View Full Version : How to stand up for your rights to the powers that were !!

22nd July 2011, 22:19
This man sets a great example of how we can take back our inalienable rights as humans on this planet. People are starting to wake up. I would love to see more examples of people refusing to lay down and be the victims of the Powers that Were.



22nd July 2011, 22:35
Thanks for this post Yiola!

Maia Gabrial
22nd July 2011, 22:45
This was SO GREAT! The man stood his ground against 5 cops. He was admirable....Let's hope this is what prevails from here on in with all citizens in the US.
Thanks Yiolas.

23rd July 2011, 01:31
Love it, hum-hum!

23rd July 2011, 05:54
Keep in mind, the pawns in chess are the sacrificial lambs

24th July 2011, 12:07
Thank you so much Yiolus,

I have been learning about my true rights for a couple of years now and this man definitely knew who he was...What a great demonstration of knowing your rights and standing up for them and turning the tables!! If all of us knew our rights, this USA would change for sure.

Love & Light,

24th July 2011, 12:33
The powers that were......absolutely. Love the happy ending......

Does anyone know why they put the kid in the back of the car?

24th July 2011, 13:06
Love it! Love it! Love it!

This guy had his facts pretty much straight concerning sovereignty and his rights under the UCC. I highly recommend all people to enlighten themselves on the matters of being considered a ward of the state all for the price of a stamp...
But you better understand the terminology and be well versed because they will test you.
I love his comment..."I don't have a corporate name.." The officers kind of clammed up after that comment!

Ahh! :bounce: That made my morning !

Tane Mahuta
24th July 2011, 14:31
Never give up your rights or sovereignty in the first place. The PTB can only take what you give up!!

It is a "Universal Law" not mans law.