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25th July 2011, 02:27
The Missing Link

I’ve noticed that, when it comes to the people who do research into phenomenon related to 2012, the synchronicity is a crucial concept that helps one piece together the bizarre riddle of awakening one experiences while riding the wave-front crest of a bona fide “Kali Yuga” –the paradoxical Beginning and End Time Cycle of Creation-Destruction-Rebirth spoken about in ancient Hindu texts. For the past several years I have been working towards unraveling a mysterious synchronicity that represents a meta-theory of sorts, in that it reveals how a synchronicity of this advanced nature works on a symbolic ARCH-etypal level; a process that has been a real world riddle-me-this initiation into a formidable paradigm of semiotic analysis. Needless to say, it is not an easy task trying to articulate the labyrinth-like complexity of this meta-theory in simple prose within a linear narrative format to those unfamiliar with the intuitive, JESTER-like nature of hermeneutic interpretation, especially for someone like myself who is not a naturally gifted writer. So if it feels like I’m repeating myself it’s because…

The information being here introduced is yet another attempt to stumble upon the right combination of analogous phenomenon to convince those reading that the synchronicity I have discovered is of profound importance to the process of awakening these times seem destined to commence. Most interestingly, as we shall see, the proof of this assertion is actually encoded within the synchronicity itself, if we accept that convergent and anomalous phenomena represent singularities that are quantifiable attributes of synchronistic events. If this proves accurate then the degrees of correspondence within this synchronicity are so complex (multi-source contextual), so direct (one to one correlations between sources), so singular (corresponding reference data representing archetypal or iconic phenomena) and so internally coherent (self-referential), that the probability of these connections being a random coincidence is a mathematical impossibility. Once we accept this supposition as a potentiality the facts then begin to speak for themselves–and the story they tell is very much worth paying attention toJ

The most obvious starting point for this 2012 synchronicity is the year 2012. Of course, much has been made of the relationship of 2012, to the Mayan Calendar, to several ancient prophesies, and from that to the various convergent alignments currently taking place within our “OWO” global economic system, terrestrial/ecological/geological system, planetary/galactic/universal system, multi-dimensional/black hole multi-verse, and so on, et all, ad infinitum. Regardless of the various competing theories as to what this all entails, why it’s happening, and what we can or can’t do about it (or should or need to do about it), all experts within the emerging Global Awakening-Hidden History Movement agree that a major synchronicity of some sort is already underway, set to peak sometime around the year 2012. My purpose here is not to sort out truth from fiction regarding this synchronistic event. However, my discoveries do corroborate the fact that this synchronicity does indeed exist; that this synchronicity, when understood on a symbolic ARCH-etypal level, defines a new Logos-like perspective of reality; and that this new perspective in turn might help uncover what discovery of truth the 2012 phenomenon holds for you.

Interestingly enough, the organizing factor in this Correlation Theory is historical phenomena connected to Ohio singularities that form a connective pattern of “Black Swan” associations directly linked to the synchronicity of Columbus, Ohio’s upcoming 2012 Bi-centennial celebration. The proof of this again is found in the synchronicity itself, since, of all the 50 state capitols, Ohio’s “Capitol City” is the only one celebrating not only a BIRTH-day in 2012 (thus making it a singularity), but its Bi-centennial, 200-year anniversary BIRTH-day; which makes this synchronicity a double or “2X” singularity, in terms of its coherence, and thus doubly sign-ificant.

In more concrete terms, consider the following. That the WORD “Bi-centennial” can be read as a Re-currence of some sort, in this case the second occurrence of a 100-year segment of TIME called a century; that the word “Re-currence” is also a metaphor of the WORD “Re-turn;” that a Bi-centennial celebration is a “2X” century anniversary Re-turn; that in this case the anniversary sign-fies a BIRTH-day (celebrating the 2nd 100-year anniversary SIGN-ing of Columbus’ Civic Charter); that this Bi-centennial anniversary/BIRTH-day celebration takes place in Ohio’s “Capitol City,” Columbus; that the city of Columbus is named after the Re-naissance “New World” explorer CHRIST-opher Columbus; that the word Re-naissance means Re-birth; that this Bi-centennial/BIRTH-day Re-turn/RE-BIRTH celebration takes place in the year 2012; and that the year 2012 represents a major synchronistic/Re-current/Re-turn event in Mayan astrology as well. What we then get when we combine all these facts together is a TWIN “Re-naissance LOGOS” that utilizes the WORDs “Columbus Bi-centennial” to indicate a 2012 BIRTH-day Re-turn for the city of CHRIST-opher Columbus directly corresponding to the singularity of the Mayan 2012 “End Times” prophesy. Here again it is worth Re-stating that the probability of these connections being a random coincidence is a mathematical impossibility. This news, in other words, is paradigmatic. And this example is only the tip of a TITAN-ic sized “Re-naissance LOGOS.”

