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Monsanto was founded in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1901, by John Francis Queeny, a 30-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry. He funded the start-up with his own money and capital from a soft drink distributor, and gave the company his wife's maiden name. His father in law was Emmanuel Mendes de Monsanto, wealthy financier of a sugar company active in Vieques, Puerto Rico and based in St. Thomas in the Danish West Indies. The company's first product was the artificial sweetener saccharin, which it sold to the Coca-Cola Company. It also introduced caffeine and vanillin to Coca-Cola, and became one of that company's main suppliers.[citation needed]

In 1919, Monsanto established its presence in Europe by entering into a partnership with Graesser's Chemical Works at Cefn Mawr near Ruabon, Wales to produce vanillin, salicylic acid, aspirin and later rubber.

In its third decade, the 1920s, Monsanto expanded into basic industrial chemicals like sulfuric acid, and the decade ended with Queeny's son Edgar Monsanto Queeny taking over the company in 1928.

The 1940s saw Monsanto become a leading manufacturer of plastics, including polystyrene, and synthetic fibers. Since then, it has remained one of the top 10 US chemical companies. Other major products have included the herbicides 2,4,5-T, DDT, and Agent Orange used primarily during the Vietnam War as a defoliant agent (later found to be contaminated during manufacture with highly carcinogenic dioxin), the artificial sweetener aspartame (NutraSweet), bovine somatotropin (bovine growth hormone (BST)), and PCBs.[6] Also in this decade, Monsanto operated the Dayton Project, and later Mound Laboratories in Miamisburg, Ohio, for the Manhattan Project, the development of the first nuclear weapons and, after 1947, the Atomic Energy Commission.

Monsanto began manufacturing DDT in 1944, along with some 15 other companies.[7] This insecticide was much-welcomed in the fight against malaria-transmitting mosquitoes. The use of DDT in the U.S. was banned by Congress in 1972, due in large part to efforts by environmentalists, who persisted in the challenge put forth by Rachel Carson and her book Silent Spring in 1962, which sought to inform the public of the side effects associated with DDT. As the decade ended, Monsanto acquired American Viscose from England's Courtauld family in 1949.

In 1954, Monsanto partnered with German chemical giant Bayer to form Mobay and market polyurethanes in the US.

Monsanto was a pioneer of optoelectronics in the 1970s. In 1968 they became the first company to start mass production of (visible) Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), using gallium arsenide phosphide. This ushered in the era of solid-state lights. From 1968 to 1970 sales doubled every few months. Their products (discrete LEDs and seven-segment numeric displays) became the standards of industry. The primary markets then were electronic calculators, digital watches, and digital clocks.[8]

In the 1960s and 1970s, Monsanto became one of the most important producers of Agent Orange for US Military operations in Vietnam. Agent Orange caused an immense damage to health, also for US-soldiers, not at least by genetic modification.[9][10]

In 1980, Monsanto established the Edgar Monsanto Queeny safety award[citation needed] in honor of its former CEO (1928–1960), to encourage accident prevention.

Monsanto scientists became the first to genetically modify a plant cell in 1982. Five years later, Monsanto conducted the first field tests of genetically engineered crops.

Through a process of mergers and spin-offs between 1997 and 2002, Monsanto made a transition from chemical giant to biotech giant. Part of this process involved the 1999 sale by Monsanto of their phenylalanine facilities to Great Lakes Chemical Corporation (GLC) for $125 million. In 2000, GLC sued Monsanto because of a $71 million dollar shortfall in expected sales.

In 2001, retired Monsanto chemist William S. Knowles was named a co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his research on catalytic asymmetric hydrogenation, which was carried out at Monsanto beginning in the 1960s until his 1986 retirement.

Throughout 2004 and 2005, Monsanto filed lawsuits against many farmers in Canada and the U.S. on the grounds of patent infringement, specifically the farmers' sale of seed containing Monsanto's patented genes. In some cases, farmers claimed the seed was unknowingly sown by wind carrying the seeds from neighboring crops, a claim rejected in Monsanto Canada Inc. v. Schmeiser.[11] These instances began in the mid to late 1990s, with one of the most significant cases being decided in Monsanto's favor by the Canadian Supreme Court. By a 5–4 vote in late May 2004, that court ruled that "by cultivating a plant containing the patented gene and composed of the patented cells without license, the appellants (canola farmer Percy Schmeiser) deprived the respondents of the full enjoyment of the patent." With this ruling, the Canadian courts followed the U.S. Supreme Court in its decision on patent issues involving plants and genes.

