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17th March 2010, 11:20
Marcel Messing: THE WAKE-UP CALL

Marcel Messing is a 21st century Renaissance Man: trained in anthropology, philosophy, and comparative religion, he is a writer, speaker, teacher and visionary for whom English is his fourth language. He has traveled widely, has studied in India, has written 25 books, and took time from writing his 26th to meet with me to give a fascinating interview in which he creates a strong bridge between the practical problems of our time, the plans and intentions of the controllers of Planet Earth, and our fundamental, unassailable, spiritual nature.

Marcel's own wake-up call occurred while visiting New York twenty years ago - a full decade before 9/11. Standing on top of the Empire State Building, he was looking at the Twin Towers... and saw them fall with his own eyes. Listen to the message that this remarkable man brings us in this video.

A terrible storm has descended upon the human world, and this is carrying us towards destruction.
[Bodhisattva Panden Dorje, the "Buddha Boy" of Nepal, still only 19 years old.]



17th March 2010, 11:43
Marcel Messing wrote an wonderful booklet on the medieval troubadours and The Cathares in France.
Wonderful poems the troubadours wrote in the style of Nasrudin where Love is the beloved woman.
I can't find a link just yet but I will look for it and post them here.

Ah! Stupid me..hehehe, I forgot it is not translated into English. Sorry.

17th March 2010, 18:20
An amazing interview and a very wise man. He speaks with authority on the subject of the Vedas, and has met yogis and Tibetan Buddhists.

If you are interested in the spiritual nature of reality watch this video.

Well done Bill, I would love to see more people interviewed, like Marcel for Project Avalon.

Love, Kriya