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18th May 2011, 08:07
For those that find Wilcock worth the time to listen to.

To those that don't ... this isn't for you :)

David's November interview with Fulford is finally revealed! The Powers that Were are threatening to set off the New Madrid Fault with HAARP as a last-ditch effort to avoid their defeat. We can stop them -- and here's how.


For two years before the Japan disaster, Benjamin Fulford was on record saying the Powers that Were had planned to attack Japan with an earthquake weapon -- and set off the nuclear reactors.

This is a matter of public certainty, as he announced these plans in two different videos as well as in numerous updates. This is the main reason why the Internet exploded with articles about HAARP in the aftermath of the Japan disaster.

These same negative groups are now apparently trying to set off the New Madrid Fault, which runs parallel with the Mississippi River -- as there are some fifteen different nuclear reactors along the fault line.

Apparently the floods are a precursor to this -- in an attempt to lubricate the fault line and increase the likelihood of it happening.

I believe this is all happening now because these groups are very, very close to defeat -- and are using this as a final attempt to blackmail and coerce the rest of the world into backing off of the attack.

The defeat has been going on for some time -- and I am now releasing an interview I did with Fulford last November that goes into detail about how the global community is ganging up on the "Old World Order" and demanding they stand down.


Let me say, right up front, that I do not believe the negative factions will be able -- or allowed -- to commit this act of mass destruction. However, I cannot deny that my own insiders have warned me of exactly the same attack plans as what Fulford has disclosed.

In advance of the Japan disaster, I posted dreams here that gave strong hints as to what was going to happen -- a major new disaster -- as I wrote in a previous entry of David's Blog.

I have had other dreams, equally credible, that implied that even bigger events than Japan were planned -- but would not be allowed to occur by the higher forces that protect this planet.

I believe we can help stop this from happening -- based on the scientific evidence I have put together for my new book, The Source Field Investigations.

This is also a key aspect of what will be featured in the CONVERGENCE movie, which now appears to be very close to having "script lock" (hopefully by the beginning of June) and financing in place.

We have four different financing sources to choose from -- each of which appear to be clean and not connected with any negative factions. I will, of course, use every resource I have available, including intuitive faculties, to make the best possible choice.

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