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3rd July 2011, 17:18




Do any one know any news about Island? I tryed the site (www.saveisland.com) i think it was. But i cant get it to work.

This info here are about 1 year old. So maby you have talked about this. If so im sorry

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I got the site now..:P http://www.google.se/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBsQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.savethepeopleoficeland.com%2F&ei=NaQQTq2OIYz3sgbG-4z4Dg&usg=AFQjCNHbN_wqr6QHbRtuxAR_yfU90IpYVQ

3rd July 2011, 18:25
Hi <8>....Thanks for the reminder....The problem is this type of finance so we thought was left for our elected representatives to sort out on our behalf.......For 30 yrs in Briton under Thatcher encouraged selfishness and the 'yuppees' of the eighties were the result .The same was happening in the States under Reagan and in most western countries the free market had been unleashed to cause chaos...

In hindsight this is obviously been done by the Elites to stop the distribution of wealth from middle/working class back to the rich 5%. and forcing us back into a form of surfdom where we are put back in our place and be thankfull for the scraps off their tables ....
Most people are caught in this web by seeing their pensions drop or disapear altogether & their standard of living fall...The media has spun the previous 10yrs before the 'Crash' as 'spend' today 'save' tommorrow and Blair & Brown gave us the immpression everything was rosy and it was the end of 'Boom & Bust' polotics....

Total rubbish I knew it then and they did...There has always been economic cycles ,its the way Banks & Governments regulate the economy. So the reason it has been allowed to happen for the past 20 years is to 'stich' people up in the 1st world like they already do in the 3rd world so as to keep us under their thumb!

The people have got wake up and they will as things start to bite....But it has to be done peacefully , as the Government has planned well in advance of this.......Thats why the 'Bullingdon ' boy is Prime Minister..You can't get more elite than him and his gang of ex 'Eaton' parasites.......Love & peace Steve....