To corroborate the sign-ificance of this 2012 Re-birth correlation we find yet another SIGN, another one-to-one correspondence, connected to the Columbus and Bi-centennial WORD combination. In a Twilight Zone meets Family Ties meets John from Cincinnati kind of way, this Fortean-styled proof is hidden in the 1999 Hollywood movie “Bicentennial Man,” produced and directed by–none other than, and who else but–CHRIST-opher Columbus. In a strange twist of fate, although director CHRIST-opher Columbus was born in Pennsylvania, he was raised in the city of Youngstown, Ohio–creating a Columbus to Pennsylvania “Brotherly Love” link that ties into the ARCH-etypal singularity of Johnny APPLE-SEED–another man born in Pennsylvania who reached LEGEND–ary status after moving to Ohio. More on the APPLE-SEED ARCH-etype later.

If it seems a stretch to think there is a legitimate pattern of singularities that links Columbus to a CHRIST Re-turn/Re-BIRTH/Renaissance LOGOS, let’s consider another proof. When we combine the WORDs CHRIST and BIRTH we get the symbol of the CHRIST-child. The obvious Columbus CHRIST-child BIRTH correlation here is the Columbus-based reality television show about child-BIRTH called, “One Born Every Minute,” currently in its second season on the Lifetime channel, filmed at Ohio Health’s new Riverside Methodist McConnell He-ART Hospital maternity ward. The SIGN-ificance of this SIGN is made even more coherent by the fact that the McConnell He-ART Hospital was a project my FATHER, Bob Grundey, as lead ARCH-itect at Karlsberger ARCH-itecture, oversaw the design and development of, and I built a scale model replica/double for (which for me was a singularity because it remains the only ARCH-itectural model I have ever built).

From the CHRIST-child/BIRTH correspondence proof above we follow the LOGOS pattern from the McConnell He-ART Hospital to the city of WORTHINGTON, Ohio, to WORTHINGTON’s new McConnell ART Center and to John McConnell’s flagship singularity, WORTHINGTON Industries, the nation’s largest independent processor and manufacturer of various STEEL related products.

For those people unfamiliar with central Ohio, WORTHINGTON is a suburban municipality located directly north of Columbus. More importantly, the city of WORTHINGTON is named after THOMAS WORTHINGTON, the man who is credited with being “The FATHER of Ohio Statehood.” In other WORDS, WORTHINGTON “the FATHER” is to Ohio what CHRIST-opher Columbus is to the CHRIST-child. This is yet another one-to-one correspondence if we keep in mind that the FATHER of the Riverside Methodist McConnell He-ART Hospital, the building my FATHER worked on and the site of the Lifetime reality television show “One born every minute,” is John McConnell, founding FATHER and CEO of the singularity WORTHINGTON Industries.

From the WORTHINGTON-FATHER singularity of Thomas WORTHINGTON we arrive at another FATHER singularity located in the city of WORTHINGTON, the JOSEPH-inum Pontifical College, the only such Vatican sponsored seminary in North America. This SIGN becomes SIGN-ificant when we realize that the Pope, as head of the Roman Catholic Church, is a metaphor of the FATHER ARCH-etype, establishing yet another symbolic WORTHINGTON-FATHER correspondence. This “2X” FATHER correspondence is also reflected in the fact that the JOSEPH-inum Pontifical College is named after JOSEPH, the FATHER of the biblical CHRIST. So JOSEPH, the FATHER of the biblical CHRIST, and the Pope, the FATHER of the Roman Catholic Church, established in the so-called name of the CHRIST, combine to create the JOSEPH-inum Pontifical College; that the JOSEPH-inum Pontifical College is located in the city of WORTHINGTON, named after Thomas WORTHINGTON, the FATHER of Ohio’s statehood; that John McConnell, the FATHER of WORTHINGTON Industries, is also, as head benefactor, FATHER of the McConnell He-ART Hospital, a building my FATHER helped construct; that the McConell He-ART hospital is the setting for the Lifetime TV series about child-BIRTH called “One Born Every Minute”; and that this series, which is born of multiple FATHER ARCH-etypes, is located in Columbus, a city connected via semiotics to the CHRIST, more or less giving BIRTH to a 2012 CHRIST-child “Renaissance LOGOS.” The symbolism here is unmistakable and, as stated before, the depth of its coherence makes the probability of these connections being a random coincidence a mathematical impossibility. This pattern is real, in other words, and it seems to be trying to tell us all something: What on Earth do you think it could be?

