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14th July 2011, 08:50

All the bits and pieces I have found out from all over the place seem to fall neatly into this very entertaining animation presentation just uploaded a couple days ago.

Check out all the previous lessons too! Can't wait for part 2!!!






14th July 2011, 09:19
Great stuff Tenzin, the presenter did a good job of tying together a lot of loose ends there.

Although no-one will ever agree on everything mentioned, that appeared to be quite an accurate attempt!

I'll be keeping my eye out for future releases !

14th July 2011, 13:15
Hey friend, you are welcome! Too bad it is not a much longer presentation, else it will be great with popcorns! Heard from the creator that there will only be 13 parts...

He got the information from materials by Drunvalo Melchizedek, whose information was received via psychic means. Those who subscribe only to mainstream science will undoubtedly hesitate to agree with them.

I managed to locate and downloaded the books. But think it will still be great to have the hardcopies. Will bump this thread up with the new link when it is out!

14th July 2011, 15:32
I have two of Drunvalo Melchizedek's books...they are interesting and provocative.....but also resonate truth to me. Thanks for this interesting video. I pretty much agree with it's content and really like the animated presentation. I wish school age children could see these.

14th July 2011, 16:44
Thanks for posting. I enjoyed the animation and the story.

20th July 2011, 06:12
Hey folks, 2nd part has been uploaded, I've added it to the 1st post. Check it out! :)

29th August 2011, 15:14
The season's finale is finally out! Have added all the parts to the 1st post above. Kick back and enjoy! =D

31st August 2011, 04:01
I think what I like most about these videos is that they summarize a lot of information cohesively and do not make any attempt to put it across as "for sure".

I think what that enables us to do is to stand back for a moment and look at what we are doing - we are looking for answers right? But how can we ever hope to find all the answers if we don't know anything for sure?

Then we may realize that the whole search for answers in that capacity is a kind of stepping stone - we want a better idea of "the spread". I would define "the spread" as a set of possibilities that some combination of would serve to better explain why our reality is the way it is currently, and why history is as it appears to be from what we have to work with.

That is to say, there is then some value of having "an idea", even if we don't know anything for sure.

But then the question is, how long do we keep this up for? Of course a lot of the material and ideas we come across are especially interesting in that they are full of incredible aspects, they are far from the everyday mundane reality we might go back to otherwise.

This is where we can determine to what degree we do this in an actual attempt to look for answers to serve some practical purpose, and to what degree we look for answers as a kind of form of entertainment we may feel is more productive than other forms of entertainment (i.e. watching TV or something).

Now, from this point we may ask ourselves "Ok, I think I've found a pretty good "spread", so, what now?"

(this material continues over in another thread bearing the name of the videos)

take care,


31st August 2011, 16:10
Thanks eq! You are absolutely right. Much power to you!

For some of us, we have moved on to find out the answers for ourselves through spiritual means because the human intellect could only know that much. With each day passing, the dispassion grows stronger.

I feel a lot of the information we are receiving daily are distractions, but they all still serve a purpose in our growth ultimately.

Yeah, I am aware of the other thread, so have not been adding to this much. Just another one floating around that might catch the attention of those who don't read every single page of this forum, like myself.

Welcome to Avalon!! :)

31st August 2011, 20:42
Thanks Tenzin. By the way I used to be phiedpiper, I was involved in a project in the old forum.

Indeed, many of us go on to find the answers through spiritual means. I had been working on both avenues for about a decade before I came to a crossroads.
I realized that these avenues had been only concentrating on certain areas, whereas the monumental task we faced as members of a transformative era was to bring together elements of as many different areas as we could.

Where alternative perspectives focused on areas like history, social science, political science, etc, and spiritual perspectives focused on, well, spirituality (with some integration of the arts, of course), there were still areas missing we need to integrate.

The unfortunate thing is that those are the same areas that include the most skeptical people of all (physical sciences, etc). Also, some of the areas covered in those two existing avenues lacked rigor (particularly the philosophical aspects) and a careful logical approach that can be assisted by study of formal logic.

The fact of the matter is that not many people interested in these things would go and study formal logic or something. But at the same time we have to thank them because they paved the way for when people who did would eventually pick up these matters and help design convincing arguments with them.

Just as we have people like Ken Wilber to thank, that went way out on a limb suggesting that it is theoretically possible to integrate all fields of knowledge into a single continuum. It is truly ahead of its time and he had to deal with a lot of criticism mainly because of that.

Likewise the author of these videos did one of the best jobs I've ever seen of integrating a lot of different information.

I guess the point is that, short of intentionally integrating a lot of disinformation to spread around, it's not so much the content of integral material that's important here, it's the determination to reunify fields that have been pushed further and further apart over the course of history again.

It used to be that schools were meant to give students a balanced education across the arts, sciences, and spirituality. Now we see enormous restraints imposed on students to prevent them from doing that during their studies, short of pursuing degree after degree and racking up insurmountable debt, and most worrisomely being seen as someone with no sense of direction at all, whereas in eras past they would be seen as a polymath. Luckily times are finally changing and interdisciplinary study is being encouraged a little.

So I guess I'm presenting a case for making an integral effort. We take the entirety of the knowledge of the "spread" of possible truths in alternative theory, integrate it with the knowledge of the "spread" of possible truths in spirituality, and then integrate it with.... what?

My answer to that is, pretty much everything that's remaining outside of those two umbrellas. The problem is that not a lot of work has been done outside of the umbrellas. But that doesn't mean it won't begin with a little push now that the time is right.

I'd like to share some ideas that are outside of the umbrellas, so unfortunately there's no particular sub-forum they'll fit into. I guess I'll work over in the Spirit(ual) Science thread for the time being

take care, and thanks for your welcome,


Ernie Nemeth
4th September 2011, 02:29
Really a good presentation. Like the cartoon. Smooth flow to the words and ideas. Well thought out and concise.

I liked it!

Thnx Tenzin

ooo - there's more?!

4th September 2011, 03:16
If you are at all interested in channeled information, you might find the information about Atlantis at the
site of interest.
Here are a couple of links:
Several skeptics of channeled info here on the forum have found Tyberonn's messages to be the exception to the rule for them.

4th September 2011, 17:44
they should show this in all schools!

4th September 2011, 18:15
cool thanks for these videos :)