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17th March 2010, 03:28
A while back I read a short blurb on line on one method for healing. I can't say it works for everyone as I have suggested it to several people in my life. I did do it my myself. It was quite simple and used the power of dreams.

The first time I woke in the morning after trying this I had one simple thought. Let forgiveness be your light. I thought that quite odd as most of my first thoughts after waking involve coffee and smoking, and have nothing to do with forgiveness.

I repeated the method that same night. This time in a dream I was speaking with a lady. She was dressed in knit skirt and a white collared shirt. She then asked me if I wanted to know when my life changed for the worse. I said "sure." She pulled out an ordinary file folder with a few sheets in it. She leafed through the sheets and removed one.

She then went on to describe an incident from my childhood. To shorten a long story, I'll skip to the end. After being hit by a friend of a parent, I ran to my mom and told her what happened. My mom then asked the man if he had hit me, and he said "no". My mom automatically took his side and scolded me for lying.

When she told me that I remebered that moment crystal clear. I remembered the feeling of disbelief that my mom took his side. I remembered losing the trust instantly. For years I remembered that differently, but that instance in that dream brought right back to that 8 year old boy who needed to be believed.

All the method is just simply saying a prayer to the healers to come into your dreams to heal your sub-concious. That's it. I can't it will work for everyone or even how it will work if it does. The above is just my experience with it.

17th March 2010, 03:59
Very interesting BrianEn,

I get these same kind of dreams where you learn through a situation that involves characters from your real life and a mix of the odd fictional character (perhaps; representing different aspects of your 'self' and life experiences), something that hasn't yet happened to you in "real" life and probably won't; especially after you have the dream and if it were vivid enough to make an impact. The major point is to learn something new from it, feel a new feeling, or be put in a challenging situation that subsequently gives you new insights about your self, because remember, its quite difficult (despite common belief) to define one's self, if you ask yourself "who am I"; it may not be easy to answer on its own, if we're only including "consensus reality" in the grand equation, but with dreams you can reach a higher understanding of your self, IMHO.

17th March 2010, 04:08
I liked the lady that was in my dream. That was the only time I have ever saw her. Mostly my dreams are on my daily grind but this one was way different. I can't attest to who that lady was but it was a life changing moment for me.

18th March 2010, 00:09
Thats amazing Brian En.
The power of the mind.
The thing as well is, when the mind is healed in this way body ailments tend to dissipate too.
The power of forgiveness is awesome and sometimes we dont even realize we are carrying resentments.
Regards Chris

18th March 2010, 01:11
So true Greybeard.

18th March 2010, 09:45
Excellent. Nice thread indeed. I agree and it's always wonderful to get more perspectives. This reminds of a video I made concerning our eternal unlimited being, which we all are "being". Here is the link if you like... I know their secret & its YOU! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOz4tWY4-4Q

Also, I have an idea... it's not ah big idea it's just a little idea. And that idea is that maybe we all could all post more on to each others posts/threads/replies, instead of us starting new ones (maybe?). One reason is to help relate ourselves more to each other. Yet not all posts/threads/replies we seem can not relate to, yes? Another reason maybe to cut back on more and more.. the ever growing threads/post/replies. That way new forum members and members alike all have a better more efficient time and energy spent in the whole forum. Maybe my concept doesn't operate very well concerning certain forum subjects (some forum posts/threads). What you think?

I mean does it make sense in more than just one way? I'm not asking that we all censor ourselves I'm asking that we all be more oneness in such way. From what I know oneness can not be explained it may only be experienced. Yet, I am I wrong for asking for this kind of forum oneness? Either way, please just do what you feel is right. For I am just happy to be able to share my feelings (ego as well) here.


19th March 2010, 17:54
Good video CoA. It took a while for you tube to show. That sounds like a good exercise to try.

16th April 2010, 23:11
If you read Ashayana Deane's Voyagers books you will find how the angelic human lineage had to split the consciousness into the divisions we know of: conscious, subconscious and ego. Very interesting. Ego was a definite fall down a slippery slope. Before that we thought with a full consciousness. Imagine!