To be continued…

etheric underground
25th July 2011, 09:50
All I know is that there has been thousands of books and docos done on this date
and not one of them is by the mayans.
What I do know through the tribe of many colours is that the mayan high chief has recently come down
to relay that the end of the world is not going to happen, but if people of the planet do not start treating
mother earth and all her animals and plants with love and respect, then we may lose the opportunity to
move into ascension with mother earth.
It means that it is a directive of the creators to see that the heart chakra planet(earth) evolve into her destined beauty.
It also means that we have a very short window to ascend with her if people remember truly BE LOVE.
This means a percentage of the human race needs to heighten there vibratory state by connecting to all things
and very quickly start reversing the way we currently treat the earth and her children. In doing so we have a great opportunity to
provide enough to pull many of our family and friends with us in to this golden era.

26th July 2011, 04:07
I couldn't agree with you more EU. May I suggest you check out my website www.darrengrundey.com. to learn about some Commons community development business proposals I created that hedge things in that way. If these models of Commons-based organization were replicated, our paradigm would change for the better in a hurry. May I further suggest the SIGN-ificance of this connection is communicated by the fact that the EARTH/heART chakra thing you mentioned brings us back to OHIO and the "Reniassance LOGOS" described above, since Ohio's state motto is "The HeART of It All!"; the Cleveland-born POP artist singularity Jim Dine, who introduced the Happening into Art's lexicon, is best known for his iconic paintings of a HEART; and the model design for all contemporary megamarkets was the Columbus-based supermarket singularity BIG BEAR-HARTS. The HEART also connects to the number 5, the Hebrew letter Tav and the sephirot Tiphareth, if we we wanted to explore Kabbalastic symbolism. In Sanscrit, however, chakra translates as WHEEL. I won't get into all the WHEEL symbols linked to Ohio (including the WHEEL of Samsara, the nation's largest buggy, the number 8, OSU's Block "O" and the infinity symbol) except to say the symbol of the WHEEL is equal to the SIGN of the rubber tire WHEELS found on cars, and that Akron, Ohio, back in the day, was long branded the "Tire Capitol of the World." The two biggest tire companies back then were GOODYEAR, the logo of which is the winged scandal of HERMES, and FIRESTONE, which in Kabbala relates to Yesod and the Biblical Foundation Stone. Consider as well that the Foundation Stone is also referred to as the Philosopher's Stone, with the movie Harry Potter and the Philosophers' Stone directed by CHRIST-opher Columbus.

27th July 2011, 01:27
It's worthwhile to note that a chakra is also described as a VORTEX of energy that rotates within the body, hence the WHEEL SIGN-ification. In nonlinear dynamics the metaphor would be VORTICES/WHEELS/chakras are to the body as Strong and Strange Attractor PATTERNS are to the PATTERNS of Chaos visible on the planet. In Chaos Theory these Strong/Strange Attractor PATTERNS correspond to Edward Lorenz’ famous Butterfly Effect illustration, a theory he developed while studying information gathered by the national weather service. In the advanced Vortex Mechanics of Marco Rodin these PATTERNS are called Nested Vortices.

Seeing that this “RENAISSANCE LOGOS” deals with PATTERNS as proof of its existence, from the VORTEX correspondence PATTERN above we should find coherent relationships tied to Ohio singularities much the same way we connected Ohio-based SIGNS of the HEART and WHEEL to the WORD chakra.

For instance, the object Marco Rodin uses to symbolize his Nested Vortice concept is a golf ball. This is SIGN-ificant for two main reasons. First, because the modern-day golf ball was invented by Coburn Haskell, in 1898, in Akron, Ohio. Secondly, because from the symbol of the golf ball we move to the central Ohio singularity of Jack “GOLDEN BEAR” (ST.) NICKLAUS and to his DUBLIN-based MASTERS singularity, The MEM-orial Day golf tournament. (The coherence here being the symbol of the CHRIST found in the name Jack NICKLAUS, the MEM-orial CUP symbolism, and the Dublin/Celtic CROSS correspondence).

From Edward Lorenz’ Buttefly Effect illustration we get both the symbol of the butterfly and the singularity of the National Weather Service. Historically, the National Weather Service is credited as being started in Cincinnati, Ohio, by Professor Cleveland Abbe. The symbol of the butterfly, on the other hand, is more complex, corresponding to various other symbols, including the ARCH-etype of the MonARCH (another FATHER symbol), the color ORANGE and the insect most often associated with change/transformations/Re-turns/Re-births, the MOTH (and from the combination of the MOTH with the color ORANGE to that other element of change, the FLAME).

From the WORD Mon-ARCHY we arrive at the SIGN of the crown, which includes SIGNS like Cleveland’s KING’s Island Amusement Park (home of the BEAST, KING COBRA and TWIN Racers roller coasters) and basketball phenom Lebron “KING” James (dubbed “The Second Coming” in his debut NIKE ad campaign). Other Ohio KING’s include boxing promoter Don KING, “the KING of COOL” James Dean, “the King of the Cowboys” Roy Rodgers, and the KING of QUEENS, Coretta Scott KING, wife of Martin Luther KING, Jr. (who wasn’t born in Ohio but attended ANTIOCH College in Yellow Springs, Ohio–the same college Rod Serling, creator of THE TWILIGHT ZONE series, attended). My great grandfather on my mother’s side was another Ohio KING singularity, in that he was a one-handed HVAC installer in Toledo, Ohio.