As of February 2005, Monsanto has patent claims on breeding techniques for pigs which would grant them ownership of any pigs born of such techniques and their related herds. Greenpeace claims Monsanto is trying to claim ownership on ordinary breeding techniques.[12] Monsanto claims that the patent is a defensive measure to track animals from its system. They furthermore claim their patented method uses a specialized insemination device that requires less sperm than is typically needed.[13]

In 2006, the Public Patent Foundation filed requests with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to revoke four patents that Monsanto has used in patent lawsuits against farmers. In the first round of reexamination, claims in all four patents were rejected by the Patent Office in four separate rulings dating from February through July 2007.[14] Monsanto has since filed responses in the reexaminations.

In October 2008, the company's Canadian division, Monsanto Canada Inc., was named one of Canada's Top 100 Employers by Mediacorp Canada Inc., and was featured in Maclean's newsmagazine. Later that month, Monsanto Canada Inc. was also named one of Manitoba's Top Employers, which was announced by the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper.[15]

In January 2010, Monsanto was named company of the year by Forbes.
[edit] Spin-offs and mergers

Through a series of transactions, the Monsanto that existed from 1901 to 2000 and the current Monsanto are legally two distinct corporations. Although they share the same name and corporate headquarters, many of the same executives and other employees, and responsibility for liabilities arising out of activities in the industrial chemical business, the agricultural chemicals business is the only segment carried forward from the pre-1997 Monsanto Company to the current Monsanto Company. This was accomplished beginning in the 1980s:

1985: Monsanto purchases G. D. Searle & Company. In this merger, Searle's aspartame business becomes a separate Monsanto subsidiary, the NutraSweet Company. CEO of NutraSweet, Robert B. Shapiro, goes on to become CEO of Monsanto from 1995 to 2000.
1996: Acquires 49.9% of Calgene, creators of the Flavr Savr tomato in April and another ~5% in November.
1997: Monsanto spins off its industrial chemical and fiber divisions into Solutia Inc. This transfers the financial liability related to the production and contamination with PCBs at the Illinois and Alabama plants. In January, Monsanto announces the purchase of Holden's Foundations Seeds, a privately held seed business owned by the Holden family, along with its sister sales organization, Corn States Hybrid Service, of Williamsburg and Des Moines, Iowa, respectively. The combined purchase price totals $925 million. Also, in April, Monsanto purchases the remaining shares of Calgene.
1999: Monsanto sells off NutraSweet Co. and two other companies.
2000: Monsanto merges with Pharmacia and Upjohn, and ceases to exist. Later in the year, Pharmacia forms a new subsidiary, also named Monsanto, for the agricultural divisions, and retains the medical research divisions, which includes products such as Celebrex.
2002: Pharmacia spins off its Monsanto subsidiary into a new company, the "new Monsanto." As part of the deal, Monsanto agrees to indemnify Pharmacia against any liabilities that might be incurred from judgments against Solutia. As a result, the new Monsanto continues to be a party to numerous lawsuits that relate to operations of the old Monsanto.
2005: Monsanto purchases Seminis, a leading global vegetable and fruit seed company, for $1.4 billion.[16]
2007: In June, Monsanto completes its purchase of Delta and Pine Land Company, a major cotton seed breeder, for $1.5 billion.[17] Monsanto exits the pig breeding business by selling Monsanto Choice Genetics to Newsham Genetics LC in November, divesting itself of "any and all swine-related patents, patent applications, and all other intellectual property."[18][19]
2008: Monsanto purchases the Dutch seed company De Ruiter Seeds for €546 million,[20] and sells its POSILAC bovine somatotropin brand and related business to Elanco Animal Health, a division of Eli Lilly and Company in August for $300 million plus "additional contingent consideration".[21]

[edit] Sponsorships

Monsanto has been the corporate sponsor of many attractions at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

At Disneyland they include:

Hall of Chemistry (until 1967)
Fashions and Fabrics through the Years (from 1965 to 1966)
Monsanto House of the Future (from 1957 to 1967)
Adventure Thru Inner Space (from 1967 to 1985)

And at Walt Disney World they include:

Magic Eye Theatre at Epcot
Circle Vision 360

All attractions that the company has ever sponsored (except for the Magic Eye Theatre, in the Future World section of Epcot) were located in Tomorrowland.

