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15th May 2011, 10:28
10 years ago i was at a lake walking with my dog on a few trails. when we got back to our car i saw something in the sky, all i remember is it took up a quarter of the sky and was unlike anything i had seen in the natural world.
now i know thats not much but it was not what i saw but what happened during. i was in a parking lot with alot of folks around at their cars. i remember everyone saw it but as soon as it was gone everyone went on like nothing happened. i could not remember what had just happened. i just knew something had and my body was reacting to something shocking. i had a hard time concentrating on it and thought to myself if this happened even in a large crowd none would had noticed unless they forced themselves.
if you have had something like this happen to you in a large group,or a public setting i would love to hear about it.

15th May 2011, 10:35
I once saw a fleet of three, were the biggest one nearly filled the entire sky as it came down. The ships were camouflaged as the nightsky...sort of seethru'.
This was at night in a park, so there was no group behaviour of any kind.
Still felt like sharing though =]

15th May 2011, 12:40
Wow... O_O.............Nothing ever happened like that to me - but it does not really come as shock more of surprise that NONETHELESS, the effects of whatever 'veil' they tried to put on your eyes didn't work 100% for you.

A very good surprise!

I don't know..it resonates but I can't place it.

So did they just, "pass by" sort of thing?

15th May 2011, 13:51
i think the only memories i have of it are ones that i constructed. i think that it was a huge light of some kind. i tried to hold onto the image but i cant be sure. i have seen a u.f.o. several times and its a different experience altogether. this was over in a few seconds.

and i have seen a small low-flying group of large black ,silent crafts before as well. i have a feeling they are ours...thanks for your comments.

15th May 2011, 14:06
Yesterday i was driving between wembley central ( london uk ) and stonebridge park. I was coming through a rain cloud when i saw a sunset rainbow. It was a full arc but instead of showing all the colors it was primarily red. I looked back to where i had just driven and the place was covered by a huge red cloud. I know we see red clouds at sunset but this was a different red that went from the cloud to the ground. It was as though there was a red filter over the area i had just driven through.

I knew it was different because i was so excited. I looked back intermittently and it was still there from ground to sky covering a huge area of maybe a square mile. Like someone high above had strewn a fist full of red pigment into the air. It was completely different to anything i have ever seen.

John Parslow
15th May 2011, 15:14
Hello Litmus

Something very similar happened to me about thirty years ago. At the time (about 7:00) in the morning I was driving myself and a crew of co-workers to Heathrow airport. About five miles from my home town I turned left through a village onto a long straight road towards London. It was a bright sunny morning with a few clouds drifting along, looking up I noticed what can only be described as a UFO.

I donít know what made me look up at the clouds (I should have had my eyes on the road) but suddenly this huge object appeared from out of a cloud and the best way to describe it would be similar to a huge snare-drum on itís edge which was rolling slowly across the sky - best guess about 100 yards in diameter with seemingly regular square panels along itís circumference.

I immediately stopped the car and we all got out to have a better look, there were four of us in total and we must have watched it for at least five minutes gently rolling through the sky - but rather strangely we soon all piled back in the car; turned on the radio and to my knowledge none of us ever mentioned it again Ö

My thanks to Caren for reminding me of this event and pointing me in the direction of this thread.

Love and peace to all. JP :cool:

P.S. I have spent many years looking to the sky for UFO's but have never seen anything since one occurrence.