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20th May 2010, 21:29
If someone who knows how can go to the link and copy the photo of the amazing new crop circle, it would be great. I don't know how to do that. Thanks.


Crop Circle and Vision Confirms
that the Dimensions are Merging
May 8, 2010 - Message received in Sedona, Arizona
during a ceremony circle with Willaru Huayta and Aluna Joy.

During a ceremony circle, atop a red rock vista in Sedona, Arizona with a group of old and new friends, I received a message about the birth of the new world and how the dimensions are now beginning to merge. Unfortunately we didn't record the message, so here I will do my best to recall what I received . . .

Our group circled together, and quickly I began to see heart cords emerging from everyone's hearts and merging at the center of our circle. All of our cords began to braid like an intricate weaving. This unified cord began to rise up, and then they opened like a moon jelly fish of light. It was our collective light body. It was very beautiful. Tentacles of light that were draping down were anchored to the Earth all across Sedona. It appeared that the points that these chords of light were anchored to were in very specific areas. At first I thought our ceremony was just about anchoring light in Sedona, but quickly the vision grew.

The light body created by our hearts began to grow so big that it reached out to the place between our atmosphere and outer space. The Earth and its atmosphere were completely encompassed by this umbrella of light. Cords of light began to anchor all over the world. It became apparent that many people around the world were assisting in what we were doing here in Sedona, even though we were not aware of each other. Once all of these cords, from the heart centers of the light workers, were anchored to the Earth, they began to go deeper into the Earth's core. At this point, all of these cords reconnected into a place that looked like a seed, or a giant egg. I began to realize that this was an embryo for our new world. Our love, positive intentions, and creative power that came from our hearts centers were acting as the fertilization for this embryo. It was also apparent this embryo was about to hatch. It was quite apparent that Earth needed us, but we also needed the Earth. It is a divine symbiotic relationship.

I began to examine this egg/seed/embryo to understand it further. I could see the light body and the light cords going through to the center of the Earth to this embryo. But the light cords did not stop here. They passed all the way through the Earth and circled back around again. At this point, the earth looked like a tube torus. If you don't know what a tube torus is, it simply looks like a giant spiraling cosmic bagel. The embryo was in the center of the bagel.

So again I looked at the embryo, and I saw it was attached in two places . . . like two umbilical cords. In one place, it was attached to the world we are in now. On the opposite side of the bagel, it was attached to the new world. The center point was this embryo. I saw that the world we are in was beginning to be absorbed by the new world, and the new world was being absorbed by the world were in. It was becoming ONE. The egg was beginning to hatch.

The Star Elders shared that this was yet another step toward us manifesting the new world. It was a huge turning point. They also shared that we would begin to see the effects of this merging immediately, and that it would take several months to complete. We ended our circle knowing something powerful had shifted in us and the world, but we didn't know to what extent we had shifted. A few days later it became apparent.

We discovered later that on May 8th (the day of our ceremony) that there were spectacular, multiple solar flares. This can make people feel agitated and un-easy and accelerates transformation immensely. Solar flares can break apart old patterns that are no longer needed so new ones can emerge. This can make us feel hyper and exhausted all at the same time. It can also wreak havoc with technology. I lost my computer monitor.

On the evening of May 8th, something else miraculously happened that really anchored this vision into reality. Near Stonehenge in England, a crop circle appeared in the night. The next morning it was reported to us by our dear friends Bea and David. The crop circle accurately described the vision we had the day before. The crop circle shows the two spiraling dimensions traveling through a large center circle . . . very much like a tube torus / bagel. This was yet another confirmation that what we were doing here in Sedona was connected to a much larger global activation.

We began noticing many symptoms of this new activation. Time and space was beginning to wobble even more erratically than before. We seem to be loosing track of time easily. The day simply disappears. We are not sleeping very well . . . again. There is lots of tossing and turning in the night. We are hearing reports of many unusual dreams. We are feeling huge power surges followed by energy drop outs. There were many reports of nausea, and body aches and pains. Many felt deep grief. Some felt like they were walking on water. Others said that when they closed their eyes at night, everything was spinning. There have been visual disturbances, inner ear issues, throat and thyroid issues, cold feet (from being between worlds) and even a weird symptom of having tongue dryness. These symptoms are already subsiding here in Sedona, but they seem to be spreading across the earth quickly.

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21st May 2010, 02:52
This channeled message arrived in my email box on the same day as the above, and they concur about the torus of Light energy that is forming around the planet.

The Masters: New World Forming and Star Gate Effects
Received by Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
May 17, 2010

Anshallah! Ensi asi, asi, asi

Greetings! We come to you of the light with the light and within the light.

It is that you are experiencing great changes in your energy systems. Those which were are no longer as you are being cosmically rewired by the new and changing energies that emanate from the very center of creation.

