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18th July 2011, 02:53
Let’s speak about Avatar the movie! There are technologies now that are enticing us in that look like they are offering our stories, our idealism but these are worlds that are being built. People’s attentions are being pulled in two worlds, literal worlds – these are the probabilities. Sometimes when things happen quickly, a new probability breaks off. You can make a decision, end something or start something and a probability is born. There are probabilities that are built by the imagination.

There are thought forms out there projected onto identities – archetypes. The large archetypes are the grander things – your gods and goddesses from the cosmos - but when a movie such as Avatar is being used there are new technologies involved! They are ready to introduce bringing virtual worlds into your living room by first having you become entrained with these virtual worlds and becoming enamored of them so you want to live in them! There are people who desire so much to escape the world they think is collapsing around them because that’s their vista of it. They will gladly hook up their attention to “Second Life”. People will put their whole attention in these worlds and they will animate something online. What is the point of this? The person is being enticed to escape reality to have their soul sucked (soul stealing/harvesting). How these negative energies can meet you on a world is through electronics by making virtual worlds that you put glasses on and then later all kinds of things happen and you dive into and it looks so wonderful that you stay there!

Where is the introduction of this technology going to take us. What world are we going into? This nexus point is going to create a big fraction in split of ideologies. It means many many things and some people in the future are definitely going to devote their attention into virtual worlds and they will disappear from real life in some regard because they will find these virtual worlds more attractive, more titillating, more alive. This is what their soul spirit wants to experience and they are not interested in the world of flowers and trees and Yosemite and things of this nature. We cannot judge it! They build a world but that world stems from and is fed from physical reality and in that world they can meet forms of intelligence that are non-physical that likes to make all kinds of beautiful glamores and things - BUT will feed off their energy – it will be a living hell eventually – it is a very dark nightmare!

Those beings cannot or do not want to incarnate into physical reality so they have helped create through physical counterparts realities that humanity in all of its vitality and emotionality can be enticed into this virtual reality and then people will get there and THEY WILL NEVER GET BACK! The virtual world is a world – it’s real and it has a price to enter it. Some are looking to stop the breeding process – to turn people into perpetual batteries so the perpetual battery where they are in a human body – they can be kept alive and stimulated but it is the consciousness of the person entering the virtual world that makes the virtual world real. I do not play Second Life and have no intention of ever doing so!

18th July 2011, 09:13
I was trapped into virtual worlds online for 5 years but I came back
in those days I had several addictions (like drinking) but they are gone one after another

I guess the wake up call was stronger
there is no place where light can not get :angel:

18th July 2011, 09:41
Thank you for this thread. There is much food for thought here, and as a parent I've worried about my kid getting trapped, then even ended up in the same trap.
At one point when he was at his dad's and I was all alone one Christmas I ogled his Nintendo games and before the year ended I was hooked on Mario Brothers, and even damaged my left eye, which now has a permanent floater swimming inside...

Anyway, somehow the virtual reality world can't have the last word, as 3D yanks us back,
and sooner or later we have to remember that our bodies need attention.

The real awakening is when we sense our whole being,
including the place where the soles of ouf feet make contact
with the surface of our planet, while our heads are moving through space.

Raven Schwartz
18th July 2011, 19:45
I was trapped into virtual worlds online for 5 years but I came back
in those days I had several addictions (like drinking) but they are gone one after another

I guess the wake up call was stronger
there is no place where light can not get :angel:

I, too, had this very same affliction. In undoubtedly the biggest MMORPG of them all, I found it to be a trap of many sorts. Possibly mimicking certain organizations (and even using refrences to them in-game), the lure can be overwhelming. Combined with personal vices, it can get to be a way of life, as it is with many inside this world. And it is just that, a world unto itself, complete with towns and cities, friends, and jobs, all wrapped into a leveling system, that makes the user strive for the next best "thing". Wanting to achieve a goal, and when finally achieving that goal (some may take a month or 2 to obtain, even longer), only to be IMMEDIATELY replaced with another goal. Keeping the user (just as I used to say), "on the verge of greatness". You are constantly striving for another item, quest, armor, etc, never quite gaining "greatness", but always at it's door, just about to knock. Like a carrot at the end of a stick.

