View Full Version : The best metaphor for life i have seen.

14th July 2011, 14:20

The little boy expressing his idea of responsible behavior at the start - so sweet.

The commitment to such a huge adventure - awesome.

Realization that all is lost and such wonderful verbiage through broken speech - Heart breaking.

The sister displaying unconditional love and such character - adorable.

I won't break it down any more. I found this video quite by chance whilst browsing 'the awesomer' and fell in love with it.
I could literally drench myself in tears if i listened to it too much. perhaps because i can totally relate to what he is going through, but more because i want to hug him and let him know that it will all be alright.

It was inevitable that he would find the camera with his sister's assistance. How else could such a feat and such courage be rewarded? You can almost see the universe working around this video. the set of events unfolding in no more than a few minutes to set this little boy up for life.

The emotion i felt after watching it was uncontrollable but then i tend to wear my heart on my sleeve.

Hope you enjoy it too. It is a shame about the laughter but the video was obviously watched by the parents and sent to a tv show.

Anyway, let me know what you think.