Monsanto is cited as one of the major sponsors behind the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in many web sites but not in the home page of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.[22] Monsanto does share technology and patents with following companies mentioned in the referred document: The Australia based Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC)[23] and the Swiss based company Syngenta AG[24]
[edit] Corporate governance

Current members of the board of directors of Monsanto are: Frank V. AtLee III, the former President of American Cyanamid and former chairman of Cynamid International, John W. Bachmann, Hugh Grant, the chairman of Monsanto, Arthur H. Harper, Gwendolyn S. King, president of McDonald’s USA, Sharon R. Long, C. Steven McMillan, the former chairman and CEO of Sara Lee Corporation, William U. Parfet, George H. Poste, Robert J. Stevens, the current chairman and CEO of Lockheed Martin Corporation.[25]

Former Monsanto employees currently hold positions in US government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Environmental Protection Agency‎ (EPA) and the Supreme Court. These include Clarence Thomas, Michael R. Taylor, Ann Veneman, Linda Fisher, Michael Friedman, William D. Ruckelshaus, and Mickey Kantor.[26] Linda Fisher has been back and forth between positions at Monsanto and the EPA.[26]
[edit] Environmental and health record

According to an anonymous 2001 document[27] obtained by the Center for Public Integrity, Monsanto has been identified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as being a "potentially responsible party" for 56 contaminated sites (Superfund sites) in the United States. Monsanto has been sued, and has settled, multiple times for damaging the health of its employees or residents near its Superfund sites through pollution and poisoning.[6][28][29] In 2004 The Wildlife Habitat Council and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Environmental Performance Track presented a special certificate of recognition to Monsanto Company during WHC's 16th Annual Symposium.

Monsanto is the largest producer of glyphosate herbicides through its popular brand, Roundup. A report released in June 2011 linked glyphosate to birth defects in frog and chicken embryos at dilutions much lower than those used in agricultural and garden spraying. http://www.scribd.com/doc/57277946/RoundupandBirthDefectsv5

Phil Angell, Monsanto's director of corporate communications (referring to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) explained the company's regulatory philosophy to Michael Pollan in 1998: "Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food. Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible. Assuring its safety is FDA's job."[30]
[edit] Genetically modified organisms

Many of Monsanto's seed products are specifically genetically modified, to make them resistant to Monsanto produced agricultural chemicals, such as "Round Up" herbicide. In a study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences, researchers applied a different statistical analysis on raw data obtained from Monsanto and concluded that these GM corn (maize) varieties induced a state of hepatorenal toxicity.[31] They suggested that the presence of the new pesticides associated with the inserted genes were responsible, although the possibility that this could be due to a mutation during the transformation process was not excluded.[31]

Monsanto was drawn into the Genetically modified food controversies over the Pusztai affair.[32] Dr. Arpad Pusztai's experiments suggested that it was the process of genetic engineering, not the presence of the inserted lectin gene that altered the thickness of the gut epithelium in rats when fed genetically modified potatoes.[33] In other words it was the process of genetic engineering itself, not the presence of pesticides caused by the engineering which caused the damage to rats. The publication of this study has resulted in much controversy.[34]
[edit] Terminator seed controversy

In June 2007,[35] Monsanto acquired Delta & Pine Land Company, a company that had patented a seed technology nicknamed Terminators. This technology, which was never known to have been used commercially, produces plants that have sterile seeds so they do not flower or grow fruit after the initial planting. This prevents the spread of those seeds into the wild, however it also requires customers to repurchase seed for every planting in which they use Terminator seed varieties. In recent years, widespread opposition from environmental organizations and farmer associations has grown, mainly out of the concerns that hypothetical seeds using this technology could increase farmers' dependency on seed suppliers.

Despite the fact that in 1999, Monsanto pledged not to commercialize Terminator technology,[36] Delta Vice President, Harry Collins, declared at the time in a press interview in the Agra/Industrial Biotechnology Legal Letter, ‘We’ve continued right on with work on the Technology Protection System (TPS or Terminator). We never really slowed down. We’re on target, moving ahead to commercialize it. We never really backed off.’[37]
[edit] rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone)
Main article: Bovine somatotropin

Monsanto sparked controversy nationwide with the introduction of Bovine somatotropin, abbreviated as rBST and commonly known as rBGH. It is a synthetic hormone that is injected into cows to increase milk production. IGF-1 is a hormone stimulated by rBGH in the cow's blood stream, which is directly responsible for the increase in milk production. IGF-1 is a natural hormone found in the milk of both humans and cows causing the quick growth of infants.

Though this IGF-1 occurs naturally in mothers' milk to be fed to their infants it produces adverse effects in non-infants, behaving as a cancer accelerator in adults and non-infants; this biologically active hormone is associated with breast cancer (correlation shown in premenopausal women),[38] prostate cancer,[39] lung cancer[40] and colon cancers.[40][41]

A Monsanto-sponsored survey of milk showed no significant difference in rBST levels in milk labeled as "rBST-Free" or "organic milk" vs milk not labeled as such.[42]

According to The New York Times[43] Monsanto's brand of rBST, Posilac, has recently (March 2008) been the focus for a pro-rBST advocacy group called AFACT, made up of large dairy business conglomerates and closely affiliated with Monsanto itself. This group has engaged in large-scale lobbying efforts at the state level to prevent milk which is rBST-free from being labeled as such. As milk labeled as hormone-free has proved enormously popular with consumers, the primary justification by AFACT for their efforts has been that rBST is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and that the popularity of milk sold without it is damaging what they claim to be the right of dairy producers to use a technology that maximizes their profits.

