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The One
19th July 2011, 08:28
Dangerous Levels Of Radiation Recorded In Canada As Fukushima Radiation Dangers Continue

Multiple videos have been released showing high levels of radiation in Canada as the corporate media continues to cover up the real dangers posed by the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

The tests were taken in multiple places in Canada including Lake Louise BC, Kelowna BC, Red Deer/Edmonton, and Hope BC.

The radiation tests that were taken near Lake Louise BC clearly showed harmful radiation levels up to 1.66 mcSv/hr .

So far Canadian and American authorities have remained silent. We must DEMAND action from local health authorities. If these levels of radiation are being picked up in Canada it seems only a matter of time before they reach the west coast of the United States.

This should be a RED ALERT to all Americans and Canadians!





19th July 2011, 08:44
i'm guessing that something is going to happen here in the u.s. that will shoot those levels even higher The One. then the silence will be broken, but by that point in time, it will be too late. you are correct, people should be more aware of what is in their air, food and water.
warmest, corson

19th July 2011, 09:19
Nuclear Nightmare

(NaturalNews) For almost three months the bad nuclear news has been shouting at us, warning us, but even the professionals in the area of toxicity are not abandoning their lives or homes. Is it an everyone-goes-down-with-the-ship paradigm that has a hold on these people? The invisible but hot magna of nuclear toxicity is our latest inheritance and few will escape it though there are many things we can do to diminish radiations nasty effects.

It is the young who have the most to lose in all of this and it seems some are already losing their lives over it. For some, evacuation orders are already too late but no official word will ever be said about this silent tragedy.

In this video we are looking at nuclear hell on earth, a night film of the radioactive steam that continues to rise from Fukushima 24 hours a day. Arnie Gundersen, a former nuclear power industry executive, is one of the experts who has been saying from day one that the nuclear crisis in Japan was much worse than they were telling us.

He was absolutely correct. Finally, three months later we are getting some numbers on what the real dangers are. And finally we can begin to understand the enormous cover-up of the nuclear doom that is reaching lungs all over the west coast of America, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and at least half of Japan! For infants it's a terrible valley of death we have created for them. As we shall see for years all of them have been born with already polluted bloodstreams and now the very young ones are dying in greater numbers on the west coast of the United States since Fukushima blew up.

After the first week, officials had enough information to call for evacuation of a wide area in Japan and also Hawaii, Alaska and the entire west coast of North America. They really should have evacuated all of northern Japan and also the west coast but that was almost as impossible as evacuating the entire planet or the entire northern hemisphere.

Evacuation of planet earth might be the best way for humanity to avoid the terrible nuclear, heavy metal and chemical toxicity we are now facing all at the same time. Avoiding exposure is always the best plan but there is no way to avoid breathing in air contaminated with tiny hot particles. Inhalation issues are much more frightening than ingestion issues because you can pick and choose what you eat and drink but you can't buy bottled air.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/033026_Fukushima_nightmare.html#ixzz1SXbsR3Gu

19th July 2011, 09:47
Interesting when you step back and look at the whole picture, what a great way to de-populate the planet over 2 generations, TPTB are quite complicit in keeping quiet across the world whilst the jet stream spreads the infertility factor across the populated world.... we and our children will be paying the price of this GLOBAL poisoning of the human race.....

And we are not doing anything about it.... sleep state syndrome in action again or is it our digital networks transmitting the nothing to worry about message...

Not a black sheep to be seen anymore..... wake up!


20th July 2011, 00:35
Ive never seen a meter like that, such a slow response! Id like to see him collect a sample from a known area in some SI units. Despite of it all, the levels are fairly low, this is not dangerous level of external gamma radiation. Remember, this meter is only showing response to gamma rays.
The problem is with all the beta and alpha isotopes that hes not picking up. Hes not getting a full picture. And unfortunately these are the isotopes that when get into our food supply and eventually our bodies, will BLOCK enzymatic pathways, disable enzymes, gene expression, etc. Take Thallium 201 as an example. This is still an isotope that is used in cardiac imaging. BUT it is known to disable the protein Na/K ATPase. There are many other examples.... And that is why Earth population should have never been exposed to nuclear energy.