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The One
4th July 2011, 08:29

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had officials scrambling back in January 2011 when he announced he planned to release critical documents that proved the existence of official UFO investigations. That announcement had everyone in a panic, from U.S. officials to UFO believers and conspiracy lovers. In fact, Wikileak’s announcement led several countries to release long-held information about so-called UFO sightings and the official investigations that followed.

U.S. officials are still trying to determine whether information about UFO sightings that was released by Wikileaks held damaging information. Some analysts believe the most damage was the embarrassment over how easily the documents were obtained.

It was during this announcement by Assange that the world learned about a UFO-obsessed cult in Canada, called the Raelians. This group, which combines its radical beliefs into a combination of religion, science, and alien mythology, has worried Canadian officials for some time. Back in 2002, for example, this group claimed (falsely) that it had successfully cloned a human.

Assange has downplayed Wikileaks role in releasing UFO documents, which disappointed UFO believers, who hoped the fringe journalist would finally give them proof of UFOs’ existence. Even the documents released by various governments proved only the existence of investigations, not necessarily the existence of aliens themselves.

Still, these releases did create a major stir in the UFO community, who firmly believe governments have been for years systematically covering up the existence of aliens.

While UFOs are not a Wikileaks priority, it is simply another way for Wikileak followers to prove again and again that governments have a penchant for not telling the truth to its citizens. In this, they have been spectacularly successful-even if their investigations did not prove governments have real knowledge of alien life.

Assange, himself, is not a fan of conspirator theories, but rather has spent his time unveiling the truth behind what governments are truly doing. Unfortunately for Wikileaks, they are constantly being bombarded with people who claim to know the “facts” behind everything-including UFOs.



Daft Ada
4th July 2011, 10:12
I'm not at all sure what has been going on with Wiki leaks, as you say, one minute it was all over the news and then suddenly it all went very quiet, big payoff for silence maybe ?

Bryn ap Gwilym
4th July 2011, 11:25
Wikileaks hasn't gone quiet.
Here are just two of the many hurdles they are up against.

1. Controlled media blackout [sic]
2. Lazy people who want everything handed to them on a plate.

*They must first analyse all the data before handing it over to the world. In essence they are first protecting their own by making sure there are no mention of any of its [members].*

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4th July 2011, 22:32
He is a PTB pawn ... he is part of the disinfo plan