Thus far, a large-scale negative consumer response to AFACT's legislative and regulatory efforts has kept state regulators from pushing through restrictions that would ban hormone-free milk labels, though several politicians have tried, including Pennsylvania's agriculture secretary Dennis Wolff, who tried to ban rBST-free milk labeling on the grounds that "consumers are confused". The statement by Agriculture Secretary Wolff was reported by pro-biotech site Earth Friendly-Farm Friendly which elaborated on the issues of rBGH/rBST labelling:

"Consumers are getting confused with the extra labels," said Pennsylvania Ag Secretary Dennis Wolff. "They deserve a choice, and so do producers. But from the standpoint of safety, all milk is healthy milk. Our milk is a safe product. The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is not in a position to say use rBST or not. The key word is: choice. I used rBST from day one of its approval to the last day that I milked cows. It was an important management tool on my dairy farm. What we oppose is the negative advertising or the selling of fear. If producers are asked to give up a production efficiency, and if that efficiency nets them $3000 or $10,000 a year for their dairy farm… That's a lot of money.[44]

Proposed labeling changes have been floated by AFACT lobbyists in New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, Utah, Missouri and Vermont thus far.[citation needed]

In October 2008, Monsanto sold this business, in full, to Eli Lilly for a price of $300 million plus additional considerations.[

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Meet Monsanto’s Military Frontmen

Monsanto Co. (MON)
Major Holders
% of Shares Held by All Insider and 5% Owners:
% of Shares Held by Institutional & Mutual Fund Owners: 78%
% of Float Held by Institutional & Mutual Fund Owners: 78%
Number of Institutions Holding Shares: 952
Major Direct Holders (Forms 3 &Amp; 4)

Holder Shares Reported
GRANT HUGH 448,545 Jul 13, 2010
PARFET WILLIAM U 415,276 Apr 30, 2010
CREWS TERRELL K 144,807 Aug 31, 2009
CASALE CARL M 102,932 Jul 13, 2010
FRALEY ROBERT T 97,334 Jan 11, 2010

Holder Shares % Out Value* Reported
VANGUARD GROUP, INC. (THE) 19,535,784 3.58 $1,395,245,693 Mar 31, 2010
STATE STREET CORPORATION 19,109,599 3.50 $1,364,807,560 Mar 31, 2010
PRIMECAP MANAGEMENT COMPANY 18,087,892 3.32 $1,291,837,246 Mar 31, 2010
Capital World Investors 17,360,645 3.18 $1,239,897,265 Mar 31, 2010
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A. 15,983,687 2.93 $1,141,554,925 Mar 31, 2010
PRICE (T.ROWE) ASSOCIATES INC 14,377,440 2.64 $1,026,836,764 Mar 31, 2010
FMR LLC 12,107,720 2.22 $864,733,362 Mar 31, 2010
MORGAN STANLEY 10,736,111 1.97 $766,773,047 Mar 31, 2010
Capital Research Global Investors 9,229,130 1.69 $659,144,464 Mar 31, 2010
NORTHERN TRUST CORPORATION 6,596,342 1.21 $471,110,745 Mar 31, 2010
Top Mutual Fund Holders
Holder Shares % Out Value* Reported
VANGUARD/PRIMECAP FUND 7,391,460 1.35 $527,898,073 Mar 31, 2010
GROWTH FUND OF AMERICA INC 6,751,900 1.24 $482,220,698 Mar 31, 2010
AMERICAN BALANCED FUND 5,542,500 1.02 $395,845,350 Mar 31, 2010
VANGUARD TOTAL STOCK MARKET INDEX FUND 5,511,281 1.01 $393,615,689 Mar 31, 2010
VANGUARD 500 INDEX FUND 5,056,352 0.93 $361,124,659 Mar 31, 2010
SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust 3,978,616 0.73 $284,152,754 Mar 31, 2010
COLLEGE RETIREMENT EQUITIES FUND-STOCK ACCOUNT 3,439,680 0.63 $245,661,945 Mar 31, 2010
SELECT SECTOR SPDR FD-MATERIALS 2,903,890 0.53 $207,395,823 Mar 31, 2010

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Monsanto Cash Incentives Under Federal Investigation

n some circles, it would be called a bribe, at best. Evidence revealed last week shows that Monsanto’s former Chief Financial Officer admitted that the agrichemical corporation planned to spend $150 million in cash and trade incentives in Latin America, North America and Europe to spur the uptake of the pesticide glyphosate, better known as RoundUp. $150 million is no small change – and surely that’s not all that’s been spent.

