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21st May 2010, 01:34
Hello all,

I have just listened to this interview and admittedly, i have not checked out Asolaria's website.

In a crude summary, she believes that our DNA can be de-programmed and inactive strands activated by by acquiring a crystal. This rare crystal is charged by her benevolent angel guide with super high frequency.

This whole process (very detailed I am sure) ultimately frees us from DNA codes that keeps us enslaved/mindcontrolled by Draconians.

Asolaria works with muscle testing (kinesiology) and is able to do this online by personally accessing Akashic Records.

My query, having just listened, seems simplistic but...

If there are "benevolent angels", why do they not just personally transmit these high energies to us directly? And why the need for third parties, for crystal usage and purchase?

The "Prime Directive" of non interference does not seem to cut it for me here
And I know it is not new information that our DNA is crystalline in nature....

I am certainly not discounting any of her theories or information as I have not fully investigated...but somehow does not "ring" in an inspiring manner in my psyche at this stage...:rolleyes: And of course we take her word for accessing those luminous Records

Any thoughts?

21st May 2010, 01:59
It seems to me that what Asolaria is saying, or trying to say, does or can make perfect sense. The idea is no doubt along the lines that the crystal is a very pure type of thing. And a crystal is able to hold its purity stable because crystals do have, or transmit, high level intelligence, it seems. Because most of us are relatively impure, so to speak, it would be much easier for us to tap into the liberating and healing vibrations if we have the crystal in our own energy field. Then the purity of the crystal can act kind of like a signpost. A signpost that keeps giving us or our consciousness feedback when we are going off track from tuning in to the vibrations or whatever that we need to understand.

Intuitively, my reading is that there’s something helpful in Asolaria’s crystals. Maybe the only way to determine how helpful they are involves buying one.

I was impressed by what Asolaria said about the amygdala, and its significance in the pursuit of personal liberation. Most of the time when I meditate, I physically feel benevolent angels working on my amygdale.

21st May 2010, 11:27
the lady's choice of name sounds like a doctor's diagnosis to me :blink:...scary stuff - some skin disease spreading liberally due to lack of sun exposure...she can't have meant: not so bright with no fixed abode, i hope..i wonder what she meant by it..

where can the interview be found? i looked up kerry's and it's not there...thanks l:unsure:

21st May 2010, 12:19
If there are "benevolent angels", why do they not just personally transmit these high energies to us directly? And why the need for third parties, for crystal usage and purchase?

Hi Lunaflare, I have worked with crystals for a long, time and while the do have information that can be shared, all that is in this planet suffers from the same distortions so crystals in my oppinion can not solve something that all the matter forms in the planet are suffering from. Crystals do not have individual free will and can not sepparate themselves from the collective they belong too. Crystals can not heal what they can not heal in themselves and many times there are crystals that have heavily distorted elementals inside.

There are benevolent beings that can help us in higher dimensions, I started a thread that gives some basic guidance on energy sensing and healing here http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?2293-Be-your-own-guide-master-your-energy


21st May 2010, 13:37
Any crystal I have worked with and found to be useful in my life, i have not paid for.

21st May 2010, 20:04
check out whistleblower radio on kerry's site- the interview is on there...

I am not so inspired by this woman...She seems to convey some sort of exclusive "knowing" of akashic record viewing.
She says that this takes "a long time" to know how to access.
According to who?
I feel there are many souls (often young children) who have amazing abilities- their dna that is more "active" (compared to prior generations)....
Dolores Cannon explores this more fully and her writings and lectures carry far greater import than Asolaria (imho).
She clearly has a passion and purpose, however...

discernment and/or...
many pieces to the jigsaw?