View Full Version : Is the past fixed?

19th July 2011, 16:05
What most people consider time is nothing more than a reflection of a particle based view of the universe. What Einstein laid out with his notion of relativity was only the beginning to establishing a true notion of space-time that centers around the creative nature of the universe, and that of the human mind.



any thoughts?

19th July 2011, 16:24
pretty intense stuff, very in depth
I dont know if i can quit get it just yet but im sure after looking into it further, it will make sense some great points there.
What is there ultimate goal with this?

19th July 2011, 16:51
Im not sure what the goal is. ........But i sure love this guy's brain...:P

19th July 2011, 17:39
In my understanding there is only evernow, virtually uncountable parallel universes and everything is in a permanent state of flux.

It's just my gut feeling, I won't get into his scientific analysis, which is pretty interesting though.

Bryn ap Gwilym
19th July 2011, 18:57
Interesting & very well explained. Holographic Universe.

Here is a different take by a physicist who by all accounts made the govt mouthpiece aka Einstein look like an amino acid.

TESLA Electric Universe