As I am sure it was a part of the design, ...keeping people away from things that matter the most, life, family, real (live/"RL") friends, daylight, physical activity, learning, work, chores, creativity, and issues that our around us in daily living. It took a couple of years to wean myself away from this truly evil form of "entertainment", and I still have problems concerning it, even knowing about the the things we are here for, (and being awakened years before hand), it still calls. Quitting drinking after 18 years of abuse was much easier than getting away from such a hideous invention.

I implore any of you with kids or even yourself, or loved ones who have been around such a "game", to keep them away, if at all costs. There are many horror stories out there, I am grateful my "story" didn't end up as terrible as some, and at "minimal" financial cost. As with any other addiction, it becomes a way of life.

I am not saying all video games are bad, just certain ones, a select few (there are similar leveling type games on FB), that have this type of system in them. Akin to the carrot dangling in front of you, you will never actually reach it in the end, because there is no ending.

19th July 2011, 05:06
Two sides to the story.

Noone has mentioned the reasons people decide to step thru the MMORPG door in the first place.

Reality sucks because of the world we're currently in. Noone cares about anyone but themselves, and prefer to pull out a camera and record a man who had just been hit by a car rather than go and help. You have to reach this invisible threshold before you're deemed someone "worth" socialising with. The Threshold is determined by how you look, what you wear, and how much worthless crap you can blurt out of you're mouth at others which they'll find interesting. Anyone who doesnt conform is treated like the nutter, spat and trod on by the general public.

A world that is artificial, free of 90% of the rules of life because its virtual, and the kind of people you play with is purely dependant on where you choose to play - ofc its going to be appealing.

Why go out and spend $150 on piss on a friday/saturday night?

Why go out and spend time with people who frankly just annoy the bejeebus out of you? (I dont have many friends.... I seem to know alot of people who become "friendly" to me when they want something)

You cant even talk a walk down the street anymore without being bombarded with BUY THIS - "If you see something say something!" - TERRORIST - SALE SALE SALE literaly jumping out in you're face nomatter where you go.

This world sucks. I'd much prefer to live in a makebelieve cardboard box that i enjoy, de-stress and have fun in than a mansion of greed, misery and fear.

(you may want to stay back - its my angry week)

Raven Schwartz
19th July 2011, 07:06
I started playing, myself, because that is what I do (among other various things). I'm a "gamer". Have been, always will be. It's just one of the many activities ,I, personally enjoy.

I will agree that many things in this world "suck", but I've never played BECAUSE of that reason. My problem was just that I happened on the wrong game, trusting a company that I am familiar with from previous games, and got sucked down that hole. I also have an addictive personality.

I will also agree that being bombarded with ads everywhere you turn is getting a bit old. I feel pretty soon that we may see ads on whatever there isn't an ad on yet to a point where there is nothing left that doesn't have some sort of ad or sponsorship where ever you look. It has really gotten out of control.

Sorry to hear you're having a bad week, it's only Tuesday.

19th July 2011, 21:19
Ahh... Which mmo are you stuck on? :P

I play Eve Online.

Advertising has taken a new step up here in Brisbane. They've put in LCD monitors all around the office. They just sit there and run advertisements. Not external advertisments for coffee or shoes and that stuff - internal advertisements for the company.

I liked the Motivational posters better :(

not having a bad week yet - just an angry one. Realised it after i read teh post i wrote and realised i sounded rather angry lol.

Lord Sidious
20th July 2011, 05:05
At the moment I am playing WoW, but I am waiting for The Old Republic, so I can join the Sith.

Raven Schwartz
20th July 2011, 17:36
"For the Horde!"

I have also noticed how they make you pick sides, (although one can make a character on both sides, now), and some take that WAYYYyyy too seriously. Really, they take it to an all new level. Some need to be reminded, it's just a game.:frusty:

20th July 2011, 19:02
Haha- I used to be a devoted member of the "horde" but have recently switched my alliances to the defiant (Rift). I did notice when I played WoW obsessively, that it really felt like my energy was being drained- it was just so darn hard to walk away. It really bothers me how the driving force in those games ends up being the whole consumeristic (made up word?) thing of more gold, more armor, be better than everyone else. So far with Rift, I've managed to stay away from that and I don't play even half of what I was playing with WoW. I'm spending more time outdoors.

I, also, have an addictive personality, but I feel that changing as well- the alcohol is gone and I don't feel so obsessed over gaming- even though I still enjoy it. :)