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fractal being
20th July 2011, 20:43
Dear Avalonians,

I would like to invite you to what might proven to be the most challenging quest in this forum (sic!).

I've been a member of this masterpiece for about 3weeks now and after giving a good read at the various topics (and a bad turn at my productivity at work of course), I've come to realize that the variety of the interpretations on "how the story goes" is quite astonishing. However there seems to be consensus in in three simple things:

-The course of the events that are happening is pushing towards "oneness", which is already occurring based on the way many of us feel/experience.

-It seems that achieving "oneness" is indeed what is going to happen, but there are a lot of alternatives regarding WHAT IS "oneness" and WHEN are we going achieve it.

-The way of course is more certain, through unconditional love and hard working -<-.->-

So, since we are becoming "ONE" and we will "WIN" because "LOVE" shall prevail, why don't we give it try?

Imagine if we could write a single truth, that resonates with all of us here about "How the story goes". Of course *truth* is an experience and experiences are difficult to just verbalize, but what if the words become the perceptions and telling the story all together becomes our shared experience. After all in the 3D world, who else but avalonians are likely to achieve "oneness" :)

So far the official story is nothing less than this:


JK of course since I'd like to see this story as tabula rasa*, therefore giving the opportunity to build in something that is really ours.

What I would like to see is your perceptions/experiences about any of the timelines of our story, based on personal or somebody's else experience/work. Proofs/sources are always welcome, but please if you have yourself the tiniest doubt, that it might be dis-info keep it away to avoid overloading.

Initially I will divide it to:







This format might be extended or completely reconsidered as the story progresses. I will include only material that resonates with ALL of us (who are actively participating at least). Seriously whoever has any objection to something written I will remove it. I don't intend to patronize anyone about their beliefs, so the responsibility lies to you and your heart on where to object or how to contribute.

If there are issues that need to be discussed more extensively, we could start new threads around certain subjects, and then I'll try to do my best to integrate them in the original post.

You are FREE to contribute on the whole story or just particular aspects of it.
Can We perhaps even grasp this responsibility? I'm absolutely positive, from what I've seen in these forums :clap2:

-This is supposed to be for fun and inspiration, so please keep it civil and respect all possibilities.
-Keep in mind that is just an experiment and from personal experience I can assure that only a low amount is close to successful. So on my side I expect nothing and everything out of it.
-English is merely my second/third language, so there's gonna be a lot of copy/paste, but attributions will be given.
-tbh I'm not even sure that I am competent enough to implement this, but with all your love everything is possible.
-There are no rules, just responsibility.

I'd like to apologize in advance to the moderators for any mess following this idea and give many, many thanks to the brave ONE that will start the story.

(We'll win)

* Wiki: =blank slate is the epistemological thesis that individual human beings are born with no built-in mental content.

Limor Wolf
20th July 2011, 21:21
To summarize millions of years on a single thread might be a 'mission impossible',but lets see where it leads us (might be far from the vision of Fractal being)

Once upon a time

We all came from source,energy essence that witheld the whole vibration of the multiverse. souls,spirits,extracts of energy that float in the harmony of the super-intelligence of creation

Than it all began..

20th July 2011, 22:28
that is a tough challenge haha, i think many people want to share what they have about it, but it is too challenging.....

i will try it later, but this is good post!

20th July 2011, 22:38
Well, I like this story

20th July 2011, 23:40
Once upon a time

We all came from source,energy essence that witheld the whole vibration of the multiverse. souls,spirits,extracts of energy that float in the harmony of the super-intelligence of creation

Than it all began..

A contract was formulated for brave souls to be born on Earth as a Human Being and experience 3D life on their flesh. They knew what was expected of them; knew of the challenges and threats it could bring but knowing very well what the success of it would mean as well. Through the Galaxy, others from far and away were even skeptical of such a master plan.

But our Stellar brothers and sisters did not waver...


20th July 2011, 23:52
most are afraid of sharks, but not here at Avalon...


Lord Sidious
21st July 2011, 00:22
Well, I like this story


There ya go.

noxon medem
21st July 2011, 00:58
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- Good news everyone !