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22nd June 2011, 12:46
This seems to be doing the rounds...

Well if the ptb are up to something...we'll quash their plans !

Unbelievable but with a probability that borders on certainty:

The album It’s only Rock’n Roll conceived by Jennifer Warnes with lyrics and songs by Leonard Cohen proves to be most prophetic, especially with First we Take Manhattan then we take Berlin.

For once you look into 9/11 and the untruths of official explanations, then it doesn’t take long to notice that there are people who were forewarned of what was to happen on 9/11.

The German lawyer Torsten van Geest had met such people and then began to notice warnings about a similar event: a false flag operation planned for the opening of the world cup in Berlin on 26 June.

Next Sunday, 7pm seems to be the concensus among those who have studied the symbology and numerology of signs and signals in the language of Freemasons:

a German talk on video about 9/11 as a Megaritual
a video by Nike called Lira’s Manifest
an individual analysis of images shows a lot that the ordinary viewer overlooks

Torsten van Geest sent a 405-page document with an ‘injunction order’ accusing Merkel and Koerting of State Terrorism and not warning the population of a nuclear attack by foreign secrect services.

It is hoped that the internet community can prevent the event from happening.

An English video relased by van Geest is here.

More English links are here and here.
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Also here... in german though...


ps...I think Cohen is a cool dude!!




22nd June 2011, 18:47
Viking, Bushunta started this thread:http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?22185-Attorney-sues-german-chancellor-to-reveal-planned-false-flag-event-on-26th-of-June

it's got a lot of info about this future false flag event

22nd June 2011, 19:26
A little off-topic to Viking; Cohen is a genius. :)

Namaste, Steven

22nd June 2011, 19:40
A little off-topic to Viking; Cohen is a genius. :)

Namaste, Steven

Yes a Master and a humble one at that.
Well worth listening for many different reasons


"There is a crack in everything, thats how the light gets in"


22nd June 2011, 20:12
... wondering if both Merkel and Wulff (Chancelor and Federal President) would let themselves be blown up that day. They will be at the opening game at the Olympic Stadium Berlin.

(sorry it's in german, but you can easily understand the headline)

Would they be sacrificed so easy? I guess, they have to play their roles yet quiet a bit. ;-)


22nd June 2011, 21:05
Cohen looks like Mr Star-Wars, Ronald Reagan in that vid.....