View Full Version : Let's punish the oil companies

29th May 2010, 18:58
Let's punish the oil companies by not buying any gas not is not necessary.

For me this means instead of riding the quad around the ranch, that I walk. I am cutting going into town from once a week to twice a month.

As I live where I work I am lucky. I can get my gas comsumption down to three gallons per month.

Since this Gulf disaster is caused by oil company greed for our money, let us withhold it FROM NOW ON. Let's put them out of business as much as possible.

Are you with me on this?

What can YOU do to cut down on gasoline usage???

29th May 2010, 19:23
it wont matter they are not doing this for the money and they wont miss the few we stop spending on them.

30th May 2010, 11:30
Great initiative, hardly possible to make it work.

I'm down to a minimum of fuel consumption as it is, driving a fuel efficient car with a diesel engine...and I barely drive as it is. For others, at least in my country, it's downright impossible to park their vehicles and not buy fuel.
The infrastructure isn't there and by parking your car you are making sure you lose your job, getting groceries or in some extent even your social life.

We've been made dependant on having a car here, even though owning one might be the most expensive thing you do.

But again, a noble thought indeed...we should reduce the consumption in any case. :)