The ORANGE ARCH-etype is too detailed to deal with here presently, but I will say it involves the state of FLORIDA (leading us to the stolen elections of 2004, when Ohio was tagged “Ground Zero,” and to Richard FLORIDA, one time professor at OSU and author of “Rise of the CREATIVE CLASS”), to the Cleveland BROWNS, the Cincinnati Bengals, the game of FOOT-ball (invented in Akron, Ohio), to the constellation Ophiuchus (FOOT/Galactic Core/2012), and to the circle with a dot in the middle–the alchemical SIGN for GOLD and the SUN (and by coherent extension to the symbol of the Bull’s EYE, the number Zero and the letter”O” ).

The MOTH refers to several things, the first of which is the Ohio born MOTHman Prophesy, the LEGEND of which both a book and a movie were made.

To be continued…

etheric underground
27th July 2011, 01:46
Morning Ohio rose( or is it late over there...duh probably)....Love your passion and your extended knowledge on these
matters. The more you write the more I read...
Light and laughter E.U

28th July 2011, 00:44
The second Ohio-MOTH SIGN-ifier is more cryptic, hidden within several details of the blockbuster movie “Silence of the LAMB.” The basic plot of “Silence of the LAMB” involves a FBI agent who is trying to track down a serial killer named Buffalo Bill. In the movie Buffalo Bill is played by Ohio-born actor, Ted Levine, whereas Buffalo Bill the movie character is from Belvedere, Ohio. If that’s not coherent enough, consider the fact that the cannibal-like appetite of Buffalo Bill most closely mimics the real life serial killer Jeffrey Dahlmer, who grew up in Bath, Ohio and attended the Ohio State University before failing out his freshman year.

In the movie “Silence of the LAMB,” one of the SIGN-ature characteristics of Buffalo Bill, the clue that ultimately gave him away, was a rare MOTH larva found lodged in the throat of one of his early victims. The MOTH in question is called a Death’s-head Hawk-MOTH. What’s curious about this MOTH, what ties it to Ohio, is the iconic MOTH symbol used to represent it on the memorable “Silence of the Lamb” movie poster. If one studies the MOTH from the movie poster, one will recognize that the body of the MOTH looks like a human skull (hence the name Death’s-head HawkMOTH); yet, upon even closer inspection, one will discover that the form of the skull is actually an illusion created by various postures of seven nude women. The inspiration for this GESTALT image was a photograph called, In Voluptas Mors, by the Surrealist artist Salvador Dali. From Salvador Dali the correspondence takes us to the Salvador Dali Museum, which although it is presently located in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (keeping in mind that FLORIDA is part of the ORANGE alignment), the original Dali museum that housed the Eleanor and Reynolds Morse collection was located in Beachwood/Cleveland, Ohio, near where the Morses lived. Being an artist and having been to the Dali Museum myself, easily one of the most memorable paintings from this museum is Dali’s epic “The DISCOVERY of America by CHRIST-opher Columbus,” commissioned for the 1959 opening of George Huntington Hartford II’s Museum Gallery of Modern Art, located on Columbus Circle in New York City.

There is one more piece of coherence in the form of a parallel construction that ties together the “Silence of the LAMB” movie to the MOTHman PROPHESY singularity. In “Silence of the LAMB,” the FBI agent in charge of tracking down Buffalo Bill is Clarice Starling, played by actress Jodie FOSTER. The character Clarice is from West Virginia. As was previously disclosed, the character Buffalo Bill was from Belvedere, Ohio. The connection between these two involves the SIGN/symbol of the Death’s-head HawkMOTH and the fact that the real-life MOTHman Prophesy correspondence deals with the 1967 collapse of the SILVER BRIDGE over the Ohio River, a BRIDGE that connected together Point Pleasant, West Virginia to Kanauga, Ohio. This event, which took place a week before CHRIST-mas, became known as the MOTHman Prophesy because of the alleged sightings of a large, winged creature that seemed to hover near the BRIDGE prior to its collapse.

Strangely, this necromancy points to a recent BIRTH/death SIGN that occurred in a greenhouse GARDEN on the campus of The Ohio State University in April of 2011–the flowering of a plant species called TITAN Arnum, more commonly referred to as a “Corpse Flower.” The flower is a singularity in that it is rare, is on the verge of extinction, and is the world’s largest unbranched inflorescence in the world. In size and shape the “Corpse Flower” looks like a cross between Seymore, the talking plant from the musical Little Shop of Horrors, and the pods from Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The “Corpse Flower” gets its name from the rotting flesh smell it gives off when it blooms.

