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Mark Aldebaran
22nd May 2011, 05:39
The Georgia Guidestones post led me to open Google Earth, and some coincidences leapt off the screen. Three hours later...

The Georgia Guidestones are not far north of the 34th degree. (34.13N)

Going West from the East Coast:
Just south of Columbus, NC. (latitude 34.15N)
Just north of Columbia, SC. (latitude 34N)
Just north of Atlanta, GA. (latitude 33.45N)
Just north of Temple, GA. (latitude 33.44N)
Just north of Augusta, GA. (latitude 33.30N)
Just north of Arcade, GA. (latitude 34.04N)
Just north of Columbia County, GA. (latitude 33.32N)
Just north of Boaz, AL. (latitude 34.11N)
Just north of Electra, AL. (latitude 34.00N)*
Just north of Birmingham, AL. (latitude 33.32N)
Just north of Phoenix, Az. (latitude 33.26N)
Just north of Corona, CA. (latitude 33.52N)
Just north of Los Angeles, CA. (latitude 34.03N)
Just south of Hiroshima, Japan. (latitude 34.23N)
Just north of Islamabad, Pakistan. (latitude 33.45N)
Just south of Kabul, Afghanistan. (latitude 34.31N)
Just north of Baghdad, Iraq. (latitude 33.20N)
Just north of Damascus, Syria. (latitude 33.32N)
Just north of Beirut, Lebanon. (latitude 33.53N)
Just north of Rabat, Morocco. (latitude 34.00N)

A narrow stripe around the earth appears to contain a disproportionately large number of capitals, state capitals, county seats and significant cities. Some of the cities on the above list have been chosen for the esoteric meaning of their names rather than size; you know what I mean.

Baghdad to Kabul (33.20N to 34.31N ~ min and max) represents about 80 miles. On a 24" diameter globe that stripe would be about 1/4" wide. (Please check the arithmetic.)

Widen the strip slightly and it includes:
Columbus, GA.
Memphis, TN
Little Rock AR
Oklahoma City, OK.
Amarillo, TX.
Albuquerque, NM.
Las Vegas, NV.

The Southern Hemisphere is largely water.
Let's take a look anyway.

Southern Hemisphere around 33-34S:
Port Elizabeth, South Africa. (latitude 33.56S)
Cape Town, South Africa. (latitude 33.55S)
Montevideo, Uruguay. (latitude 34.53S)
Buenos Aires, Argentina. (latitude 34.38S)
Santiago, Chile. (latitude 33.27S)
Sydney, NSW, Australia. (latitude 33.53S)

(Only included Augusta, Georgia because, bugger me, there's an Augusta, Western Australia at the same latitude south.)

* Not that Electra, the other one. (There were two Electras.)
"She was called Atlantis by Ovid, personifying the family of Pleiades."
Electra means "amber," "shining," and "bright."


22nd May 2011, 15:03
Sydney, NSW, Australia. (latitude 33.53S) -> This one's mine ;)

22nd May 2011, 16:55
Santa Fe is the Capitol of NM at 3540′2"N.