this is the end of this civilization.
A dramatic escalation and confluence of all that could "plague" humankind can be
readily extrapolated from present day patterns of information. However, the
planets will continue in physicality, at least until it is time for this solar
system to reconfigure again. This universe will also eventually cease its
physical existence, but this is not for our concern at present.

It is so very important to connect your existence as human in 3d with your
larger being. The question of choices now requires much greater considerations
than simply physically living or physically dying, whatever the circumstances of

Rather than "praying" to "fix" the growing number of catastrophic problems in
the world today, humans need to "pray" for themselves to see the "real reality",
to reconnect to their highest origins, and to consciously determine the reason
and value for ones individual and the collective existence of human society.
These are for each of us to contemplate very deeply.

There are no right or wrong answers and ongoing consideration of these can lead
to expanded levels of awareness. One famous teacher encouraged the contemplation
of the deeper meaning of "who am I?" –a variation would be "what is my true
nature before I was born?".

To stay focused on what matters, what concerns us here is the destiny of the
human form as an expression of the Divine. Related to this is the spiritual
destiny of this version and incarnation of humanity on Earth. Our souls or
higher selves were created as individuations of Creator of All. As humans
quaintly say, "not all men are born equal", not all souls have the same "home
ports" and agendas, yet those souls who are emanations of the Light can be
traced to Creator of All.

I wish it were more straightforward by now, but there are many last minute
experiments underway by various being on the higher levels to determine what
could catalyze more humans to awaken to their true spiritual selves, while they
are still embodied.

Some time ago, I recall writing about the potential for a portion of humans who,
while still embodied, would move into a partially ascended state. Their role and
value is not yet established, but for those who are moving in that direction,
the Light they convey can be of immense value to many, and in so many ways. It
is to my perspectives, a facet of the high absolution process, a way of
reclaiming or redeeming many while they are still embodied on this plane of
existence. As to the details of why and wherefore, I can only speculate. But it
makes sense to me in regard to bringing as many to the light as possible and in
removing the dark elements that are intertwined in the human level. If only to
clean-up some of "the mess" before moving to a new home. You do not want to take
the garbage with you when you move, regardless of its source.

For various reasons, it is nearly impossible to know with any certainty what the
outcome will be for this planet and this version of humans. The inability of
anyone to accurately predict the outcome of these coming few years naturally
lends itself to extrapolating from what is known and being experienced, while
catching snippets from dreams, visions, and future remote viewing. But none of
these can be relied upon with certainty, except in the short term to describe
the high probabilities.

For those concerned about the Gulf Oil disaster, please see remarks at NES
forums – link:
http://newearthsummit.org/forum/index.php?topic=1080.msg4596#msg4596. As always,
we will post updates and commentary to significant events at NES Forums – link:
http://www.newearthsummit.org/forum/ - these will either be posted by "ASK" or
"ADMIN-ASK". Scrolling down to the area below the board listings shows the most
recent 50 posts at a glance.

Interventions and Changes

In "Intervention of Our Own Higher Selves" from August of 2009, an example of a
higher level "last minute" experiment is described. Link:

The process of giving the human higher self a time in which to mobilize its
collective self to help effect changes was worth the effort, but it was
optimistically generous on my part to speculate that 15% to 30% might opt to
play a role in influencing the needed changes directly with their respective
human selves. The actual portion was very, very much smaller, thus showing the
extreme difficulty of the larger situation.

In scanning of the dynamics in the next levels up, I had thought there was a
filtering process as many connect "upwards". There is a filter process, but it
would be closer to that of a "French press pot" – continuing the process of
moving downwards clearing and removing. There also seems more of a blurring
between 3d and 4d.

I still have a sense that this version of humanity has roughly 25 years overall
during which all who can be cleared and brought into the Light will be. But the
bulk of these changes must shift in these few years. The confluence and
escalation of change will be as if the available room for humans in the old ways
will diminish, forcing as many as possible into something new and unknown. This
of course applies to both the "as below" and the "as above".

In the short term, it feels like a cosmic wave enveloping the planet. The
energies will continue to build to allow individuals a brief time to adjust.
Some will say it is the solar system or galaxy, scientists will make their
analyses, etc., but within it all there are the corrective energies. It also
seems that whatever people are doing: wars, not wars; pillaging, not pillaging;
cooperating, not cooperating, etc. is of little concern at the upper levels that
are coming down, clearing everything below.

Germane to all this, I call your attention to the article in this update, "The
Time of Ultimate Change", where John Crawford shares his thoughts and
observations on what is going on.

Pattern and Principles

It is important to notice patterns in the "as below" and the "as above"; in the
microcosm and macrocosm. It is also important to have an understanding of the
major operating principles and see what is foundational and what may be primary
at any moment. Taken together, understanding patterns and operating principles
leads to a deeper comprehension of truth and creation processes at all levels..

This is one of the main ideas behind Global Awakening News and these Updates,
and will be an important facet to the discussion seminar group we are inviting
your participation in.