With all the BIRTH/death/REBIRTH coherence encoded within the movie “Silence of the LAMB,” and to the PATTERN of BIRTH/death/REBIRTH correspondence/associations it creates, it is safe to assume something important is trying to be revealed through this source material; something otherwise hidden, not talked about, or kept in “silence.” To discover what this is, we Re-turn to the actress Jodie FOSTER and to a few of the other movie roles she has starred in the past.

To be continued…

29th July 2011, 07:47
Seeds of Change: Project #1

Develop an off-the-grid, self-sustaining International Youth Hostel on the fair grounds parking lot in proximity to the Ohio Historical Center's Ohio Village and the State Highway Patrol Headquarters.

Development would include a number of Cob House and Earthship construction “condo units” designed for cooperative group living.

A larger “Underground Commons” unit will function as a coop kitchen and café, a meeting room, and a mini-museum dedicated to documenting the process of this Commons project.

To accommodate for the displaced parking spaces, a several story parking garage will need to be constructed. This structure will function as a mixed-use space to accommodate parking and serve as the hostel’s YMCA-styled changing room and wash facility. Rainwater from the roof will feed this system, which can be further filtered if necessary.

Additionally, several solar powered, relatively “large-scale” dehumidifiers will be embedded in this structure, or potentially elsewhere on the compound’s grounds, to serve as potable water for drinking and cooking.

In the evening, the uppermost parking level will serve as a sheltered “cot city” for the homeless. This floor will also have its own wash area. People staying in this homeless shelter will be required to be in there at a certain time, leave by a certain time, remain within the designated area the entire time, and must not loiter anywhere on fair grounds anytime in between.

The grounds of the compound will be patrolled by cadets as part of a police mentorship program.

The entire compound will be powered by a single wind turbine, with excess energy harnessed by fly-wheel batteries and/or added to the energy grid to help offset energy costs for the Ohio Historical Center.

Material for Cob House and Earthship condo construction will be collected recycling materials supplemented by materials purchased by funds raised from donation drive.

Labor for construction of condos will be volunteer-based.

Labor for construction of Underground Commons and parking garage will be donated/organized by applicable labor unions. Materials will be donated by local construction corporations.

Construction oversight will be donated by the Army Corpse of Engineers.

Design oversight of facilities will be donated by the Columbus Branch of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

Design of facilities will be part of an in-state collegiate design competition held at the Columbus Convention Center with best design voted on by the public.

A not-for-profit Commons development trust fund will need to be established to help get this project, the nation's first self-sustainable International Youth Hostel, up and running; assuming, that is, the Ohio Historical Society is unable to manage the wherewithal or initiate to get this project done on its own.

29th July 2011, 08:23
And, as far as privatizing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is concerned, once this maneuver is complete, the law will be used to protect the crooks that have done the looting since any access to economic records become sealed at that point, being that now these records are legally the private property of the corporation. Hence the push to privatize. So now the crooks have taken over at the same time they present themselves as being the chosen ones that will help save the day. That's friggin' nuts! What's more I would imagine this is all being controlled by the mafia, since unions were started by Teamsters, and Teamsters by the mob. It's highly unlikely the folks who invented this game ever gave up this money laundering system considering their power and political-economic reach.

That is the milder version of what I think could be going on in local and national politics at this present point.

Potentially the more sinister agenda would be to allow the dollar and US economy to collapse, by not reaching an agreement in four days on the debt-ceiling issue, which would be an excuse to destroy the economic records of these welfare institutions, quickly followed-up by the implementation of martial law to prevent massive large-scale civic unrest.

If such a scenario would emerge, I hope people will gather at the nearest elementary school so that it can be utilized as a communication center to deal with the situation in an orderly way. I hope, of course, this doesn't turn out to be the case, since that move would represent a fascist takeover of our government in a roundabout way. By the crooks, no less. FTS!

29th July 2011, 08:31
The beginning to that last response is as follows...

I think Ohio SB5 is a shady political maneuver to break down the organizational base of the Democratic Party and the first step in an overt attempt to privatize and otherwise loot Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. That is assuming these programs haven’t already been looted, in which case the whole privatization push is just one big cover-up. The idea that a private company can be in charge of the social welfare is oxymoronic. Private corporations have a legal obligation to maximize profits and externalize costs, thus placing profits above the welfare of the people (and the environment on top of that). Unions unfortunately haven't evolved over the years, each separate union in its separation having become more self-centered instead of more integrated in their solidarity with and to one another. As a result unions have lost touch with their English peasant roots, the basis of which is the development and maintenance of the Commons. Ultimately it is the privatization of the last parcels of Commons we still have left, namely Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, that SB5 is after. Busting the union is just a means to achieve that dubious "end-times" goal.