The news came to light last week as part of an investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Sadly, small farmers around the world know all too well the carrot and stick approaches that Monsanto and other pesticide giants use to lure farmers (and nations) toward industrial agricultureand onto the pesticide treadmill.

The consequences have been devastating. Farmers are forced to use more and more – and increasingly toxic – chemicals to control insects and weeds that develop resistance to pesticides. Very bad for the pocketbook, driving farmers into dependence on global pesticide corporations (and sometimes bankruptcy). Bad for the health of farm families, who suffer from exposure to toxic pesticides. And bad for the planet, driving the vitality out of resilient ecoystems that have supported food and life for millennia.

According to Jack Kaskey, reporting in Bloomberg,

Monsanto said the SEC probe involves customer-incentive programs relating to glyphosate products, the generic name for Roundup, in fiscal years 2009 and 2010. The company planned to spend as much as $150 million “of incremental price concessions or trade incentives” in the Roundup business to establish the brand in Latin America, North America and Europe, Carl M. Casale, Monsanto’s former chief financial officer, said in a February 2010 conference call.

Pesticide Action Network (PAN) partners across the globe have long documented such illegal and unfair practices, which spurred, in part, the creation of an entire set of international standards to deal with these problems. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Code of Conduct on the Distribution and Use of Pesticides, developed in 1985 and most recently updated in 2002, establishes standards for “all public and private entities engaged in or associated with the distribution and use of pesticides, particularly where there is inadequate or no national legislation to regulate pesticides.” Yes, that means Monsanto.

Unfortunately, violations run rampant. PAN’s most recent global report, Communities in Peril, documents the realities in the voices of more than 2000 farmers and farmworkers in 13 countries around the world, who, despite such a global standard as the FAO Code, continue to experience pesticide poisonings and violations of the standard on a daily basis.

While a global standard is critically important, its enforcement lies in the hands of people who together push for ever stronger, legally binding mechanisms for liability and accountability. And who rebuild food communities together, from the ground up. What’s needed, and what PAN seeks to be part of, is a robust and vital food democracy: eaters, workers and farmers coming together across the food chain to reclaim farming and food, creating a fair, productive and resilient system for us and for the earth.

We can no longer allow our eating dollars and our political capital to continue feeding giant agribusiness corporations.


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Monsanto, a Jewish company to exterminate Humanity

A brief exposé of the goals of Monsanto that are to own the global food supply in order to get humanity under control for extermination and the proof of its original ELITE Jewish fingerprint.


23rd July 2011, 13:47

GMOs are made by manipulation of extremely deadly viruses & bacteria (such as E. coli) that have been engineered to be IMMUNE TO ANTIBIOTICS (Pause video at 8:08). Monsanto spends millions of dollars each year in order to "sugar" coat the facts of what GMOs actually are and more importantly, how they are made.

This video straight-forwardly explains the scientific facts on how Monsanto manufactures their GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) by simply removing all the corporate propaganda, the "smoke & mirrors" if you will.

Monsanto's greed, combined with their quest to monopolize all aspects of food & seed on the planet, has knowingly allowed the proverbial Reaper free upon the world.

GMOs are now acting much like the deadly virus and pre-cancer type cells they are made from... by infecting other organisms that were once pure and healthy.

We as a people should be demanding Monsanto be held for crimes against humanity for the atrocities they have committed and what can be reasonably seen as the start of the end to all life as we know it.

The Bee disappearance is in perfect unison with the time line of Monsanto's uncontrolled release of GMOs into the environment; but due to Monsanto's influence & corruption in governments across the globe, any scientist that tries to inform the public and raise the alarm about the Bee's & GMO's is destroyed financially, as well as their careers'.

After watching these videos, will you knowingly look the other way and FEED your family GM foods; even though you now know you could be killing or permanently harming your child/family?

If you are OUTRAGED at Monsanto's poisoning our food, milk and health; Please do the following actions... make a difference:

1) Call and WRITE (pen & paper) your Legislators



3) An immediate moratorium on all GMOs and their Byproducts!

4) FDA change their findings on GMOs as being "Generally Recognized As Safe"! This was done with ZERO testing by the FDA!

5) Demand a full investigation into the criminal conflicts of interest as it pertains to the head personnel of Monsanto and the FDA being one in the same.

6) Demand congress pass a "whistle blowers protection" for all professional scientists in order to end direct or indirect intimidation by Corporations, Universities, Colleges or Government. Science should never be a result of intimidation.

23rd July 2011, 14:08
FOX News Whistle blowers. UNBELIEVABLE!!!



23rd July 2011, 14:13
Is Equal, Nutrasweet, Aspartame Safe?

In the late 90's a fearless WTTG Local DC Independent FOX reporter "Aileen Sirgany" did a story on on aspartame. This is the nearly complete original broadcast.

