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24th May 2011, 23:40
what is it that we humans want?
control over humanity?
control of the earth.
total control,over everything.

well if thats what you want and it makes you happy,please remember thatGaia was here long before us.
she has seen it all.
she has given birth to many species that are extinct now.
do we actually make a difference.
to the time cycle Gaia is on.
we have a choice either live in harmony with Gaia or not.
and we have not.

we have been ripping her apart.
and we are a part of her,
we are destroying ourselfs.

she can only take so much.
then it will be START AGAIN.

with or without us.

Gaia knows how to survive,and she gave us everything we need on the planet.
but what have we done,destroyed it,and continuing to do so.

we can play the role of virus on this planet or we can try to change our way of thinking
and accept what she has given us to live with her in harmony.

what i have just wrote i have no answers for ,but is just a personel belief.
of which makes sense to me now.