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14th July 2011, 21:04
GOing to check this out at the weekend http://www.rafholmpton.com/ Built in the fifties on the east coast of the UK. And still in service today. Intersted to find out what the experimental electronic warfare is all about (CCIS)
Its mostly restored to how it was during the cold war threat. but its interesting to see they had a new computer system fitted in 2009. There are still areas that are restricted.
Will be interesting if they are still doing tours during september:peep:

19th July 2011, 17:44
Well i had a good look around this place, impressive stats, 10ft thick reinforced concrete structure on three levels, we were only allowed to view one and a half floors. Area 7 still active and out of bounds to the public, our tour guide was most insistant on us following his route and we were not allowed to go back through the route. It seemed pretty well equipped in the dorms with fresh linnen still in the plastic, we were allowed to take photos only of the museum part and filming was not allowed. There was some de classified stuff to see and a genuine warhead 40odd times more powerful than the hiroshima bomb. scary stuff. If a nuke had hit the place it would still have been vapourised. It can only withstand a near miss. I asked about how it would stand up in a flood situation and the guy said that during the flooding of 2007 it caused 300,000 of damage and measures had been taken to prevent such an incident happening again. will put some pics up soon.

12th March 2017, 06:50
A look inside a WW3 Government nuclear bunker: Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker in Essex, UK

12th March 2017, 07:01

I think these look a lot more fine, and they are disguised as part of the earth, instead of a cottage :)