29th July 2011, 08:38
Hello OhioRose
That is a lot of great information.
Welcome to Avalon.


29th July 2011, 08:54
Furthermore, this sounds to me like a repeat of how the crooks brokered the banking bailout. And look where we are today, at the precipice of an even bigger collapse.

2nd August 2011, 04:12
The Seeds of Change: Project #2

Citing “usufruct,” the International Law that gives legal right to use and derive profit or benefit from property that belongs to another person, commandeer a large parcel of unused or otherwise brownstone parking lot for the purpose of developing the nation’s first above ground state-of-the-art urban permaculture garden.

Garden will be planned as a grid of round plastic kiddie wading pools, approximately four feet in diameter.

Size of grid and number of garden units will be determined by size of land and/or limited by material costs.

Compost for garden units will be collected beforehand, with layers of cardboard, newspapers, bricks and worms placed on the bottom of units followed by layers of compost and dirt, in a manner consistent with the permaculture theories of Pennsylvania’s Thomas Zeller.

Permaculture crop will consist of various staple foods, including green leafy lettuces and root vegetables, as well as a variety of medicinal herbs and savory spices.

Around the wading pool will be a water collection system.

This system will be fed by rain water that runs off a mini-biodome cover, that functions as a geodome lid, to in essence create a mini-greenhouse growing environment.

Inside this bio-lid cover will be a fan attached to white light grow bulbs.

Each unit will be powered by a small solar powered cell attached to the top of the unit.

In addition to the fan and grow bulbs, battery will power a computer chip that measures unit’s temperature and gather metrics regarding soil analysis.

The sprinkler system, connected to the unit’s water collection system, will be pumped manually according to unit specifications–information gathered by unit’s computer chip.

Portion of unit’s bio-dome cover will be transparent; other portions of a reflective material. In this manner the amount of sun each unit gets can be adjusted by simply rotating the bio-dome lid accordingly, helping to ensure optimal growing conditions in whatever weather conditions.

With a system like this in place, food on a lattitude such as ours, could easily have a four yield, year-round, growth cycle.

Savory spices grown can be sold for profit to local groceries and restaurants.

Food grown can be donated to local food pantries.

Medical herbs grown can be donated to local alternative medicine free clinics.

Labor to help maintain gardens can be assigned to non-working foodstamp recipients.

Design for bio-dome lid and water collection system can be part of a scholastic design competition, with profits from patent going towards establishing a Commons Trust Fund to help off-set material costs.

Competition to be open to all level of scholastics, with each level determining by school, then by district, then by region, which designs advance to final round of judging.

Any design that makes it this far becomes blueprint for any industrious, self-organized group that wants to commit the time and effort to mass-produce as many of these bio-dome lids as possible.

The end result is the total transformation of wasted land space into the nation’s first sustainable, above ground, state-of-the-art urban permaculture garden.

In theory, if done on a large enough scale, this system could significantly reduce the cost of some otherwise costly welfare programs. To what degree remains to be seen.

11th August 2011, 22:05
The Seeds of Change: Project #3

Lifelong Learning Center (or LLC): Engineering Tomorrow’s Global Commons; in cooperative association with…

Academy of Learning (or AOL): We pick up where academics leave off.

Vision statement: To create an urban center for ongoing research into social rehabilitative strategies that utilize the arts as a model for personal individuation and community activism to facilitate an open economy of ideas, commerce and sustainable ecological practices.

Mission Statement:

To create a nurturing environment that is…

Pro Commerce
Pro Community
Pro Commons Ecology
Pro Family
Pro Philanthropy
Pro Personal Responsibility
Pro Environmentalism
Pro Conservationism
Pro Participatory Democracy
(a.k.a. Activism)
Pro Mindfulness
Pro Helpfulness
Pro Carefulness and
Pro Intuitive Awareness
(i.e. Creativity).
Because It
Makes for a
Pro Active
Progressive Lifestyle and
Results in a
Healthy and
Productive Livelihood

Site Location: Any abandoned Columbus City School building

Various functional utilities: Free University, Community Commons, Democratic Polling Pavilion, Relocalization Think Tank, Recycling Hub, Co-op Academy, Holistic Training Center, Perception Laboratory, Small Business Incubator, Cultural Arts Center and High Density Artist-Activist Commune.


Community Commons: Commons Media Headquarters
Although in theory the idea of a Community Commons encompasses the entire range of services provided at a Lifelong Learning Center of this sort, in practical terms communication is the foundation of any community or organization. Therefore the Community Commons component of this LLC will serve as a high-tech multi-media and technical resource center–a place where people can come and use computers for free (like a library) or learn the skills to build one’s own computer (like Free Geek); a place where locals can host various events and performances (like America’s Got Talent) and then produce a multi-media documentary of the event (as part of the Free University); a place where management meetings are open to the co-op membership and the community at large (as part of the Democratic Polling Center) such that critical feedback becomes the raw data for research and development to further evolve systemic infrastructure development (as part of the Relocalization Think Tank). In this chaordic manner the Community Commons–LLC becomes the core complex in a mutually reinforcing matrix of Progressively proactive and co-operative social service, many of them offered for free or part of a membership, or work-share, Community X-Change program.