One example of a fundamental principle or concept would be whether or not
Creator of All deliberately created duality and the dark and all that came of
it. The next level is whether the dark is an independent force outside of
Creator of All. At this point it is possible to understand the profound and
occult falsehood that humans created the dark.

The Human Vehicle and the 5th Dimension Levels

This will be discussed in more depth in future updates and in a possible
seminar, so I will be brief for now.

Please note that in discussing dimensional levels of existence, we are generally
referring to existence in the fallen sector, in this universe, what is most
familiar to most beings that are here now, and we are not referring to existence
in the portion of creation that was unaffected by "the error".

We are working on the notion that the human template – inclusive of DNA, subtle
fields, and the capacity for a 3d self (ego-personality self) – was developed at
the highest level of creation, where there is no duality, no fallen existence,
and no dark forces. However, in terms of this universe we are in, this template
or meta-program was implemented by various levels of beings who themselves were
in error, being themselves fundamentally and primarily under the influence of
higher level dark beings who emanated from the original error at the highest
levels of creation. This would include the "error of Sophia"/Gaia that certain
ancient "Gnostic" sages tried to analyze. The human ego-personality-self was
also altered to make it more pliable to joining with the dark to help it gain
more direct access to the human template.

The notion we are exploring is that by the time the human template passed into
the level of 5-d, it was deeply flawed, including erroneous instructions
(meta-programs) concerning the nature of individuation and the use of the
physical body and the personal self. By implication, we suspect the alterations
began in the 6th dimensional (6-d) range.

This places the tampering with human DNA by various "extra-terrestrials" that
are noted in ancient records in a different perspective than presumed by many,
one that we will discuss further in future updates. This also has a curious
coincidence with a corresponding dynamic within the fallen sector. And it helps
explains the pervasiveness of dark force programming and impulses that extend
out through so many of these self-described "ascended masters" and other such
entities that have become so popular in channeling circles over the last century
or so.

This raises many interesting questions, some of which are briefly mentioned in
this update and will be discussed more in future updates.

Why is it there has been such an emphasis on the "fifth dimension" and relative
to ascension --when it has been known that without the removal of the dark
control, this would only elevate the human consciousness within limited and
distorted parameters?

Why has the human form, self, and subtle bodies been such a mystery and so
fiercely been fought over between the various forces of light and dark?

Consider how it is that the gods of the dark forces and their underlings
jealously despise the spiritual potential of true soul beings and their human
projections? (This has been a profound secret kept from human awareness for a
very long time.)

What are the implications for creating a "new earth" environment for those
focused in the 5th dimensional levels?

Teaching aspirants about the various dimensions of existence and the order of
things was an important goal of dark-force inspired spiritual teachings that
later morphed into the "new age". They were obliged to be truthful about some
matters, yet obscured truth wherever possible.

Relative to the foregoing, we have been exploring the notion that the human
physical and subtle bodies in 3d represent a "holy grail" that can do more than
replicate genetic material, that it has the potential to help give birth to
higher-level beings. At a larger level, there is a corresponding set of
qualities innate to the soul being. (As below, as above.)

One of the long standing problems of the dark is that they do not have access to
the essence of Creator. As a result they lack the capacity for ascension into
higher creation beings. One of the most important goals of the dark side has
been to control and master the human form and consciousness without destroying
it. They believe that this holds the potential to give them the capacity to grow
in numbers and capabilities. This is one of the concerns I have had in raising
cautions about false ascension ploys.

With massive change occurring in the higher levels and the removal of much of
the top levels of the dark hierarchy, there remains the question of whether
those highly aware beings residing here as humans, with the help of others at
higher levels, can effect substantial changes at the 5d level through the
ascension of their consciousness, embodied or not. In 5d it may be possible to
correct certain problems that developed in 3d/4d of the human template. The
challenge of this is one of the factors that made it nearly impossible to
accomplish very much, even when this was a stated exploratory goal (see our
article, "Intervention of Our Own Higher Selves" at

While it is the subject of a future update, I would say here that the source of
the difficulties did not originate in 3d with various nefarious beings tampering
with human DNA and playing games with various meme-control systems. They just
took advantage of the opportunities they discovered when they gained access to
the human-Earth world a long time ago –and never really left.

Why all the fuss over the human template and 3d? Consider the possibility that
this could have originally been developed as a means of accessing levels of
physical density for the purpose of giving birth to a new type of creator being,
one that was intended to be closely connected with Creator and The All, yet have
the advantage of its own microcosm of individuation, an "as below" version of
the quality of individuation that exists at the highest levels of The All. This
notion calls for ongoing deeper examination.

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“We have come to the time of ultimate change. Change is no longer in our hands or in the hands of any greater individuated being that one can become directly aware of. Change is in the hands of The Creator of All itself. It is coming from the heart of The Creator and moving outwards to the very ends of creation.”


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The Human Vehicle and the 5th Dimensional Levels

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The Time of Ultimate Change by John Crawford

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