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The One
29th June 2011, 13:04
something different

This morning, at 9:30 AM, This person noticed this bizarre mist or bug swarm emanating from the top of the tree . The sun was located just behind it which gave it an even more mystical look."


Darla Ken Pearce
29th June 2011, 14:15
As our consciousness rises and we are privy to these changes every day due to solar winds, we are able to "activate" some of our DNA strands long dormat that give us special gifts and powers. The thing is that we are rusty at using them. We are able to manifest things without fully understanding what we are doing. This looks like a little glitch like that. In other words, someone manifesting without being aware of it. A light show of sorts. This is just a guess on my part. I really don't know what this is but we will be seeing more things like it until we can fully step into our own powers to create and manifest "desired objects and dreams." We are certainly living in the most exciting times ever! Much love! xoxoxox

29th June 2011, 14:40
I am demanifesting the TSA. I am visualizing walking through the airport without a worry in the world. It is so pleasant, I even made my flight with time to spare. I am not worried about terrorism because that is Terror Theatre (phrase borrowed) and does not exist in my reality. OMG they offered me peanuts and a free inflight movie that wasn't lame. Sorry have to go, just got upgraded to First Class! Look, everybody got First Class. Free champagne!

30th June 2011, 01:31
These are termites and Ive seen very similar situations before, caused by them.