View Full Version : Costa Rica Quake

13th May 2011, 22:52
don't know yet how strong on the Richter scale

but boy! this one had all my windows rattling...
happened less than a minute ago
will now check for the epicenter.

13th May 2011, 22:59

the birds are still screeching...can hear them from the other side of the valley...
reports are coming in from all over the country...
6.0 R

13th May 2011, 23:01
Stay safe...

13th May 2011, 23:07
are you doing well ulli? any after shocks


13th May 2011, 23:27
thanks, everyone, I'm fine here...we live at the bottom of a valley, next to a river
and there are deposits of millions of years of river rocks which act as shock absorbers

watching TV now, cell phones are not working in the epi center area
I just saw surveillance camara videos from our TV station...it was wild...

on the whole the construction here is very good,
Costa Ricans have learnt decades ago how to bulid strong houses

will keep you posted

dan i el
13th May 2011, 23:34
sending what i can, towards a shield, stay safe ulli and yours. we live in very interesting times :/

13th May 2011, 23:50
hope you are safe too, i have a friend i speak to over there, sirius the doggstar is his artist name, hope everyone ok over there~:)

14th May 2011, 00:00
so far no reports of deaths,

although some cars got hit by falling rocks

everyone had a good fright though

people being interviewed on TV in different parts of the country...

I'm sure there will be some good Youtubes soon

14th May 2011, 00:15
Glad you are OK, Ulli. Stay safe! :)


Much Love ~ Dan

14th May 2011, 00:30
yess stay Safe! Remember about 3 months ago I were in Chile and we had an Earthquake 7.0 R.. That was heavy, And ive seen ruins from the big Chile Quake from last year in february and I hope you doing alright with no deathreports. Anyways.. Keep us updated :)


14th May 2011, 01:00
Be safe ulli,thinking of you down here in the shaky isles of NZ

14th May 2011, 01:33
This site (http://www.emsc-csem.org/Earthquake/index.php?filter=no&min_mag=5&view=1) says it was 5.6...hmm.

Thoughts are with you ulli!

14th May 2011, 03:36
I still can't believe there were no casualties...what luck

The quake was really strong but only lasted 15 seconds

Also strange that there have been no aftershocks

Someone is watching over us, that's for sure

Thank you.

I love you.

14th May 2011, 05:03
Hi Ulli,

Thought of you right away when I saw this post so happy to hear you are safe and there were no deaths, No after shocks?? This is a good sign I hope. Take Care Ulli, much love:)