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13th July 2011, 13:53
I have been truly inspired with the many works of Dolores Cannon (whom i call my grandma), In particular in one of the videos she mentions that many of us came back from a previous incarnation and volunteered this call to ascend/awaken others and shift Mother Earth. It is to my understanding and intuition as i have always been fascinated with The Myan Civilization and The Native American Cultures, that are we in fact or many of us incarnated Myan's/Native American Indians sent back by free will on this mission/journey to ascend or shift Gaia. Can others on this forum add to this thread as well and do you resonate with her perspectives of The 3 Waves and New Earth. LMK

Be One With Everything, ~Whitefeather~


13th July 2011, 14:57
Hi all one of Ions answers when asked about the mayans was they moved to a parrallel planet Earth....Which sounds outrageous when he said it back along , but with all the talk of portals ,Stargates parrallel worlds
other dimensions ,it may not be as farfetched as it seems..!!!!! LOL. Cheers Steve..


13th July 2011, 15:25
Hi all this is a short 5min explanation of the Mayan calander, as far as I can work out the mayans did not 'decend' as we did, and moved off to a parrallel earth where they are doing Fine.!!!


13th July 2011, 18:23
I don't know about Mayan, but I have a very deep spiritual connection with Ancient Egypt. I have never been there before, but I feel like it is a very important place to me. So I do believe that some of us are reincarnated from great ancient civilizations.

13th July 2011, 18:52
We are all wise souls here to facilitate the higher vibration for Gaia and or fellow humans, whether the past incarnations of physical bodies derived from be it Mayan, Native American, Egyptian or Atlantean is not as important in my opinion as our goal here in this sheeth at this time and space..

An interesting story regarding Mayan's

My wife is part Mayan (native of Guatemala) I had heard story's of the Mayan people having giants amongst there people, her Grandmother was visiting from Guatemala and I asked her about this theory and her eyes lit up and she preceded to tell me this story.

Her daughter and relatives came to visit in Guatemala and went on a hike in the deep uncharted area's of Tical ( close to border of Guatemala and Belize) they were deep in the jungle and seen to men that became scared and ran deep into the jungle fast like animals they described, they were both wearing underwear made of some kind of woven shrubbery. One was 5-6 ish they said and the other was the biggest human they have ever seen, over 7 ft tall.. I found it interesting

Limor Wolf
13th July 2011, 19:27
I agree with you Whitefeather,Dolores canon has made such a phenomanal contribution via her hypnosis work,although I do not always share her preceptions.Alien intervention on our earth needs to be looked at very carefully,and in many cases should not be allowed until we will regain more knowledge of the galactic environment and our place in it ( of course,we are not even close to be able to make those descisions right now,sigh).

I have just finished reading her book 'The custodians' and there are a couple of points there that shed a new light for me on my own personal experiences.

Are some of us mayan descendant who come back to assist with the transition? it can very much be.some of us are also originally not from here.