As all copies known to exist beyond this were destroyed by FOX, I strongly encourage you to download, save and share.


Maia Gabrial
23rd July 2011, 19:52
The message in this vid is clear.
Anyone familiar with that disgusting Talmud knows that it says the jews have a right to kill all non jews. That it's alright to lie, cheat and steal from them, too. It also says that if non jews found out what is being taught in the Talmud that jews would be killed outright....

24th July 2011, 00:27
You turned a perfectly well researched,well documented report into Jew bashing.
Even if your facts are correct,I can't present this information to anyone now.
You've weakened the content by your final conclusion.
It has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing at ALL.
Monsanto as the subject matter, stood up as a bad company all by itself. Then you go and explain how evil for us, because the Jews want to exterminate non-Jews.
Not Cool.

24th July 2011, 03:55
You turned a perfectly well researched,well documented report into Jew bashing.
Even if your facts are correct,I can't present this information to anyone now.
You've weakened the content by your final conclusion.
It has nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing at ALL.
Monsanto as the subject matter, stood up as a bad company all by itself. Then you go and explain how evil for us, because the Jews want to exterminate non-Jews.
Not Cool.

Maybe it is time to face up to the fact that Jews are not all innocent. That in fact throughout history some jews have behaved dispictably and many innocent jews have paid the price. I know it is hard to come out of denial and admit that some of your own do not have the best interest of all humanity in their agenda. I had to face this fact when coming out of denial about the Catholic Church.

As I result I cannot support the Catholic Church and choose no longer to be a part of this religion. My parents on the other hand, will not believe that the Catholic Church is capable of commiting atrocities against other human beings. None the less it it true and I had to come to terms with this. My parents will not speak with me because of this and that is OK because One must speak the truth not matter how difficult.

It is the same with the good jews, they have to come out of denial about some of their own and speak out about these crimes. If they do not, then they are part of the problem. I know of some that are willing to speak about the crimes of other Jews, but not many.

Many Jews tend to hide behind the Jew bashing agenda as a distraction from these crimes. I know it is hard to have the courage to stand out and become outspoken about your own religion but this is going to be the only way forward for the survival of the Jews, so they do not appear to be compliciant in the crimes of other Jews. The same way many Catholics have stood up and exposed the crimes of the Catholic Church. It takes courage to do this.

If we look at history we can see that the ELITE JEWS have been behind many crimes against humanity, as well as the Catholics, The Church of England etc. And who has paid the price for these crimes of the Elite Jews. The low level Jew. Everytime. You also have to admit that many elite jews sacrificed many innocent jews in World War 2. The same with every nation, we must look at the criminals, expose them, whether Bush a traitor, the Queen a traitor, the pope a traitor and show the world who these people are and what they have done. Unfortunately the Elite Jews also have done bad things and this cannot be hidden any longer. It is better we stand together to expose all criminals of all nation, religions and position of power.

The time of relevation is upon us. The revealing of turth. It can no longer be hidden. The time has come. The truth will be revealed.
It is better for the innocent Jews to start revealing the truth about some of their own and prove to the world that they are not part of this hidious plot. It is not too late for all good men to come to the aid of the party.

So please any time we mention the Jews, as well as the Bankers, The Catholics, The Queen, Barak Obama or whoever he is, The Russians, THe Wahabi Royal Family, this is not intended as an insult against you personally but an attempt to expose crimes of these elites. The Elite Jews are part of that, so time to step up and also speak out and not jump behind an invisible barrier called Jew bashing. I am not bashing you, have you committed a crime? You need to look beyond at the bigger picture. I know there are many good Jews and I am sure they know what is going on. We only ask that all good people expose crimes whether or not they have been done by people of thieir own faith. So please do not jump up and down any time the Jews are mentioned. From now on I will refer to the criminals from the Jewish faith as the Elite Jews. This means I am not referring to low level jews the same way when I speak about corrupt catholics I do not mean all catholics. I hope you will also do your research and speak truthfully about these crimes.


24th July 2011, 04:47
Ummmmm I'm not Jewish and I got molested by a catholic priest when I was 9 as a catholic.

You sound kinda angry.

No worry's. I'm over my crap,kinda sorta.

I don't like Monsonto because of all their corruption and Agent Orange as a start.
I have friends with deformed children from the Nam war and exposure. I didn't kow it was to eradicate non-jews is all.

Why does the waving flag represent Israel?:israel:

24th July 2011, 05:06
don't take it personally, until Jews like the ones arrested today in Tel Aviv for protesting against the government start getting out and being heard, they are all Zionists to the world...

just remember a Rothschild was killed by PTB...

they aren't the top, just easy targets for people to take out frustrations...

