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15th July 2011, 20:30
Hello I thought this was interesting. Alex Jones and others are getting their view counts censored and or altered. I feel it is an attempt to discredit the Alternative Media.



15th July 2011, 20:43
the alternative take is the hit count censoring can backfire. Critical mass can be reached with no markers evident.

15th July 2011, 21:18
They're not the only ones. Those of us who create spiritually-oriented channels are also getting our view-counts moderated by YT. There seems to be a lot of overlap between alternative spirituality and political and social "extremism" mainly through New Age and UFO-oriented websites. There are then connections between UFO and Political conspiratorial channels, which leads to patriotism and sovereignty and all the rest of it combined. I'd say the Alternative community in general is being censored and watched heavily by not only YT but its parent-company Google, and FB as well.

15th July 2011, 21:55
I noticed something peculiar yesterday. The hits on my videos on the sidepanel of other videos recommended when viewing one of my videos, were all near what they were in reality. Then not long after I had my video up for maybe a few hours, my hits were about half on each video on the side panel showing. When i went to the videos they had their normal view counts. What would cause them to go down so drastically on the recommended videos views?

If we could expose as a matter of fact, that youtube is censoring view counts and operating with a bias against alternative perspectives, it could help wake some people up... But only if it was proven. We need a youtube whistleblower from inside to come forward or something... Like a technician who set it up under orders etc.

So much for google not giving into 'evil' like the founder said. lol.

16th July 2011, 21:48
if you consider yourself or group as alternative, your foes have won the first battle
i could be wrong, but,

16th July 2011, 22:01
I noticed this also over the last couple of days. I receive about 5 to 8,000 hits per day and two days ago it went down to 1,000 and after i'd uploaded about half a dozen videos at the begining of the week. Checked all the stats on my most popular videos and they all dropped. My new vids were also climbing rapidly and stopped dead two days ago and i'm now just getting a steady trickle of hits according to the stats. This has never happend before and i've been using youtube for 4 and a half years now. All seems very strange.

16th July 2011, 22:33
I haven't much looked into the nuts and bolts behind it, but I'm wondering what exactly consists of 1 view. Do the IPs have to be unique? And does the viewer have to watch a certain % of the video?

It's possible they are initially counting 'everything', then run analyses on various intervals to check for certain conditions, and adjusting the count. I do know that doing things like this in the background for every user during the time the data is being collected is not practical.

17th July 2011, 02:00
I like and use Liveleaks instead of Youtube.

17th July 2011, 05:08
Thanks every one for weighing in on this. I think it may be time to take our message to a new place. It is hard for me to support companies that are tied in to the PTWTB.

You Tube reaches a lot of people. We need our own site that can not be corrupted.

I like the idea of Live leaks I will have to look into it. Thanks for your post's

Live, Laugh, Love,

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Raven Schwartz
18th July 2011, 18:45
Your music is fantastic! ;)

18th July 2011, 22:35
I have a friend who is a strict Darwinian.
I showed him Stewart Swerdlow, talking about the true history of the planet. He immediately got very contemptuous, and made some remark about how few views there were, indicating the reason for this was because he was a fraud. The view number was appallingly low, around nine! I started to get suspicious at that point . .

18th July 2011, 23:20

yea dutchsinse has been having this problem too.
this is his quote on his youtube page from today :

last login: 7/18/2011 314pm CST :
"Youtube is NOT updating my login times or other statistics.... for instance, my view count is actually 11,430,831 as of 426pm CST 7/18/2011"

19th July 2011, 22:36
Your music is fantastic! ;)

Thankyou, most of it can be downloaded for free here: http://soundcloud.com/gridkeeper

My total upload views have now been stuck on 7,930,414 for three days.

My Milk Hill Chopper video that i uploaded when this first started stopped on 307 hits and then went up slowly after 24 hours and is now on about 1,500 hits yet according to my stats it's had more percentage hits than the orb apache response video.

The orb apache video response to this has had 2,500 hits in much less time and the moon structure video which i uploaded today is again stuck at 307 hits.

On the 16th of July my daily hits went down from around 5/6,000 to virtually zero and yesterday went back up to 7,000 for the day. Thsi has never happend like this before.

20th July 2011, 23:30
Here's what youtube have to say about this situation :

YouTube video views are important to all members of the YouTube community – both to uploaders, as well as viewers. Views reflect how many times a video is watched and are an important measure of a video's overall popularity. Although the most famous YouTube videos have hundreds of thousands or even millions of views, most YouTube videos get less than a couple of hundred views. We want to provide a bit more information about the sophisticated technology that we use to count views consistently.

Unfortunately, there are people who try to inflate views artificially. Sometimes this can be attempted by other users, by spam bots/malware or even by the video’s uploader. To prevent invalid views from being counted, we will occasionally slow or, in rare cases, freeze the view count of videos when we detect an attempt to increase view count artificially. This is the normal operation of our system.
What does YouTube do to address this?

YouTube has sophisticated technology to count views consistently. If this technology detects that there has been an attempt to inflate a video’s view count artificially, that video’s view count will be frozen. During the time in which the view count appears frozen, valid views will continue to be counted.
Why do you count views in this way?

We’ve implemented this type of technology and view-count analysis in order to prevent abuse of the system. Video views are at the heart of the YouTube community and we want to ensure that we’re counting only valid views (and not artificial attempts to game the system). Ultimately, consistent view counts benefit everyone in the community, from the viewers to the uploaders.

21st July 2011, 00:58
They do this to ALL Ron Paul videos. Haha stinks of Nazi Germany, shiesty government/ptb.

21st July 2011, 04:17
Now it's a bit more clear what's going on. If I have a video and I want to inflate my view count, I can put a bot on it so long as they can't catch it. If someone else has a video and I want to freeze their view count, I put a bot on it that will surely get caught.

21st July 2011, 07:11
Now it's a bit more clear what's going on. If I have a video and I want to inflate my view count, I can put a bot on it so long as they can't catch it. If someone else has a video and I want to freeze their view count, I put a bot on it that will surely get caught.

I think it goes deeper than this the executives of Google were at Bilderberg 2011 a few days after their return this problem became more profound. YouTube told Alex Jones they have changed the algorithms. I get the bot thing but the videos are never updating even days later.

21st July 2011, 19:06
well we will see go here leave a comment so i know you been there, i will match comment s with views then we will see, right now the count is 4 lets see what happens..


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