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23rd July 2011, 13:02
"More Divine Intervention Continues to Neutralize Dangers of Nuclear Power Plants" Michael shares about many past examples of how the Federation of Light had Intervened behind the scenes to help Neutralize many nuclear power plant emergencies, just as he had been told by his space contacts that they would, with such examples as the Three Mile Island Incident, Chernobyl and the more recent Japan's Fukushima disaster. How each of these there was definitely Divine Intervention, that despite how bad most of them were, the truth was that they should have been many times worse if it was not for the Intervention from the Federation helping to lessen the total disaster that occurred.And more recently a UFO or rather a Light Ship was picked up on film of the sky near the Ft. Calhoun Nebraska nuclear power plant because of dangerous deteriorating conditions of this any many other U.S. nuclear power plants.This also verified what Michael was told many years ago of how the Federation has continued to Intervened to help neutralize these dangerous conditions, and how this is also another sign of the Federation getting ready to more openly Divinely Intervene on a mass level to stop this and any other form of power sources that are destructive to the Earth.