Lord Sidious
24th July 2011, 07:02
If I were jewish, I am sure I would be disturbed too.
But on the other token, why are other groups not so disturbed when someone points the finger at them or some of them?
The ''elite'' jews have conditioned not just non jews, but their own to believe any criticism is the first sign of hatred and that the end of that road is genocide.
That is something they have done for millenia.
I for one don't wish to harm jews and the ones causing the problem, well they can be judged by someone better qualified than me.
I want an end to the madness and for the everyday jews to be able to live in the world the same as me, free from fear of persecution and genocide.

24th July 2011, 07:23
I think your PM box is full...


Lord Sidious
24th July 2011, 07:34
Fixed it.
Avalonuggets send me so many messages, I have to empty it regularly.

24th July 2011, 07:37
Monsanto voted Most Evil Corporation of the Year by NaturalNews readers

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/030967_Monsanto_evil.html#ixzz1T0R6AxIP

(NaturalNews) After taking nominations for the Most Evil Corporation of the Year survey from our readers, we hosted an online survey that allowed readers to vote on this question. Over 16,000 readers voted in our online survey from January 5 through 9, 2011.

Astonishingly, fifty-one percent of all votes went to Monsanto as the Most Evil Corporation of the year. This means Monsanto wins the top prize by a huge margin.

Taking second place was the Federal Reserve, with twenty percent of the votes. This is especially intriguing because it means that NaturalNews are well informed about the fact that the Federal Reserve is not a government entity but rather a corporate entity that serves the profit interests of the global banking cartel.

The other corporations included in the survey (along with their vote results) are:

British Petroleum 9%
Halliburton 5%
McDonalds 3%
Pfizer 2%
Merck 2%
Wal-Mart 2%
Nestle 1%
Other 7%

(Note: The total slightly exceeds 100% due to rounding on the part of the survey host.)

Why is Monsanto considered so evil?
The results of this survey beg the question: Why is Monsanto considered so evil, to the point where it garnered a full 51 percent of the vote?

The first and most obvious answer to that question may be that people who dislike Monsanto tend to be NaturalNews readers. There is undoubtedly a self-selection trend in this survey. But even among those readers who are into natural health, green living, organic foods and the like, why would Monsanto stand out above British Petroleum, for example, which caused enormous damage to the Gulf Coast in 2010?

The answer, I suspect, is that Monsanto behaves like an evil corporation that pretends to be angelic. The Monsanto website is an orgy of touchy-feely corporate spin that tries to position the company as the savior of life on planet Earth.

For example, the Monsanto website hosts the "Monsanto pledge" which contains the following sickening claims: (http://www.monsanto.com/whoweare/Pa...)

Integrity is the foundation for all that we do. Integrity includes honesty, decency, consistency, and courage.

We will share knowledge and technology to advance scientific understanding, to improve agriculture and the environment, to improve crops, and to help farmers in developing countries.

To anyone who knows anything about Monsanto, these words must strike them as particularly nauseous. For a company that thrives on GMO seeds and is an aggressive opponent of open-pollinated seeds to talk about "sharing knowledge" and "helping farmers" is enough to make you quite literally vomit. (Try to avoid splattering your keyboard.)

Monsanto's pledge continues:

We will respect the religious, cultural, and ethical concerns of people throughout the world. The safety of our employees, the communities where we operate, our customers, consumers, and the environment will be our highest priority.

Given that Monsanto's GMO crops are now linked to roughly 200,000 suicides of farmers and farm workers in India (http://www.naturalnews.com/030913_M...), you really have to wonder where this "respecting the cultural concerns of people" line could possibly come from.

A corporate mental patient
Touring the official Monsanto website, in fact, is a lot like walking through the mind of a madman whose self delusion has reached the point of complete psychosis. Monsanto runs around the world operating much like a mental patient, albeit a mental patient with a tremendous amount of political clout and economic power. And to oppose Monsanto is to put yourself at great risk.

Just ask all the politicians in France and across Europe who found themselves being added to a "retaliatory target list" that was assembled by the United States ambassador to France, working in conspiracy with the leaders of the GMO industry (http://www.naturalnews.com/030828_G...).

A lot of corporations are greedy (Goldman Sachs). Many are downright criminal (Big Pharma). But only a few corporations rise to the title of being considered truly and irreversibly evil. That's where Monsanto apparently takes the top prize.

Oh, and by the way, this isn't the first time Monsanto has received top honors. Forbes Magazine gave Monsanto its "Company of the Year Award" in 2009. And that tells you just about everything you need to know about the values of Forbes Magazine, too. Never let planetary health stand in the way of a quarterly profit!

