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20th June 2011, 23:16

21st June 2011, 10:18
Utterly chilling

21st June 2011, 10:59
Especially the clip on the soccer field... That is what is going to happen if people realize their power and numbers and how they outnumber anyone that points a gun or weaponstick at them.. All the fear, anger and frustation over many things not (directly) related to the event that triggers their anger will come out like this.. Only to validate more hate from the state..

thank you for posting.

21st June 2011, 13:44
Violent thugs = cowards in uniform.

21st June 2011, 15:14
i posted this on a forum i talk with a few "friends" and i got attacked by 2 ex uniforms. 1 military uk 1 police uk.

Their replies were minority is doing this and this is fear/hate mongering etc ... really hard replies. Then the military guy said the drunken girl deserves to be treated like that and if it was my daughter ill do the same o.O ... then made fun about the wall hitting her not the policeman.

Both of them only comment the first part of the video ... i am sure they never saw the hole. They really attacked me saying that this shows how hateful i am to government "officials".

These 2 are people that already left the forces but still get offended by this... how much programmed can we really be. The forum thread got locked cause we would had seen really bad posts. They got really angry , i think i might be blamed for that tho also :-( Its soo weird how defensive these people are ... they really think its us vs them.

21st June 2011, 15:23
America, Europe, Asia, getting worse everyday, everywhere........

21st June 2011, 17:26
Whenever I find a video like this one, I will post it on this thread.
Enough is enough.


21st June 2011, 19:19
I say that if any one feels they need to go to a protest that all take some form video cam be it cell phone or digital cam or handy cam, the more witnesses the better , toss it to another person if you feel your gonna get snatched.

Fred Steeves
21st June 2011, 19:50
Just bear in mind the absolute worst thing we can do is to hate them and/or fight them. Most unfortunately are truly unaware of what they do.The problem must(and will be) be transcended through raised consciousness and refusal to cooperate.

Be prepared to stand when your number is called, but be wary of "anonymous".


25th June 2011, 07:01

25th June 2011, 10:11
The police state scenario is being set in an attempt to manage the chaos that is about to ensue. After reviewing the information on the Comet Elenin conference, it appears that the entire topic is serving as a smokescreen, concealing what is really happening throughout the solar system - see http://www.youtube.com/user/pscinet for the video discussing the drop in dark energy density - available around 7 a.m. EST this morning. This explains why the elite are rushing to get their ducks in a row by the end of 2012.

Earlier this month, an advanced energy researcher disclosed information on the decline in dark energy density that began in the early 1980s and has accelerated through today. The rudimentary chart shown in the video was created from the four data points provided during the same conversation. The vertical axis increases from 0% to 100% relative intensity of dark energy density, dropping significantly within the last few years as shown on the graph.

Late 2012 is the projected timeframe for a minimum in dark energy density, which will result in a magnetic pole reversal in late 2012 to early 2013 timeframe. Other advanced energy researchers have confirmed similar observations/measurements and are also preparing for the collapse of our modern civilization.

Additional information will be posted to http://pscinet.blogspot.com and http://psci.us/gold.htm as soon as possible. This information can also be found online in transcript format at http://psci.us/pscinet.pdf, and the chart is available for download at http://psci.us/darkenergy.pdf. Go to http://www.youtube.com/user/pscinet for future video uploads to our Youtube channel.

2nd July 2011, 02:17


Lord Sidious
2nd July 2011, 02:37


Why the hell would his mother stand and watch them?
When the people get backbones again, this will stop.
Till then, talk is cheap.
When the weak and those who can't defend themselves are brutalised by those tasked (supposedly) with protecting them, we have to wonder what type of sick society we inhabit.

7th July 2011, 18:20
http://www.alternet.org/world/151528/why_do_the_police_have_tanks_the_strange_and_dange rous_militarization_of_the_us_police_force


7th July 2011, 18:30
What does the so called justice system allow this to go on? Because the justice system allows it!

7th July 2011, 19:46
We have more and more rights taken away and Cops think they are Gods, They are not! They are in a system that enables them to feel empowered and Godlike! Which is exactly what the ones in control want them to feel! What will happen when martial law is enforced, will these brainwashed bullies still obey orders and turn on the rest of us?? or will they stand up and stand with us?

Lord Sidious
7th July 2011, 20:02
No, they aren't gods, they work for us, supposedly.
I remind anyone on the public payroll, that you work for me.
If you aren't doing what I need, why are you here?