Democratic Polling Center: Unleashing the Wisdom of the Masses
The LLC’s Democratic Polling Center is an informational processing tool; a way for opinions and ideas about the welfare of the community, co-op initiated Commons development projects and the co-op in general to be gathered, organized and presented to help manage a free flow of ideas to provide an open forum for social discourse and to promote greater participation in community affairs. All information polled will thus be made openly available and as such become the collective will guiding co-op leadership activities (with the understanding that a sliding scale of importance will be applied to distinguish between the votes of members, nonmembers and management).

The Polling Center, as an extension of the Free University, will also serve as an adjunct learning facility for local colleges and universities to gather information about targeted social and personal welfare issues with respect to co-operative living; the results of which will be utilized to further research in this new academic field, help determine future Free University class offerings, and ultimately gauge the effectiveness of those Free University classes already being offered.

Moreover, should a vote by the LLC membership body find it agreeable, licensing contracts can be negotiated between the LLC and private marketing corporations such that salable information is integrated into Free University classroom questionnaires.

Free University: Free After School Academic Outreach (for kids and adults!)
The purpose of the Free University is to provide a vice-free environment for guided learning purposes. Classes will focus on self-enrichment practices related to the art of living (exploring the theoretical frameworks of Karl Maslow, Carl Rogers, Ken Wilber and John Dewey, for starters) and be offered for free.

For children classes may take the form of logic games, foreign language immersion, theater, dance, etc; for adolescents–music, visual arts, nutrition, meditation, etc; for teens–art history, practical arts (home economics, industrial design, mechanical engineering), philosophy, etc; for young adults–successful living practices, gender studies, natural ecology, etc; for adults–parenting strategies, nonviolent communication, conflict resolution, etc; and for the elderly–homeopathy, media-based autobiographical epitaphs, comparative religious studies, soul ascension dynamics, etc.

Perception Laboratory: Exploring the Science of Consciousness
As the name suggests, a Perception Laboratory is an experimental environment that delves into the nature of experience, be it of a sensory or extrasensory nature.

Themes to be explored are personal, couples and group or Gestalt psychology; the Mystical Arts (Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, Hermeneutics and Meditation); the identification of individual learning mechanics for students (for the purpose of developing appropriate learning strategies); and Vortex Mathematics (as developed by Marko Rodin).

Other areas of focus to be developed for scientific research include biofeedback chambers, vibrational healing, applied kinesiology studies and a Flash Lab (modeled after the work of Hoyt Sherman) to study the application of Feature Integration Theory as a training tool for artistic practice.

Relocalization Think Tank: Linking to the Global Commons
The purpose of the Relocalization Think Tank is to inspire community members to become better stewards of the environment. This process involves the creation of a physical space that puts into context the full scope and range of Commons-based issues, including the presentation of various Commons restoration projects and agendas from around the globe.

Since the issue of Relocalization deals with the issue of sustainability, other topics of focus will be related to chronicling and categorizing the various lifestyle practices, ‘Green’ technologies and ‘Green’ home improvement options available for those Commons conscious individuals who seek to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Moreover, since the reestablishment of the Commons within the community will require the formation of a LLC Commons-based Trust Fund, the Relocalization Think Tank will be the departmental wing responsible for the organization and management of localized community improvement and Commons development projects. The process by which these projects are prioritized will be determined by co-op membership participation within the framework of a democratic process under the auspice of the Democratic Polling Pavilion.

Recycling Hub: Retract, Restore, Reinvent
Salvaging is an artform, and in a Recycling Hub “up-cycling” and repurposing are all the buzz. From unused and reusable building materials to discarded furniture, old clothing and food refuse, yesterday’s garbage becomes the raw material for tomorrow’s Commons-based pragmatism. One part traditional recycling drop-off, one part ReArt, one part Habitat for Humanity and one part compost farm, this community resource Hub illustrates the added value a little care and creativity can bring to life’s cyclical processes.

Co-op Academy: From Sustainable Theory to Sustainable Praxis
If seeing is believing and being is doing, then the purpose of the LLC Co-op Academy is to provide a historical context and working model to advance a new Commons-based experiential reality. As an homage to the Highlander Folk School and Research Institute, classes will be taught heuristically and cover topics related to Commons principles and cooperative problem solving. Classes, made freely available to any member of the community, will also deal with business and economic literacy associated with cooperatives, and cover the full range of rights and responsibilities of various management positions. Anyone who is a member of the LLC Board of Directors or management team will be expected to have graduated from the Co-op Academy in advance of their appointment. Initial appointees will be expected to help develop Co-op Academy curriculum, teach introductory courses and be willing to live on premises to gain experience in communal living.

