View Full Version : UFO With Arms Flies Around ISS

The One
17th May 2011, 19:06
Date of sighting: May 12, 2011
Location of sighting: International Space Station.

This is an amazing video of a UFO flying around the ISS (International Space Station) with CNN trying to cover the news, but I believe CNN cut out the UFO object when reporting it on TV. Thats censorship!

Listen carefully to the russian astronaut as he tries to tell NASA about the UFO while he is doing the space walk, but he does not want to scream out the words UFO. He codes the words as "an object."

Take a look at this video and see what you think


White Phoenix
17th May 2011, 19:32
It doesn't move like a UFO. However...

It's hard to tell because of the video quality, but there appears to be a UFO (not the floating object) moving from left to right near the bottom of the image, just as the camera begins to pan up (at around 45 seconds).

Also, there could be a large stationary UFO to the right of the image, just below and to the right of the floating object (most visible at around 34 seconds).

17th May 2011, 20:31
First impressions are it looks like a glove, with no frame of reference i.e. depth.
It's hard to gauge distance,It seems to have a spiral tumbling motion maybe a clue ?