Your world is changing from the inside out. The changing energy relations are a result of the series of star gate system changes that we have spoken to you about previously. There are seven stargates opening both consecutively and in succession. Three of these, the Um, the Lenhe, the Aetnalin, have successfully clarified, and their aperatures are now fully open. What this means is a massive shift in energy across the dimensions and throughout creation.

(From Meg: Here is a recap of what the Masters had said about these stargate systems before if you are new to the list:

There are many events, which will escalate, in the coming times. Now that the triangulations have culminated and particulate relationships are reordered and reharmonized, there comes a vast opening of multiple Stargate systems. This is a multi-level system, meaning that it crosses the time space continuum, dimensional thresholds and is interconnected by a vast series of wormhole systems. These systems are regulated with a valve system which allows for a, for lack of better descriptive in your language, vacuum system type of operation which in turn allows for expedient transfer of matter in particulate form. At the same time, these valves maintain positive and negative pressure thresholds between transfer stations and angulation changes within the system.

This series of star gate systems was utilized by the precursors of the Atlanteans, beings of an intergalactic nature. These systems are the Um, the Lenhe, the Aetnalin, the Urnallum, the Renari , the Leioni and the Dendor. 7 being the number of truth, 7 being the number of Stargate systems opening. This will begin on October 3rd of 2009) end of recap)

Not only are the stargates opening but every connection in their systems are also opened or opening. As this occurs, the energies within the systems become a vacuum, pulling in outside energies and catapulting them in focused directions. When this happens, the energies are far more powerful and clear harmonically and in their communications.

As the energies are pulled into the newly reopened star gate systems, there is created a vacuum effect in the areas from which the energy was taken. Because of this, and the fact that energy by its nature moves in a spiral motion, the patterning of movement of the energies has been greatly disturbed.

As the movement seeks new balance, a massive spiral begins to form. This spiral will ultimately become a torus tube, the most perfect form of energy that is never ending in both its consumption and its recreation of energies. It is this form, which will culminate in December of 2012 reaching perfection as the alignment perfects.

Any time there are trans-dimensional events such as these, the energies in specific locals are disrupted. You will see this in your weather patterns, particularly this summer. You will also see some anomalies in the tidal responses and the temperature of your oceans. Many of you are already feeling the effects of these energy changes inside of you as if you have been plugged into a cosmic socket. In a way, you have. The energies are heightened in this now. Very heightened and moving through you faster than you have words to say. The particulates which you are comprised of are receiving information from the new energies and in response are changing their arrangements in order to both respond and adapt. While your particulates are in motion such as this, you are generating and utilizing more energy than normal.

It is easy to become dehydrated in this now as more heat is generated in your bodies and energy systems as your particulates reorganize. You will also notice in your dream times that your dreams are strange and active, with symbolism that is powerful and at times disturbing. Not to worry. This is your consciousness working with your logical brain in order to assimilate the changes. It is not particularly necessary for you to interpret these dreams because they will be of mixed circumstances and meanings. The most important aspect of self to interpret in this now is how you feel. Are you of balance? What do you need and what will it take to satisfy that need? At the same time that the star gate systems are opening, there also occurs the birth of a new world far beyond your reality. In a parallel universe, many aspects away from your locale beyond the void, new light is dawning. From that light will be created a new world and new consciousness relations, as there will be a further place for incarnating souls to enter. As this new world develops and more and more souls enter into it, more and more balance will come across creation.

In this now, many of your children are working on this vast creation. They are contributing energy and information into the organizing energies that will greatly contribute to the overall success of this new world as well as the balance within it as well as its consciousness levels. This new world will be similar in nature to the energy that the Atlanteans brought to your world in its beginnings. This time, however, the states of consciousness have risen to a height that it appears that there will be no vying for power in the new world. That was, after all, what destroyed Atlantis in the first place. Instead, it will be harmonically perfect in its interrelations with all other reality as well as the people who will populate it.

This new world will have a direct affect on yours in its time. How that affect will be is still in its creation stages. If, in your world, a critical mass of consciousness is reached, and you are well on your ways, yours and the new world will balance together and act as balance points in creation for each other. Drastic changes in consciousness can affect that balance drastically in your distant future.

As each of you contributes to the entirety of creation and the consciousness within it perhaps you do not realize the extent of contribution that each of you makes individually. As each of you contributes your awakening to the whole, the energy of your awakenings exponentially refines the communications and creative processes within the whole. You are connecting in the ethers and forming a net of new energies that is literally coming close to becoming solid reality. You are most powerful even when you do not realize this and likely even more so because you don’t.

We wish to remind you to remain at ease within your inner and outer worlds. Remember that you are part of all things and all things are created of you. It is all one and the same. That being said and with all Blessings, We will return to Light. Be in peace.

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