Holistic Training Institute: The Healing Arts (Food, Art, Music, Homeopathy, Comparative Mythology, Tai Chi and Yoga)
Add some spice to life at the Holistic Training Institute. By signing up for classes in the Holistic Training Institute, co-op members can learn a new vice-free life enhancement discipline–for free. Taught by members of the LLC communal workforce, students learn how to transform creative expression into a system for personal therapy and empowerment. Over time such practices have proven to increase awareness and contribute to an individual’s sense of well-being, thus adding to one’s overall health, longevity and quality of life. At the Holistic Training Center the eminence of the mind, body, spirit connection is made self-evident, thus serving as living proof that tapping into one’s inner richness is the greatest form of wealth.

Small Business Incubator: Where Network Brainstorming Meets Business Know-how
Two heads are better than one at the Small Business Incubator. Imagine then what could happen when an entire community comes together to work, play and grow. This aspect of the AOL-LLC involves business outreach, learning how to research business plans, grant writing, trend tracking and polling information from co-op membership, administered by the center’s open source media department. What emerges from this type of integrated flow system modeled around the Commons remains to be seen; but it is safe to assume job creation will be the natural result of an environment where localized problem identification is integrally linked to problem solving those concerns.

Ideas regarding ways to recuperate and otherwise expand the Commons are then collected and ranked by the co-op membership, part of the work-democracy model being created, with best ideas then funded by the AOL-LLC. In this matter the AOL-LLC functions not only as a catalyst but also as a lending partner, thus building greater equity in the community at the same time building collateral reserves through interest repayments.
All interest on loans to be a set percentage of the loan, a process that will help by-pass at the local level the entire theory of debt-based usury and fractional reserve lending that is practiced by the banking industry currently crippling our global economy.

Cultural Arts Center: Embellishing the Community, Fueling the next Arts and Crafts Movement
Hand-made in your community: beauty as a valued aesthetic of graceful living. In a world of mass-produced consumerism, autonomous capabilities are sorely remiss. In the Cultural Arts Center of the future people learn the skills they need to make for themselves those items that define the self, everything from clothing, rugs, pottery and glass work to painting, sculpture and shop mechanics. In this collective Do It Yourself capacity, the principle of community and communal home economics gets a total makeover.

Like with everything else, classes are taught by members of the communal workforce and offered for free to members of the co-op community.

High Density Urban Arts Commune: (Re)Defining the Role of the Artist as Community Activist
Functioning as an autonomous 21st Century Art Guild, in which the localized community is the Commons-based art project, these artist-activists live, work and breathe the Academy of Learning, Lifelong Learning Center. Here, community is regarded as family, and the job is to serve.

With free room and board and a small monthly income, these Free Wave artists are at the cutting edge of life, uniting work with play and change with growth. In this intentional homestead community, living communally affords residents and the co-op the greatest return at a minimum of the business costs otherwise. It also frees residents of burdensome time obligations, the time spent laboring in the failing capitalist system to pay for individualized room and board, that can then be managed to provide free self-enrichment and community restorative services instead. The only chore at an AOL-LLC is choosing what Commons project to get involved with. The only job what class to teach. Everything else is stewardship of the Commons, in essence leaving things better than how they were found.

Individual contracts for communal inhabitants will be time sensitive. This is a learning exercise, not necessarily a life-long commitment. This self-limitation will also ensure nothing ever gets stale, that the greatest number of people have the opportunity to share in the experience, and that the idea will grow and migrate, thus affecting sustainable development everywhere.

Welcome to life living at the crossroads of a new technology, the new frontier of behavioral life-science academics.

Earned Income:
Co-op Soup Kitchen-Café, Co-op Charity functions, Medicinal Agro-Farmacology, Co-op Bulk Foods Grocery, Co-op Clothing Exchange, Co-op Furniture Bizarre, Co-op Art Exchange, Open Source DreamWorks Productions, Co-op Bank, etc.

Start-up Capital:
Government Grants, Nonprofit Foundations, University Endowments, etc.

Community Sponsors:
Columbus City Schools, Insurance Companies, HUD, Social Services, Habitat for Humanity, City Year, Labor Unions, the American Institute of Architects, the American Bar Association, the American Psychiatric Association, local Colleges and Universities, the United Artists Guild of America, the Department of Homeland Security, Medicare, HUD, Real Estate Agencies, etc.

• Possibility of turning the LLC experiment of communal self-organization into a reality television show, aired on WOSU, Discover Green, Bravo, etc., or self-broadcast over the web as part of a focus project of the LLC’s Media Headquarters, in which case monies will also be earned through licensing contracts and/or advertisement revenues.