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Cognitive Dissident
13th July 2011, 23:02
Hope you enjoy this - would love to hear some more questions and answers from you all.

Quick quiz are you awake or asleep?

1) Do you think the Moon is an artificial satellite?

A: Yes, of course, otherwise how can you explain how it even got into such a perfect orbit, never mind all the anomalies and being hollow and everything?
B: Yeah OK, and the landings were faked as well, right?

2) Could humanity be the product of ET genetic engineering?

A: Well, that certainly would explain why we have so many genetic disorders and other mammals have none, as well as why the missing link never seems to be found. I've got to admit that Lloyd Pye and Michael Tellinger make a pretty compelling case.
B: Don't be ridiculous! We are obviously descended from apes/created by God in his image!

3) Is it possible to believe the official story for the 9/11 terrorist attack?

A: Not given all the evidence to the contrary, as so rationally summarised by David Ray Griffin in his many books.
B: Why, you are a heretic! What do you mean, have I have read any books by David Ray Griffin?

4) Do humans have immortal souls?

A: Of course! I found my past life reviews really helpful!
B: Nah, you just die and that's it, why can't you just accept that you poor escapist?

5) Are there any natural cures for cancer?

A: Well, there's oxygen therapy, antineoplastons, Dr Beard's enzyme cure, as well as natural diet and healing, right?
B: No way, don't give false hope, you've got to fight cancer with radioactivity. What, why should I even read The Cancer Industry by Ralph Moss?

6) Is remote viewing and telepathy possible?

A: Not only is it possible, but the US military has been doing it for years. Check out Ingo Swann and his amazing book called Penetration.
B: Why are you looking at me in that funny way?

7) We are at a crossroads in human history and the evolution of consciousness

A: Anyway you look at it, radical change is required and is going to be forced on us if we don't do it for ourselves. Let's heal this planet and take our consciousness to the next level!
B: Nah, everything will be fine for the next 20 years at least. Don't worry, they'll sort it all out for us. Why are you getting so excited about all this stuff? If it was important, they'd have mentioned it on the TV, right?


Mostly A: awake
Mostly B: asleep... for now.

14th July 2011, 00:59
How about the "I don't know" option?
It's my personal favourite, because it is the most accurate and truthful one. ;)

14th July 2011, 01:11
How about the "I don't know" option?
It's my personal favourite, because it is the most accurate and truthful one. ;)

Agreed 100%! :)

Cognitive Dissident
14th July 2011, 08:23
It was meant to be funny...
Anyway, as to don't know, well in theory yes but in practice if you look at these issues you will have an opinion, even if not 100% certain. But not certain is not the same as don't know...