I wish to thank NaturalNews readers for participating in this survey. If you'd like to read more about Monsanto and GMOs, here are some additional resources:


And check out these video interviews about Jeffrey Smith and GMOs:

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/030967_Monsanto_evil.html#ixzz1T0RVHCmo

24th July 2011, 07:44
Monsanto's Evil


It is an attack by Monsanto. It is an attack on you and your family.l

If you are alive then Monsanto is your enemy decide what to do once you have declared Monsanto your enemy At least spread the word we could take them down.

24th July 2011, 07:47


These folks are pushing Genetically Modified crops (GMO's) onto the Third World in the name of ending hunger, much as the Rockefellers did with the 'Green Revolution' that was used to open world markets to chemical and hybrid agriculture.

Multi-Billion $$ Monsanto Sues More Small Family Farmers !

Hundreds of the farmers around the world who are being forced to pay Monsanto to have their fields contaminated by genetically modified organisms.

Taxpayers Forced to Fund Monsanto's Poisoning of Third World :

Monsanto has also been implicated in the indiscriminate sale and use of RoundUp Ultra in the anti-drug fumigation efforts of Plan Colombia. Of the some $1.3 billion of taxpayers' money earmarked for Plan Colombia, Monsanto has received upwards of $25 million for providing RoundUp Ultra.

Damaged Banana CropsRoundUp Ultra is a highly concentrated version of Monsanto's glyphosate herbicide, with additional surfactants to increases its lethality. Local communities and human rights organizations charge that Ultra is destroying food crops, water sources and protected areas in the Andes, primarily Colombia.

Paradoxically, the use of RoundUp Ultra has actually increased coca cultivation in the Andes. As local farming communities are increasingly impacted by RoundUp Ultra fumigations, many turn to the drug trade as a means of economic survival. Regional NGOs have estimated that almost 200,000 hectares have been fumigated with Ultra under Plan Colombia.

Monsanto Hid PCB Pollution for Decades.

Monsanto in the News : http://www.organicconsumers.org/monlink.cfm

The Corporation Continues to Refuse Compensation to Veterans and Families for Exposure to the Toxic Chemical !

Monsanto's Roundup Pesticide Killing Wheat !

Monsanto Takes Ownership of Public Water Resources !

Monsanto's GE Seeds are Pushing US Agriculture into Bankruptcy !

Scientist Warning of Health Hazards of Monsanto's Herbicide Receives Threats !

Monsanto's Crops Spawning Superweed Epidemic in U.S. !

Mexico City Government Vows to Protect Native Corn Varieties from GMO Contamination !

And many many more ... http://www.organicconsumers.org/monlink.cfm

24th July 2011, 07:54
Millions Against Monsanto Campaign 2011
October 16th, 2011. EVERY ONE .... TAKE ACTION

The Millions Against Monsanto campaign is taking action across the country. Protests will continue, leading up World Food Day, which will be the largest day of action in US history on October 16th, 2011. Organize an action in your local area today! Contact the OCA for more information or visit www.millionsagainstmonsanto.com

Protests are going on all summer! We want as much action leading up to October 16th!!! WHen things really get started! Organize in your area. Contact us for help and support!


24th July 2011, 08:00
The problem as I see is many people aren't very ethical and will do anything for money. If they are getting paid large sums of money, people essentially brainwash themselves to believe whatever is in their interests to believe. People point to the Jews but its not Jews, its Zionists we have to worry about and not just them...there are other forces manipulating people's hearts and minds too...Arabs, Nazis, Illuminati....we see the fight now...we are on the outside trying to figure out what the **** is going on and make the mistake of pointing the finger at one group or another. Its not one group....its a bunch of wealthy assholes and corporations fighting with each other for control and manipulating some less wealthy assholes with money, stock market tips or threats. We are just out of the loop. If some of those assholes think the end of the world is coming; it only makes it worse.

24th July 2011, 08:03


this is great!! more kids need to get out of the whole brainwashed mindset.. and start looking into this themselves!

this kid has some balls... and he doesn't care what people think( the most important thing!!)



Maia Gabrial
24th July 2011, 17:03
RUMSFELDT used to own Monsanto....

24th July 2011, 17:26
Talmud knows that it says the jews have a right to kill all non jews. That it's alright to lie, cheat and steal from them
How convenient, indeed. The Holy Quran too is filled with things like "It's either my way or else go to fiery hell". Religions are like Opium, they dump down and they are the guard dog for TPTB.

24th July 2011, 17:46
I highly doubt that Obama and all the other traitors who sold their Human family, actually do consume those Genetically Engineered crops. I am starting to seriously question the existence of human souls in those beings. How else can they continue on living with no remorse ??

24th July 2011, 17:51
Fro the first post:

In 2001, retired Monsanto chemist William S. Knowles was named a co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his research on catalytic asymmetric hydrogenation, which was carried out at Monsanto beginning in the 1960s until his 1986 retirement.

This is one of the key components to the production of alchemical materials.

26th July 2011, 05:40