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23rd February 2010, 03:00
Dear Children of the Sun,

As a planetary race, we stand on the brink of new expansions and potentialities that are so magnificent that it is not even possible for the human mind to fully grasp what is about to unfold. As Children of the Sun, we incarnated this time through as the wings of Spirit to help usher in this magnificence while also knowing that the process would not be without challenge.

I share a recent experience which helped me to more greatly understand our deepening roles as planetary lightworkers. This sharing is intended to bring further exposure to a vast and often times hushed subject matter that calls forth keener awareness and determined action. Please read with discernment and from compassionate awareness that, together, we CAN shift all rising potential, and prediction.

On the morning of January 13, as reverberation of Haiti's earthquake was being felt and the news stories heard, an immense wave of energy swept through my office. It crashed my computer, deleted all open programs and immediately left me and my partner strangely ill. I was very perplexed about this occurrence which left a unsettled feeling that something just wasn't right.

I went deep into meditation to receive much needed clarity. I found myself journeying into the heart pulse of Mother GAIA. It was so intense that my body convulsed for a time prior to receiving her tender message.

She impressed very simply, that "Haiti" was not of her doing and that she would never do this, in this way, to her children. She went on to say that this occurrence was not of the Divine Plan, that our transition and accompanying earth changes are meant to happen in as much ease and grace as possible. She shared that what happened in Haiti was triggered by "man-made" causes and more outplay of this type are in great potential.

As this meditative journey continued, several vivid scenes flashed before me of rising potentials which all carried varying outcomes. I will do my best to encapsulate this meaningful message and as this pertains to lightworker roles in these times of both revelation and great unpredictability.

2012 False Messaging

There seems to be determined contingencies of opposition upon this sacred Earth who are deliberately causing fear and confusion among the human race, especially capitalising upon the prophecy of 2012. They work with the same principles and Universal Laws as we do and know very well that human thoughts create material plane reality.

Their main agenda is to interfere with the natural unfolding of our evolutionary plan by creating chaos and same scenario outplays as in previous cataclysmic cycles. These energies especially try to weaken the mind, the emotions and the physical body by targeting the human senses through subtle and unseen intoxication of what we see, feel, breathe, hear, taste, dream and imagine. If there is any imbalance, impurity or other vulnerability in ourselves, or, those with whom we have personal relationship, they have an open door from which to penetrate.

There are more of us reporting increased activity in this regard. There are more dreams in this regard. There are more predictions about worldwide cataclysm along with a plethora of 2012 survival strategies, doom and gloom scenarios, media hype and other false schemes. These opposing energies take advantage of the human's attachment to drama and especially the belief in the illusion of death. Their purpose is to sway mass consciousness to remain on the side of fear knowing that what is projected from this emotion will manifest if enough energy is behind the thought propulsion.

The Light of The Creator never Fails

Through the choices that humanity has already made on much greater levels, we have come too far for the darkness to prevent our ascension into light. This does not mean, however, that the Divine Plan cannot be compromised. We are inspired to more boldly take our own evolution in hand and acquire the power, as a unified whole, to shift all obstacles and even prophecies that have been seeded in our consciousness.

These rising potentials, no matter the size, must be immediately addressed from expanded group awareness and focused illumined light activity. Clear vision, compassionate love and a stronger unified voice from all of us...all races, religions, cultures and tribes... is absolutely essential. GAIA summons all of us to help spread her message wide and far.

Legions of light from many realms and dimensions are behind the scenes working diligently on every facet of the Divine Plan for Earth to insure that all remains in coherence to Divine Will and Divine Purpose. Dhwal Kul, one of the many Ascended Masters with us, has recently reminded me that a great wave of energy will soon come to wash over the entire planetary body, instantaneously filling us all with unprecedented levels of illumined heart wisdom.

The Masters are also constantly impressing that we, as a collective and highly activated group, now have the ability to shift all rising potential, even to the level of affecting the electron spin. "Ye are Gods" are the words and the message constantly being sounded. Greater prayer and invocation, more streamlined focuses of light, externalisation of our truths and deeper coherence in our group unification draws in the channelled and much needed streams of light, love and transmutation to more greatly clear and energise our sacred planet.

As Children of the Sun, our mission is to hold the balance of light for our ascending planet while helping people to stay focused in the vibration of the heart. We must never forget that we are focusing with and ascending on Mother GAIA, in whose body we are a corporate biological whole. We are her children and she loves and cares for us deeply.

"In the final outcome, it is GAIA herself, great Celestial Being, who rules your world - you must never lose sight of the greater reality. Cosmic Goddess, she is a unit of celestial consciousness, and she ultimately determines the outcome of all the life she bears. If there is homage to be paid, then pay it to the great Planet Earth. Breathe in her wisdom, gaze upon her majesty and feel the heartbeat of the Mother pulsing through your souls. She will respond to that love and help calm the fury."


23rd February 2010, 03:39
Excellent, Bravo, A very timely reminder...Thank you Gareth. Peace and love to all.