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19th July 2011, 22:41
Hi All,

Let me first say thank you all so far for the wisdom that you share.

I want to open a discussion that will hopefully shed light on the following questions:

1. Has your individual experience of becoming more aware/conscious gone beyond your personal thoughts & actions towards shaping your career path?

(I ask because I'm on the verge of figuring out whether I want to get my Ph.D in Sustainability (or some similar trans-disciplinary technical graduate degree) OR find a fulfilling job that is aligned with my passions/morals OR start my own company doing the same - with no capital... OR something else?)

2. How do you manage your financial decisions knowing that the current state of the economy is far worse than the MSM leads us to believe?

(Just how I think structured religious ideology is ridiculous - and so I go by my own being and answer to no invisible man in the sky - I'm struggling to find an alternative way to deal with the failed global money system of the world...)

Looking forward to the :grouphug:


19th July 2011, 22:45
I work for the military industrial complex (sorta), so I'd say absolutely not at all.

I usually tell people I work for "the bad guys" so at least I own it right?

I also accept all that comes to me and realize that good wouldn't exsist with out bad, so my place of employment gives me no strife.. do what feels right to you; I am :D

19th July 2011, 23:04
I'm about to certify on Green Building Trade and Sustainability also and it is the only way I can think of to pitch in and pull together for a cleaner, greener future for our children, regardless of the dimension. I mean, while I still have breath in this vessel, I will continue to fight the system of greed, waste, pollution, and theft. Verbally because I believe truths of the heart must be told. I went so hurtfully off my norm a few moments ago. I really get the tethers when the injustices are running rampant through our country.
Back on topic. I plan to help those who have lost it all, because I lost it all. All but life children, that was materialistic and as the bubble burst, I never played the wall street game but had once thought about it. ONLY the bankers and financiers on wall street are still roaming free to prey on people, and I simply don't want to invest any hard earned capital to gamble on this corrupt bunch of crooks.
I am tossing around repairing homes that are sustainable and have low impact on the environment or habitats in marine life. You know if we wanted, we could clean the oceans like a fish tank, but first the oil dependency for major transportaion and heating must be addressed. I have to finish a program I'm doing for a school, to make it more comprehensive for those who's opportunities for college the last 30 years, can get on the green band wagon and pitch in. The more the merrier, and the cleaner the air, water, and land will be. IMAGO GREEN LLC 4719 West Broad St. Richmond Virginia 23230
If you kow any family or friends looking for the best opportunity to feel good about, green jobs with a good income to take care of their family.

Good luck and see you on the trail.

Lost Soul
20th July 2011, 09:40
We're undergoing a paradigm change.

I'm sure you're aware that the global economy has been on life support for the past two years. Many middle class jobs in America have been outsourced to Third World nations. Combine this with the high cost of college loans, a person graduating with a bachelor's degree may be an indentured servant for life since (s)he may not get a middle class job and be condemned to work at burger flipping or coffee jock $10 an hour.

I don't think one needs a degree to get ahead anymore. If one can develop the vocational skills, one can survive.