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24th July 2011, 23:51
we may not have seen the 9.5 but there has been significant activity.

Second 6 + magnitude earthquake strikes near Sendai Japan in 24 hours
Posted on July 24, 2011 by The Extinction Protocol
July 24, 2011 SENDAI The second large earthquake has struck off the coast of Japan in 24 hours. The latest earthquake measured by the USGS was a 6.2 magnitude and had about a 1 km shallower depth than the 6.4 magnitude earthquake which struck near the same region on Saturday. Seismologists have long feared that the seismic stress of aftershocks from the March 9.0 earthquake was not diffusing properly along the plate boundary- pointing to increased instability and the potential for the increased risks of another large earthquake as we have also stated. No tsunami warnings were issued with the latest quake. -The Extinction Protocol

25th July 2011, 07:48
As I have said before, the higher frequency beings have been working to minimizes the effect.
Bless them.
Much love, peace and and vibrant health to the Japanese people.