View Full Version : IS oil spill actually a volcano???

21st May 2010, 11:37
okies... this video was just posted , i was wondering what others thought of this theory...



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21st May 2010, 12:53
does look like the first burp or a recently awoken volcano , are they sure it was oil they were drilling for , were the ships out there planting oil and not dispersants , that would explain the media blockade of access to the area

21st May 2010, 23:12
Could there be a connection????? If not, this is wierd anyway.


youtube video titled, Fallen angels New Orleans Exclusive. there is also a coast interview of the title Fallen Angels and light beings. VERY WIERD

Lost Soul
22nd May 2010, 03:29
Lindsey Williams commented on it too. Lindsey Williams link (http://wesawthat.blogspot.com/2010/05/lindsey-williams-on-deepwater-horizon.html)

22nd May 2010, 10:57
I looked around a bit to the claims of crude oil being of certain colors, mostly black, and while that seems to be correct...that crude oil usually are black or brownish, at least Wikipedia mention crude oil to sometimes appear yellowish or even greenish.
Now, wether Wikipedia is a good source or not is hard to tell...as it gets rewritten all the time. I tried to track down the changes made in the last few months to see if there could be any obvious "wierd" changes during that time...but couldn't find anything other than common vandalism from random folk.

I also looked at a few other sites to see if there was mentioned any other places which colors crude oil can have, but came up with black and brownish as the common colors. However, I could not find any reference to crude oil having this rust red color like we see on the surface.

Maybe there is something to it, maybe not...but I guess if that is a volcano...some sort of seismic activity should be present?